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Customs and traditions of the US

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Content :
Customs and traditions of the US.
New Year's Day.
Martin Luther King Day.
Presidents' Day.
Memorial Day.
Independence Day.
Labor Day.
Columbus Day.
Veterans' Day.
Thanksgiving Day.
Christmas in USA.
Mother ' s Day.
Father ' s Day.
St . Valentine ' s Day.
St . Patrick ' s Day.
My opinion.
Customs and traditions of the US
New Year's Day
New Year is the state holiday and is celebrated on the 1st of January.
Martin Luther King Day
This day is a symbol of peaceful struggle of African-American
population for the constitutional equality.
Presidents' Day
In 1971 President Richard Nixon proclaimed the unified state
holiday - the Day of the President.
Memorial Day
After the First world war, the holiday was dedicated to all who died
during the war, and the current name of the festival has received already
after the Second world war.
Independence Day
On this day, a final version of the Declaration of Independence was
made. Public holiday was celebrated in 1941.
Labor Day
In America, Labor Day was first celebrated in 1882. For most
Americans, this holiday is associated more with the rest on the nature,
camping and barbecue.
Columbus Day
This day is devoted to the Italian Navigator Christopher Columbus
landed in the New World of 12 October , 1492.
Veterans' Day
In this day veterans usually hold parades, and the President lays a wreath
at the tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.
Thanksgiving Day
This day is always served Turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes and pumpkin pie.
Christmas in USA
Christmas is probably one of the most famous festival in America.
Mother ' s Day
Mother's day - a day when American children, young and old give
presents to their mothers.
Father ' s Day
In this day all the fathers are given gifts. Children invite them to lunch, and do
everything to make them feel special.
In America on the first day of Easter kids wake up and find in their baskets
candies, which were left for them by the Easter Bunny. Children hunt for eggs in
the entire territory around the house.
St . Valentine ' s Day
Americans of all ages love to send and receive a Valentine.
Halloween is a holiday mainly for children. One tradition of Halloween
is an empty pumpkin, cut out the eyes and mouth, which is placed inside a
burning candle.
St . Patrick ' s Day
On this day, all decorated in green, people dress in clothing of green color.
My opinion:
I think that people in America like festivals and holidays. They like to
gather with their families and give presents to each other.
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