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September 11

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Благовещенский финансово-экономический колледж – филиал ФГОБУ ВПО
«Финансовый университет при Правительстве Российской Федерации»
SEPTEMBER 11, 2001
Выполнила: Ивкина Софья Михайловна
студентка 2 курса,
специальность «Финансы».
Руководитель: Рыбакова Марина Анатольевна,
преподаватель английского языка
The World Trade Center complex
The tragedy of September 11, 2001
The consequences of the tragedy of September 11, 2001
International reaction
Commemorative events and monuments
The World Trade Center complex was situated in New York. It
consisted of seven buildings and officially was opened
on April 4, 1973.
There were two towers in this complex, each 110 floors – the
North and the South one. These towers were the highest
skyscrapers in the world.
On September 11, 2001
the World Trade Center
complex was destroyed
by a terrorist attack.
On this day 2973 persons were
killed. 2602 men were killed in
an explosion in the World Trade
Center towers. There were 343
firemen and 60 policemen
among them. Besides 24
people were missing.
In the morning of that day nineteen terrorists, related to AlQaeda, were divided into four groups. They captured four
regular passenger airliners. Each group had at least one
member who had past the initial flight training.
The invaders sent two of the Airliners into the World Trade
Center towers, located in the southern part of Manhattan in
New York city. Both towers had been collapsed, causing
serious damages.
The third aircraft Boeing 757-200 crashed into the Pentagon.
184 people were killed: 59 passengers (5 of them were
terrorists) and 6 crew members on Board of Boeing. More
over 125 soldiers and civilians were killed inside the
The fourth plane "Boeing-757" crashed in Pennsylvania in the
forest. It happened in 125 km South-East of Pittsburgh. There
were 37 passengers (4 of them were terrorists) and 7 members
of the crew on board. The fourth goal was unknown.
Responsibility for these attacks lies on the terrorist
organization Al-Qaeda
The consequences of the tragedy of September 11, 2001
Both skyscrapers and one wing of the Pentagon were
New York Stock Exchange ceased to operate for two days.
The surrounding area,
including the famous
Wall Street, was covered
with ashes.
This event was the reason of the US war in Afghanistan and
later Iraq.
International reaction
The events of 11–th of September caused extensive political
consequences. The attack was condemned by the media and
governments around the world. The Leaders of most Middle
Eastern countries, including Afghanistan, condemned the
Many countries, such as Great Britain,
India, Australia, France, Germany,
Indonesia, China, Canada, Russia,
Pakistan, Jordan, Mauritius, Uganda
and Zimbabwe, introduced an "antiterrorist" legislative changes, and
blocked Bank accounts of the
companies and individuals suspected
in cooperation with Al-Qaeda.
Commemorative events and monuments
In the UK, 13 September Сhanging of the Guard at
Buckingham Palace was interrupted by a "moment of silence",
and then was filled with the American national anthem.
Since 2002 under the decision of Congress of the USA the 11th of September is celebrated in The United States as “Patriot
Day", and in 2009 this date is referred to as a "National day of
service and memory".
Temporary memorials were quickly erected on places of all
the towers. Permanent memorials are under construction at the
moment. One of the first monuments "Tribute in light" which
represents two groups of projectors, slide in the sky two
vertical columns of light.
This tragedy claimed the lives of more than 2 thousand people.
It was cruel and inhuman crime. I am sure that such crimes
will be condemned all over the world. People of all nations
must unite in the fight against terrorism. There is no
explanation for such cruelty. And I firmly believe that such
tragedies should not be repeated anywhere.
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