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June 16, 1936.
Filed Oct. 4, 1934
Patented June 16, 1936
Edward T. Widmann, Washington, D. 0.
Application October 4, 1934, Serial No. 746,911
1 Claim. (Cl. 128-67)
This invention relates to massage implements, in order that it may be adapted to engage the
particularly those intended for the gums and in
outer and inner surfaces of the gums, and other
terior of the mouth to knead or manipulate the interior portion of the mouth. It is not intended
gums for the purpose of increasing the circula
to limit this invention to a rubber head, as any
tion of the blood and other physiological bene?ts other suitable material may be used of any se
believed to follow from such treatment.
lected degree of ?rmness of composition.
The object of the invention is the production
As illustrated in Fig. 6 the head 5 may be
of a hand operated instrument having parts of formed directly upon the T-shaped member with
special construction and arrangement whereby out the intervention of the hard coating 3 shown
it is thought a convenient, durable and readily in Fig. 4. The purpose of the introduction of the ,
applied article is made, the manner of use of relatively harder coating 3 is to prevent the metal
which is substantially obvious to children as well T-shaped member from wearing through the
as to adults.
comparatively soft rubber head in use. The
In the accompanying drawing are illustrated member and head may be bent on any curve. The
15 the parts of this invention showing the forms
head 4 shown in Figs. 2 and 4, or the head 5 as
thereof and the combinations claimed herein.
shown in Fig. 6 may be made long enough to en
Fig. 1 represents the face of a user in outline able the user to rub both upper and lower gums
applying this invention to the gums.
either on the inside or outside at the same time,
Fig. 2 is a perspective view setting forth all as illustrated in Fig. 1. In that way, the appli
20 parts as assembled.
cation of the invention is most expeditiously per
Fig. 3 shows the partial section of the gums formed, and all portions of the gums massaged.
with this invention applied thereto externally,
In Fig. '7 the modi?ed handle 6 has a pin 1
and indicating by broken lines the massaging of projecting from its end, and the‘ modi?ed head 8
the inner surface of the gums.
is formed upon the pin usually with a neck 9 as
Fig. 4 is a sectional view lengthwise of the set forth.
I? in
head and showing the bendable T-shaped carry
In operation, the curving surfaces of the head
ing member and its attachment or connection may be applied to the inner and outer gum sur
with the end of the handle.
faces, and the rounded ends of the head used
Fig. 5 is a cross section of the head and longi
to massage any portion of the mouth. In Fig. 3
tudinal section of the end portion of the handle
the gums are referred to by number N].
Fig. 6 represents a view similar to Fig. 4, with
Having now described this invention, I
the internal tougher or sti?‘er portion omitted.
Fig. 7 is a section lengthwise of the end of the
An implement of the structure described for
handle and transverse head, showing a modi?ed massaging the gums, comprising a handle, a T
form of this invention.
shaped member formed of metal and having the "
Throughout the drawing and description the stem of the T inserted in the end of the handle,
same number is used to refer to the same part
A handle I of any chosen shape has a T-shaped
inserted therein by means of the stem of
the member. Member 2 is made of bendable
metal of such nature as to resist corrosion. I About
the cross top of the member is molded a coating
3 of hard rubber and a head 4 of softer and more
45 elastic rubber is formed outside the coating. The
head is bent into the curved form shown in Fig. 2
the head of the T-shaped member being bend
able and adapted to retain a curved form, and a
body of rubber enclosing the head of the T
shaped member and having rounded ends, where
by when said T-shaped member and rubber are
suitably curved both the upper and lower gums
of the user either outside or inside may be mas
saged at the same time or separately.
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