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Sept. 1, 193%;1.
Filed'March 8, 1955
Patented Sept. 1, 1936
Henry A. Banks, Sioux Falls, S. Dak.
Application March 8, 1935, Serial N0. 10,082
2 Claims. (GI. 248-28)
This’ invention relates to price tag holders and
the primary oloject thereof is to- provide a holder
of this type which can be made of a single p-iece
of metal, and. which is of simple, economical com
5 struction and ef?cient in operation.
A further object of this invention is to provicle
a holder of this type, which involves a novel form
of jaw construction vvhereby same is effectively
bracecl so as to resis’o accidental displacement,
and to also more ?rmly secure the holder 011 a
shelf or the like.
The invention has further and other objects
which Will later be sei: forth and. manifested. in
the course of the following description.
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a, perspective view of one form of the
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of Fig. 1 showving
same applied to a shelf;
Fig. 3 is a front elevation of another form of
the invention am].
Fig. 4 is a view simliar 130 Fig. 2 showing the
holder of Fig. 3 appliecl to a shelf in depending
relation thereto.
In proceeding in accordance With the pre-sent
invention the holder is preferably stamped or
formed out of a single sheet 0f metal o1‘ may be
constructed of other suita‚ble material, a.nd in
cludes a heacl I having a shank 2 extending out
Wardly from a side of ‘ehe head. and which as
shown in Fig. 1 is located als the center of the
head. The top side of the head. is ?anged in
warolly ab 3 anal the bottom side of the head on
the opposlte sicles o-f the shank 2 is likewise
?angecl at 4, ‘l so that these ?anged parts form
guicles in which a price tag 01‘ the llke may be
easily insertecl and removed. Further as shown
in Fig. 1 the lower end of the shank is bent in
wardly ab 5 to form a shelf engaging jaw de
picted in use in Fig. 2. One of the side edges
cf the shank 2 is provided Wi1;h an integral ex
tension o1‘ web 6 preferably of triangular form,
that ls to say‚ lt tap»ers dowmvarclly and rear
wardly from ‘ehe top portion of the shank and. is
45 disposed at right angles 01c the plane of th-e
shank. The lower edge of the extension 6 is ex
tendecl inwardly at right angles tol form a shelf
engaging jaw ‘I, the latter overlying ancl being
spaced from the jaw 5 but preferably in registry
50 therewith. Referring 1:o< Fig. 2 it will be noted
that the inner end. 8 o-f the jaw ‘I abuts the rear
face of the shank 2 and is braced thereby. Con
sequently it Will be seen that any pressure exertecl
rearwardly of the shank will be assumed. by the
extension: 6 which forma a brace for the jaw ‘I.
In Fig. 3 of the drawing the construction of
the parts is identioal to that described in Figs.
1 ancl 2, withthe exception that the shank III is
located;v at one side 011‘ the head.= II and. the latter
has a pair of similar inturned ?anges I2 130 form
guides to receive a price tag 01' card er the like.
In. this form of the invention, the jaw I3 is like
wise formed by inturning the free end o’f the
shank III and the brace I4, which has the other
jaw I5 secured thereto, is identical tor the corresponcling parts 6 and. ‘I in Flgs. 1 and. 2. Like
wise the end I6 of the jaw I5 abuts the shank I0
w be braced. thereby.
From the foregoing it will be apparent that,
and. as shown in Fig‘s. 2 and 4, either form of the
invention may be secured in upstanding relation
to a shelf S as shown in Fig. 2, er in depending
relation to the ehelf as shown in Fig, 4. II; is
is further to be noted that the jaws 5 anal I3 are
readily bendable so as to enable the holder to 25
be used with shelves within a reasonable range
of thickness.
What is claimed ist
l. A price tag holder including a shank hav
ing means to retain a price tag a1; one end por- 30
tion thereof, a.nd having its opposite encl disposed.
ab an angle 120 form a shelf-gripping jaw, one of
the side edges of the shank havlng an integral
extension which extends: in the direction of the
jaw and. having‘ a lower portion which is dis- 35
posed at. right angles to the extension 110 form
a jaw which is substantially in register Wlth and
spacecl from the ?rst javv‘.
2. A price tag holder including a shank hav
ing means 150 retain a price tag and having a 40
free end disposed. at an angle 120 form a shelf
gripping jaw, <me of the sicle edges of the shank
having} an integral triang‘ular extension which
is disposed in the direction of said jaw, ‘ehe base
of the triangle of the extenslon being in turn 45
formed with an integral substan’olally right angu
lar extension 130 form a shelf-gripping jaw which
cooperates With the ?rsl; named. jaw and. which
has a free inner encl that confronts the sha‚nk.
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