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Обычаи и традиции Великобритании

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ГБОУ СПО ТО «Тверской колледж культуры имени Н.А. Львова»
Измайлова Эльнара Маратовна
Отделение: «Народное художественное
Вид «Этнохудожественное творчество»
студентка 3 курса
Гладкова Наталья Вячеславовна
Тверь 2014
1. Introduction.
2. The Marble Championship.
3. The Boat Race.
4. The Grand National horse race.
5. Halloween.
6. Bonfire Night.
7. British traditions.
8. British tea.
9. English clubs.
10. Gardening.
11. Traditional ceremonies.
12. Conclusion.
Every country can be proud of its customs
and traditions.The British people like their
traditions and customs. The Englishmen
know and keep them up carefully. They find
them very important.
The Marble Championship
This is one of the old English
customs. The winner of this
Champion gets a silver cup which
is called Morris Dancing. Morris
Dancing is a festival for people
who dance with handkerchiefs or
big sticks in their hands.
The Boat Race
This nice tradition takes place on the river Thames in spring. This is a sport
competition between a team from Oxford University and a team from Cambridge
The Grand National horse race
It is the most famous horse race in the world. It takes a place near Liverpool usually in
spring too. A lot of people enjoy watching it.
This holiday has a Celtic
origin. According to this
old tradition a lot of
children put on unusual
costumes on the 31st of
Bonfire Night
You can see children with figures, made of straw and sacs and dressed in old clothes
according to this tradition on November 5.
British traditions
England is traditionally the
land of clubs, pubs,
gardens, football and the
left- hand driving.
British tea
The British people like drinking tea. 5 o'clock tea is a famous English tradition.
English clubs
One of English traditions is different clubs. A club is an organization for people of the
same interests who like meeting together for rest and discussions.
This tradition is very popular with a lot of people in Britain. That's why there are so
many gardens in Great Britain.
Traditional ceremonies
We can see a lot of traditional ceremonies in Great Britain, for example changing of
the Guard, mounting the Guards and the Ceremony of the Keys. They have been
preserved since old times.
It was very interesting for me to know about English traditions. I think the more
historical traditions the country has the more cultural level it has. People of every
country should know their traditions especially young people.
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