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Английский. Страны изучаемого языка.

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Студентка: Пшикина
Маргарита Евгеньевна
области «Колледж
сервиса и туризма»
«Гостиничный сервис»
Курс: 1
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Онещук Анна
1. Entry
2. Origin of name
3. Geography
4. Culture
5. Tradition
6. Cities of England
7. Poetry and London
8. Bibliography
Founded: in the year 928
Official language: English
Capital: London
Form of government: Dual monarchy (part
of the UK has no own higher authorities)
Queen: Elizabeth II
Prime - minister: David Cameron
Area: 133 396 km²
Population: 53 012 ,456 people
• England is the largest historical and
administrative part of the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The
population of England is 83% of the total UK
• The capital of England, London, is the largest
city in the UK and the European Union.
Origin of name
• England got its name in honor of the Angles, the
most numerous of the Germanic tribes who had
settled in Britain in the V and VI centuries B.C.
• The first mention of England was in a work
entitled "Germany", written in 98 B.C. by the
Roman historian Tacitus.
• According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the
earliest known mention of the term "England" in
relation to the southern part of the island of
Great Britain refers to the year 897.
Motto: God and my right.
The symbol of England
is the red rose.
England occupies
two thirds of the
island of Great
Britain. It has
borders with
Scotland to the
north and with
Wales to the
National Costume
• Although England is a
country with rich
national traditions, it
does not have a clearly
defined national
• As an example of the
English folk costumes
are costumed dancers
performing a dance
• It is danced in summer
in the villages. In the
past it was considered
as a ritual dance, and
had a magic value
associated with the
awakening of the
English tea at five o'clock
• The world famous «five-o'clock tea» comes at
five-o'clock tea despite all the circumstances. At
this time, millions of Englishmen, from workers
to the Queen, drink tea, which is called the
English Afternoon Tea. This is a black tea,
served with cream or milk. The Duchess of
Bedford Anna left the deepest mark in the
English tradition of tea in 1840. She brought
into fashion "five o'clock tea" to satisfy the
hunger with a cup of drink and light, well-heated
Cities of England
• Liverpool is a city in the UK, in
the county of Merseyside, a port
on the north-west coast of
England, at the mouth of the
River Mersey.
• Liverpool is the birthplace of the
most famous in the history of the
rock bands The Beatles.
• Liverpool was also one of the
main shipbuilding centers of the
British Empire. The famous ship
«Britannic» was launched here
(The ship "Titanic", attributed to
Liverpool, was launched in
• Cambridge (literally, "bridge
over the River Cam") is a town
in the east of England. The
administrative center of the
county of Cambridgeshire.
Located 70 miles north of
• Cambridge University is the
second university in the UK
after Oxford and fourth in the
world; one of the "ancient
universities" Great Britain and
Ireland, one of the most famous
universities in the world, a
member of an elite group of
• Stratford-upon-Avon is a city
in the county of Warwickshire
in the UK, situated on the
River Avon. Stratford is 35 km
from the county's largest city
and second largest city of
Birmingham and 13 km from
the administrative center of
the county of Warwick.
Stratford is known as the
birthplace of playwright
William Shakespeare.
• Stratford is the largest place of pilgrimage for
tourists in England. Here, April 23, 1564 in the
Elizabethan house on Henley Street William
Shakespeare was born. Now this house
(Shakespeare's Birthplace) is Museum. The
house has been restored and it shows the
Shakespearean atmosphere including his
father's workshop, kitchen, parents' bedroom
with a playwright’s cradle and many others
Shakespeare’s family house
Poetry and London
• Athwart the sky a lowly sigh
From west to east the sweet wind carried;
The sun stood still on Primrose Hill;
His light in all the city tarried;
The clouds on viewless columns bloomed
Like smoldering lilies unconsumed.
“Oh sweetheart, see! How shadowy,
Of some occult magician’s rearing,
Or swung in space of heaven’s grace
Dissolving, dimly reappearing,
Afloat upon ethereal tides
St. Paul’s above the city rides!”
A rumor broke through the thin smoke,
Enwreathing abbey, tower, and palace,
The parks, the squares, the thoroughfares,
The million-peopled lanes and alleys,
An ever-muttering prisoned storm,
The heart of London beating warm.
• John Davidson
• Do you remember the London fog?
Hovering in the sky over the bridge,
And the sweet smell of the Thames?
Pierced my heart with a knife.
Do you remember the Tower Bridge?
Gentle breeze caressing your skin
And this coolness,
London, I'm not leaving.
• Diana Palamarchuck
• I go to London dream
And spend the rest of his days.
And like a mantra every day repeating that
leave there, I think it will be true. I want to
let air into the lungs of London,
To each cell filled with them.
And the soul is soft.
And all of us that dream materialize.
• Julia Borisova
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• Выборова, Г.Е., Мельчина, О.П. Устные темы по
английскому языку. – М.: Аст – пресс, 2007.
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