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Dell™ Streak Features Dell™ Streak User's Manual
1. Headphone connector Connects to headphones.
1. Volume up/down button Landscape mode: Volume up button /
Volume down button Portrait mode:
Volume up button Volume down button While playing media such as music tracks or video clips: Press to increase or decrease the media volume by one level. Press and hold to continuously increase or decrease the media volume.
Press either button to mute the ringer while receiving a call. In all other situations: Press to increase or decrease the ringer volume by one level. Press and hold to continuously increase or decrease the ringer volume.
1. Power and Sleep/Wake button If the device is off, press and hold to power on the device. If the device is on, but the screen is off, press to turn on the screen. If both the device and the screen are on, Press to turn the screen off. Press and hold to select one of these options: Silent mode: The device does not vibrate and disables all sounds except for alarms.
Airplane Mode: Select to disable all wireless connections.
Power off: Turn off the device.
1. Camera button If the camera is not active, press and hold to start the camera. If the camera is active, press to capture a photo or record a video. When recording a video, press to stop.
1. Back button Touch to return to the previous screen, close a dialog box, menu, or pop-up message, and to dismiss the keyboard.
1. Menu button Touch to open or close the pop-up menu displaying available options for the current application or actions that you can perform on the current screen. Touch and hold to bring up the on-screen keyboard for text input.
1. Home button Touch to return to the Home screen. Touch and hold: For quick access to the recently accessed applications. Add or delete additional Home screens.
1. Microphone Use for voice calls
1. 30-pin connector Connects to a USB cable to transfer files to a computer. Connects to a charger to charge the device. Connects to the Home Dock for audio and video output.
1. Proximity sensors Turn off the screen as you bring the device close to your face to make or receive a call, in order to prevent unintentional touches.
1. Earpiece Use to listen to phone conversations.
1. Front-facing camera lens Use for taking a front view picture, e.g. self-portrait.
1. Ambient light sensor Controls screen brightness according to the surrounding lighting conditions.
NOTE: To enable the ambient light sensor, touch the Home button  Menu button , and then select Settings Sound & display Automatic Backlight.
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