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' Aug. 18,1936.
Filed Oct. 25, 1934
Patented Aug. 18, 1936
2,051,334 _
Goldberg, Denver, Colo. .
Application October 25, 1934, Serial‘ No. 749,896
3 Claims.
distance equal to 2a,-which is- slightly greater
This invention relates to improvements in reels
for moving picture ?lms.
than the width of the ?lm with which" the reel I
For the use with moving picture machines,
especially of the type designed for home use, it is
5 desirable to have reels that are light in weight,
but which are rigidly constructed, and therefore
it is customary to employ aluminum for this pur
pose. Since aluminum is a soft metal that is not
very well. adapted to resist severe strains and
10 wear, experience has shownthat-such reels-will
wear with exceptional rapidity at the center open
ing where they are ‘attached to the shaft of the
rewind apparatus.
is to be employed. The bottom of each depressed
area is provided with an opening 9. Located in
each of the depressed areas is a hub member or _5
side plate which has been designated by reference
‘numeral H).
l2. ‘The central portion of each hub member is
offset from the adjacent bottom portion of the 15
It is the object of this invention to produce a'
15 reel construction which shall make it possible to
successfully employ aluminum for the greater
depressed area in which it is located and a steel
portion of the reel and to reenforce the aluminum
parts with steel plates at the points where the
plate I3 is secured to‘the inside of each hub
member ill in the manner shown in Fig. 3. The
steel plates i3 are held in place by means ofriv
wear occurs.
The periphery of each hub mem- _
her, which has been designated by reference nu- '
meral I I, is o?set with respect to the central por
tion thereof and the annular surface thus formed 10
rests on the bottom of each depressed area and
the two hub members and the side members are
secured in assembled relation by means of rivets
Anotm ?ject is to construct a moving picture
reel of aluminum and to provide a perforated
plate of steel or other wear resisting material so
positioned that it will receive the strains and
wear due to the action of the rotating driving
Having thus brie?y set forth the objects of the
invention and brie?y described the construction,
the same will now be described in detail, and for
this purpose reference will be had to the accom
ets l4.
the spindle of the rewind apparatus and the reel,
the latter is provided with a noncircular opening
for the reception of the rewind spindle, and in
this drawing the central opening has been desig- 25
nated by reference numeral l5 and has-been indi-v
cated as being substantially rectangular and pro
vided with outwardly extending projections 16.
The spindle that cooperates with the reel ‘is
formed so as to ?t the opening and therefore 30
panying drawing ‘in which the preferred construc
tion has been illustrated, and. in‘which:
_ In order to prevent relative rotation between
relative rotation cannot take place. The strain
Fig. l is a side elevation of the improved reel, produced by the rewind apparatus is usually su?i- .
on a reduced scale, showing the same fully as “ cient to very quickly wear away the aluminum
of which the hub members or_side plates are
made, but by applying to the inside of each‘ hub 35
member a steel plate l3, this steel plate resists
size, the outer ends of the spokes and the rim the force produced by the operation of the rewind
_ apparatus and prevents the rapid wear that
having been broken away;
- V
would otherwise take place if the aluminum hub
Fig. 3 is a section taken on line 3-4; Fig. 2;
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the center portion of
the reel showing the parts in substantially full
Fdig. 4 is a section taken on line H, Fig. 1;
members were left unreenforced. The rims C are
Fig. 5 is a section, to a vreduced scale taken on
. spokes ‘I are also transversely concave as shown
line 5-5, Fig.1.
transversely concave-was shown in Fig. 4 and the
Each reel consists of .two substantially identi-.
in Fig. 5, so as to give strength to the construc
From the above description, taken in connec
tion'with the drawing, it will appear that the con
spokes ‘I and a center depressed portion 8. The struction permits substantially all of the reel to
depressed center portions .are offset with respect ‘ be made from light aluminum, and by reenforcing
to the surrounding parts of the side members a the hub members or side plates II at the points
distance substantially equal to one-half the width“ _ where'wear usually takes place, the advantage of so
of the film and which distance has been desig ' aluminum, as far as weight is concerned, can-be
nated by reference character a in'Fig. 3. when retained and at the same time all theadvan-e
the two side members are connected with the. tages of a heavy steel plate construction can be
bottoms of the depressed portions in contact as had-as far as wear resisting properties are con
65 shown in Fig. 3,'t,he side members'are spaced a corned. »
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