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Apple Day

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Apple Day
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Apple Day
The annual celebration of apples and orchards in
the United Kingdom.
Apple Day events and activities:
- apple growing advice
- a display of unusual varieties
of apples to taste and buy
- apple juice pressing
- apple cookery demonstrations
- apple bobbing
- longest peel competition
- apple carving
- spearing an apple
using a bow and
Apple Day is an annual celebration of apples and orchards held in the
United Kingdom. Apple Day usually takes place on the 21 of October or
the nearest weekend to that date.
Apple Day tradition was initiated in 1990 by British charity Common
Ground to create a new calendar custom for celebrating and protecting
wonderful native apples and old beautiful apple orchards.
Britain has the largest apple
heritage in the world. There are
over 1200 native apples for
eating, cooking, as well as for
cider making and crab apples for
The first Apple Day was held on October 21 in 1990 in
the old Apple Market in Covent Garden, London.
There are lots of events taking place across the UK to celebrate Apple
Day. Apple Day events can be large or small, from apple games in a
garden to large village fairs.
Apple Day is a wonderful family day with funny games, cookery
demonstrations, gardening advice and many hundreds of apple varieties.
It’s also an
opportunity to
discover rare and
native apple
varieties, to get
apple growing
to buy apple
trees for your
own garden.
Apple Day is the most perfect time to
discover and enjoy local varieties of apples,
which you never buy in shops or in markets.
The apple juice pressing with traditional handpowered wooden fruit press is especially popular.
An apple event is a good opportunity
to see a wide variety of apple dishes.
You can taste delicious apple dishes
and apple drinks and take recipes.
Pie Competition – pies are cut into little pieces and tasted by voters. The
tastiest apple pie wins.
Apple Day gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy different funny
activities. Face painting.
Both kids and adults love funny games.
There are lots of such games involving apples.
Funny “Apple bobbing”.
Apple bobbing is a game
always played on Apple
Day. The game is played
by filling a large basin
with water and apples.
Players (usually
children) try to catch an
apple with their teeth.
The only rule is: no
Longest peel competition. The person
with the longest peel wins.
The thinner strip you cut, the longer the peel is.
Children make different
kinds of apple carving and
various apple-themed
The most thrilling is the game, where
participants spear an apple using a bow
and arrow.
Apples are my favorite fruit because
they are available all year round and
are so good for human health.
I like British Apple Day which is held in
their honour very much!
It was interesting for me to collect
information about Apple Day. It
is significant that Apple Day
reminds people of the importance
of protecting regional biodiversity
and wildlife, raises awareness of
English native apples and
orchards through events and
activities organized on or around
the 21 of October, during the
apple season.
An apple a day keeps the
doctor away!
Eat apples and be
Thank you for your
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