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' Nov. ' 5, 1935.
wfF. PUNTE v
Filed Sept. 6, 1934
Patented ' Nov. 5, 1935
William F. Punte, Syracuse, N. Y., assignor to '
Continental Can Company, Inc., New York,
N. Y., a corporation of New York
Application September 6, 1934, Serial No. 742,991
1 Claim.
the cover to the container and sealing the same.
Said strip has a portion overlying the cover and a
sealing ring.
portion extending vertically along the outside
The invention is an improvement over the con
tainer disclosed by William F. Punte in Letters
Patent No. 1,849,312 granted March 15, 1932. In
the patent mentioned above, means are provided
for sealing a metal container which includes a
10 container having a body portion with an offset
adjacent one end thereof forming a shoulder on
the outer face of the body, a cover for said con
tainer having a depending skirt adapted to ex
tend along the outer face of the body wall, a ring
15 of sealing material engaging said shoulder and
the lower edge of the skirt, and a sealing strip‘
adapted to overlie said} skirtof the cover and the
sealing material, the lower edge of which is bent
inwardly against the sealing material for seal
20 ing the container.
An object of the present invention is to provide
a container of the above type wherein the sealing
ring is provided with means for positively grip
ping a gasket of uneven contour or varying thick
25 ness so that a uniform seal may be obtained at
all points in the sealing gasket.
Referring to the drawing:
proved container.
Figure 2 is .an enlarged sectional view through
the upper portion of the container with the seal
ing ring loosely applied and the sealing material
in place.
Figure 3 is a view similar to Figure 2 but show
35 ing the ring tightly applied to compress the seal
ing material for establishing a seal.
Figure 4 is ,a bottom plan view taken in section
along the line 4-4 of Figure 3.
The invention is directed to‘ a container con
40 sisting of a body portion having an open end.
The metal at the open end of the bodyvportion
is curled preferably inward so as to form a bead
and conceal the raw edge of metal. The body is
provided with a bend in the wall thereof forming
45 a shoulder on the outer face of the container
which is disposed adjacent the bead. The cover
is preferably provided with a depression which
snugly ?ts within the bead at the end of the con
tainer body. The cover has a depending skirt
50 which slips down over the outside of the body
wall of the skirt to a point below the same, and
said lower portion of the sealing, ring is turned
underneath and compressed against the sealing
material for sealing the container.
In the lower portion of the ring which is turned
underneath the sealing material are semicircular 10
notches forming openings through which the gas
ket may protrude when clamping pressure is ap
plied for sealing, whereby the ring will positively
grip a gasket of varying thickness.
Referring more in detail to the drawing, the 16
improved container consists of a body portion I
preferably made of sheet metal and cylindrical in
form. To one end of the body portion is attached
a closure 2 which is secured thereto by .a double
seam 3. The outer end of the body wall is rolled 20
or curled inwardly as indicated at 6!. This forms
a bead at the end of the body wall and conceals
the raw edge of the metal. It also makes a smooth
edge at the end of the body wall when the con~
tainer is opened and strengthens the open end of 25‘
the body so as to maintain its rounded form.
The wall of the body portion I of the container
Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of the im
with, and a sealing strip is applied for securing
The invention relates to new and useful im
provements in an easy opening container wherein
the cover is secured to the container body by a
Said skirt is turned back upon itself so .as
to provide a smooth thickened edge at its lower
end. A sealing ring or gasket is placed against
the shoulder in the body wall and against the
55 lower end of the skirt which is on a line there
is inset or contracted as indicated at 5 and this
forms an inclined shoulder 6 in the body wall on
the outer face thereof which is disposed a short 30
distance from the head ,4 at the extreme outer end
of the body wall.
The container is closed by a cover ‘I. This cover
has a depression formed therein providing an
inner wall 8 which extends down inside of and 35
makes contact with the inner edge'of the bead.
The cover has a portion 9 which overlies the bead
and a depending skirt it. This depending skirt
It is folded back upon itself as indicated at H.
The folded skirt extends down outside of the body 40
wall and along the outer face of the head at the
outer end of the body wall. The skirt is of such
length that the lower edge l2 thereof is disposed
below the upper edge of the inclined shoulder
and terminates substantially in alignment with 45
the lower edge of said inclined shoulder. An elas
tic sealing ring l3 preferably rectangular in
cross-section is placed beneath the shoulder 6
and lower edge I2 of this skirt Hi.
This forms ‘
a wedge-shaped pocket which greatly aids in the 50
sealing of the container.
A cover is secured to the container by means
of a sealing strip M, the ends of which overlap.
One end is provided with a tongue or tab l5 for
forcibly removing the sealing strip when it is de- 55
sired to open the container. The sealing strip
wardly and this is liable to disturb the sealing
I4 is bent so as to provide a portion [6 which
overlies and extends all the way across the por
surface at the upper edge of the container body
where it contacts the cover and makes an un
tion 9 of the cover ‘I. This overlying portion is
satisfactory seal. With the applicant’s improved
curved in the same direction as the portion 9.
container, the unevenness of the gasket is allowed 5
to bulge or protrude downwardly through the
semicircular notches in the edge of the sealing
strip and the container body remains round and
The sealing strip M has a vertical portion I‘!
which extends downwardly along the outer wall
of the skirt III to a point below the skirt and the
sealing ring I3 is provided with an inwardly pro
10 jecting portion I8 at its lower edge which is
adapted to underlie the lower face of the sealing
ring. The inwardly projecting portion [8 is pro
vided with spaced semicircular notches H! which
form openings 20 through which the gasket may
15 protrude when pressure is applied to the upper
and lower faces of the strip to compress the gas
ket and establish a tight seal.
This pressure on
the strip will roll the upper curved portion in
wardly and shorten the vertical wall I‘! and thus
20 the gasket is compressed against the inclined
shoulder 6 and the edge of the skirt I2. The gas
ket will be forced along the inclined wall and
close the opening between the skirt and the body
wall and effectively seal the container.
When it is desired to open the container, the
tab or tongue is pulled and this will remove the
sealing strip, exposing the sealing gasket which
the sealing contact of the top of the container
body and the container is not disturbed.
It is obvious that minor changes in the details
of construction and the arrangement of parts
may be made without departing from the spirit
of the invention as set forth in the appended
Having thus described the invention, what I
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Pat
ent, is:
A metal container including in combination a
body portion having the upper edge thereof rolled 20
inwardly to form a bead, said body portion being
inset inwardly at a point below said bead for
forming a sealing shoulder, a cover for said con
tainer having a depending skirt adapted to ex
tend over the container body and terminating 25
substantially at the lowermost portion of said
shoulder, a sealing gasket encircling the container
purpose of these semicircular notches is to pro
vide a place for the rubber gasket to bulge or
and adapted to engage said shoulder and the low
er edge portion of the skirt, and a metal sealing
ring having a portion overlying the cover and the 30
portion encircling the skirt of the cover and the
sealing gasket, said metal ring having an inward
protrude when the gasket is not of uniform thick
ly projecting portion at its lower edge adapted to
may likewise be removed. The cover can then be
easily removed and replaced at will.
From the above it will be apparent that the
ness, as is often the case. In the applicant’s prior
35 patent the lower edge of the sealing strip is
smooth, with no openings, and when the strip is
applied to the container over an uneven gasket,
the container body itself becomes distorted in
contact with the lower face of said sealing gasket,
said inwardly projecting portion being provided 35
with notches forming openings through which
the gasket may protrude.
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