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Aug. 25, 1936.
Filed Sept. 28; 1954
William K. Kearsley,
is Attorney.
Patented Aug. z5, leas
" »UMD
ritmo msrnnsnro Arrrns
`Willlam K. Kearsley, Schenectady, N. Y., as
signor to _General Electric Company, a corpo»
ration oi New York
Application September 2B, 19%, Serial No. ‘345,379
5 Cla.
My invention relates to‘ fluid» dispensing de
vices and more particularly to gasoline dispens
ing pumps for lfilling the tanks of automobiles.
One object of my invention is to provide an
improved light for illuminating the inside of
the tank which is being filled.
For a better understanding> of my invention,
together ‘with other and further objects thereof,
reference is had to the following description,
taken vin connection with the accompanying
drawingand its scope will be pointed out in the
,appended claims.
'I'he well known gasoline dispensingI pumps,
which are now used atY automobile service staa
tions, are equipped witlra ñexible hose, at the
In operation the lamp t is lightedwhen the
pump is started. The light fluir projected by the
lamp is gathered by the reflector and is pro
jected into the fluid stream. This light follows
the duid stream into the tank and is there re
?lected by the walls of the tank so that the level
of the liquid in the tank becomes clearly.visible.
What _I claim as new and desire to secure by
Letters Patent of the United States, ìs,--l. In a gasoline dispensing apparatus, the com-_
bination oi a flexible service hose provided with a
nozzle and valve, a feed connection to said hose,
and a lamp mounted at said feed connection sep
arated from said fluid lstrearri and arranged to
project light into said stream parallel to the axis
end of Vwhich a nozzle is provided for projectingl _ of said hose.
into' the tanks of automobiles. With this equipnl
ment it is practically impossible for an attendant
to see where the iiuid level is in the tank since
20 .practically no light reaches the interior of the
tanks even in the day time. In accordance with
my invention l'. provide a lamp at the end of the
hose which is attached to the pump and sep
arate this lamp from the fluid stream completely
25 so as to avoid any fire hazard. Iv then provide
a light~reiiecting surface on the inside oi the
hose to prevent absorption of the light emitted by
this lamp and transmitted down along the fluid
. stream into the tank.
In the accompanying drawing I illustrate a
standard gasoline dispensing pump l having an
2. Ina gasoline dispensing apparatus, the com
bination of a flexible hose, a nozzle at one end
thereof, a rigid >connection at the other end hav
ing an inlet passage at an angle to said hose [email protected]
connection and a transparent portion at right
angles to the fluid stream in said hose, and a
light in back of said transparent portion ar
ranged to direct light through said transparent ,
portion into said fluid stream.
3. In a liquid dispensing apparatus, the corn
bination of a flexible hose, a nozzle at one end
thereof, a rigid connection at the other end of
said hose provided with an inlet passage ar
ranged at an angle to the said hose, a lamp cas-a
ing mountedyon said connection and separated
indicator 2 and an outlet pipe having a T-mem
from thehose by a transparent wall, and a lamp
ber t attached to the end thereof. The T-mem
mounted `in said casing and arranged to project
ber 3 is vertically arranged having attached
light into said hose.
to its lower end a iiexilole textile or rubber hose
thaving a nozzle t and a valve t attached to
the end thereof.
» d. In a liquid dispensing apparatus, the com
bination of> a ilexihle hose, a rigid connection ,
At the other end of the r-membex- r attach a
for said hose provided with an inlet >passage at
an angle to the axis of said hose, a transparent
casing l having therein a light t and a reflector
9. The casing 'l is provided with an opening
coinciding wth the end of the T-member, which
is closed iiuidtíght by a lens itl. The hose itself
wall at4 right angles to the axis of said hose,
means i‘or projecting light into said hose through
said transparent wall, and a reflecting lining
within said hose for preventing the absorption
' is provided on the inside with a smooth light
reiiecting surface preferably of white synthetic
rubber so that the light projecting from the _lamp
and'reilector will not be absorbed by the hose
lbut such light as might tend to escape from the
fluid stream will be reflected back into the stream
and will follow lt into the tank.
oi’ the said light.
5. In a gasoline dispensing apparatus, the com
bination of _a ilexible hose, a nozzle at one end
thereof, and a light'at the other end of said hose
arranged‘to project lightinto said hose and
through the gasoline therein.
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