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Вятский Техникум Экономики, Статистики и Информатики
Мальцев Александр Валерьевич
New York
Streets of New York
Brooklyn Bridge
Capitol and the White House
Washington Attractions
Monument to war veterans
Americans-lovers of contemporary art
Harvard Museum
Air and Space Museum
Christmas tree
Dear friends!
Let me invite you to the exciting journey!
We are going to visit different cities in the United States of America.
I’ll tell you about New York, Washington DC, Boston, Miami and some other
The USA is situated in the central part of the North American continent.
The area of this country is over 9 million square kilometers.
The population of the USA is more than 300 million people.
Most of the people live in cities and towns.
New York
Let’s visit New York first!
It’s the largest city and port and one of the biggest cities in the world.
Travellers who visit New York for the first time wonder its luxury.
It’s the financial and business center of America.
Streets of New York
The streets of New York are bright and colorful.
There are two more world-famous streets – Broadway and Fifth
It is the city that never goes to sleep.
Brooklyn Bridge
I think you’ll be impressed by the Brooklyn Bridge by all means.
The construction of this bridge is great and monumental.
Though it’s one of the oldest bridges in the USA all the visitors think it to
be the remarkable place in the country.
The capital of the USA is Washington, in the District of Columbia.
Washington is a beautiful administrative city without much industry.
Washington always has a lot of tourists who come from different parts of
the world.
They want to see the Lincoln Memorial, the White House and the Capitol.
Capitol and the White House
The Capitol is the seat of the USA Congress in Washington,
The White House is the official residence of the USA president.
Washington Attractions
The Lincoln Memorial is a memorial built to honor the 16th president of
the United States, Abraham Lincoln.
The proportions of the statue are colossal. It is almost 6 meters high and
175 tons weight.
Monument to war veterans
Not far from the Lincoln Memorial there are Vietnam Veterans
Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, and National World
War II Memorial.
You can see some statues of soldiers and the wall where some events
of the war are shown.
The Wall is unusual because the figures of soldiers look rather alive.
Americans-lovers of contemporary art
Many people in the USA show interests in culture and art that’s why they
like to visit theatres, museums and art galleries.
Americans are fond of modern art.
You can see unusual sculptures everywhere. They admire these
Miami is an “island of luxury” because everything is very expensive
Miami is a center for television and film production.
You can see beautiful beaches and hotels, cafes and restaurants.
Let’s see Madonna’s café with its unusual collection of masks.
Boston is one of the oldest cities in the USA.
Many colleges and universities make this city an international centre of
higher education and medicine.
There are a lot of sky-scrapes in Boston.
Harvard Museum
The Harvard Museum of Natural History is a natural history museum.
In the museum’s galleries visitors can observe the diversity of life on
earth, from dinosaurs to reptiles, birds, fish and animals.
Air and Space Museum
The National Air and Space Museum maintains the world's largest and
most significant collection of aviation and space artifacts.
The strangest thing is that some artifacts are originally Russian.
Christmas tree
The National Christmas Tree is a large tree located near the White House in
What a pity that it's only a virtual tour. I would like to visit these
wonderful places and see everything with my own eyes.
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