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Patented May 19, 1936
. ansoar'non nsnmnna'non
Glenn F. zellhoefer, Blnomington, 11!.
'No Drawing. Aml! may 3, 1935,’
Serlai No. 19,595
2 Claims.
(Cl. 25H)
The'present invention relates generally to a a and pressures, and both pressure and temperature.
solvent material and a refrigerant mixture for
determine the physical state of the free refriger
absorption refrigerating machines, both of the‘ ant material, whether gaseous or liquid, and deter
two-?uid type and of the three-?uid type.
mine the solubility relations between the refrig
In absorption refrigeration there is required a erant and the solvent material. It is, therefore,
solvent material adapted to remain liquid very important that the solvent and the refrig
throughout the operation of the apparatus, and a erant materials be physically adapted for use as
refrigerant material adapted to have a liquid and individual materials in certain places andfor
a vapor phase in the cycles of operation, adapted certain. functions, and that they be mutually
10 to be dissolved or absorbed in the solvent, adapt? adapted for certain functions when they are in
ed to be evaporated or boiled as a vapor from the ' combination. vOther qualities not essential to
solvent mixture and from the solvent, and adapt
refrigeration, but pertinentto practical usage,
ed to be condensed from the the vapor to a liquid.
Numerous refrigerants and numerous solvents are
grown, as well as successful combinations of
The two-?uid absorption machines have certain
mechanical parts which may be omitted or which
are not duplicated in three-?uid machines. In a.
three-?uid machine, there is, in addition to the
two-?uid mixture, a body of inert gas which is al
ways gas, and which does not to any substantial
extent dissolve in any of the components of the
two-?uid composition, or in mixtures thereof.
The present invention is directed to a new sol
vent for absorption refrigeration, and to combi
nations thereof with refrigerant_s._;-,
A particular object of the invention is the use of
monomethyl ether of diethylene glycol acetate as
a solvent.
control or limit the choice of solvent or refigerant,
such as odor, viscosity, heat capacity, boiling point,
freezing point, volatility, chemical stability, re- 1
activity, corrosive action, in?ammability, toxicity,
and suggested, I have been able to utilize mono
methyl ether of diethylene glycol acetate w
as a solvent for practical usage, in combination
with the refrigerant dichloromono?uoromethane,
which is little known.
The new solvent is herein named as mono
methyl ether of diethylene glycol acetate, ,but it
may be characterized by others as methyl car
bitol acetate. However, in order to leave no doubt
as to its identity, its structural formula is herein
35 the new solvent material and the new combina
tion may be used is disclosed in my co-pending ap
plication Serial No. 651,306, ?led January 12, 1933,
Another object is the use of a combination of
said solvent with the refrigerant dichloromono?u
Examples of the two-?uid apparatus in which
By considering the limitations herein set vforth
The refrigerant herein specified is dichloro
monoiluoromethane. In order to leave no doubt
as to its identity, its structural formula is herein
given: "
In the accompanying claims, the invention is set
or in my U. S. Patent No. 1,895,698, issued January forth as a combination useful‘ in absorption re
31, 1933. Other examples may readily be cited, frigeration. It is to be understood that a simple
40 and will be known to those skilled in the art.
adulteration of the new solvent in its pure form,
The two-?uid apparatus above referred to,brlef - either by reason of commercial impurities, or by 40
ly described, comprises a still in which a liquid addition of lesser quantities of other material,
mixture of solvent and refrigerant is heated to dis
useful also as solvent, is permitted, and such a
till away as a vapor the refrigerant material, a composition is intended to fall within the scope of
45 condenser wherein said vapor is condensed to a the present invention.
liquid state, an evaporator wherein the resulting
This application is dominated by the generic ap
liquid is vaporized at reduced pressure to produce plication Serial No. 17,064, ?led April 18, 1935.
refrigeration, and an absorber in which vapor of
What I claim is:
the refrigerant material containing added heat
l. A refrigerant mixture for the absorption type
50 units (acquired in the refrigerating process) is i of refrigeration apparatus consisting of mono
again dissolved in the solvent material; Suitable
heat exchanging and circulating means are in
methyl ether of diethylene glycol acetate as the
essentially predominant solvent, and dichloro
cluded, and automatic controls may be provided. '
monofluoromethane as a refrigerant.
The particular characteristics of such a. ma- ‘
2. A refrigerant mixture for the absorption type
55 chine are that the still operates at temperatures , of refrigeration apparatus consisting of mono
well above normal temperatures, such‘ for ex
methyl ether of diethylene glycol acetate as the
ample at 210° F. to 250° F.; and that the cooling. essentially predominant solvent, and a volatile
unit operates at temperatures lower than normal, chemically stable halogenated hydrocarbon re
such as from 15° F. to 50° F. Various parts of the frigerant soluble in said‘ solvent.
60 apparatus differ in the prevailing temperatures
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