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План-конспект урока английского языка в Х классе
Тема «Bizarre Annual Events in the UK»
Тип урока: комбинированный
Образовательная цель: развитие умений восприятия и познания ценностей
другой культуры, расширение знаний учащихся об обычаях и традициях народа
страны изучаемого языка.
Задачи урока:
— содействовать развитию навыков чтения;
— создание условий для развития дедуктивного и творческого
мышления, языковой догадки и воображения учащихся;
— содействовать воспитанию интереса и способности учащихся
понимать образ жизни, традиции и обычаи другого народа.
Формы работы: фронтальная, групповая, индивидуальная.
На уроке используются приемы:
— технологии проблемного обучения;
— технологии развития критического мышления через чтение и письмо;
— информационно-компьютерной технологии.
Дидактические материалы: презентация «BizarreHolidaysofGreatBritain»,
карточки с индивидуальными и групповыми заданиями.
Организационно-мотивационный этап урока.
1. Приветствие.
2. Подводящий к теме диалог.
а) Демонстрация на экране ассоциативных картинок с видами Британии.
T. — Look at the screen. Where do the events take place?Which part of Great
Britain would you like to visit if you had a chance?
(The students choose the country and split into 4 groups, take their places at
the tables with the symbols of the country).
б) Выстраивание ассоциативного ряда со словами «GreatBritain».
(The students in groups write down their lists of associations and then present
them to the class).
3. Определение темы и цели урока.
T. — How are the pictures on the screen and your columns of associations
related to our lesson?
(The teacher underlines the words: tradition, custom).
T. — Right you are. We shall enrich our knowledge about Great Britain or to
be more exact about Britain’s customs and traditions.
T. — Do you know any British customs and traditions? And what about
unusual ones? I see you do not know many of them.
So the aim of our lesson is to learn more about unusual events in the life of
British people.
The topic of our lesson is «Bizarre Annual Events in the UK».
Работастекстом «Bizarre Annual Events in the UK».
1. Предтекстовый этап.
Определение значения слова «bizarre».
T. — What does the word «bizarre»mean?Try to guess the meaning of the
word using its synonyms on the screen: Bizarre — unusual, strange, odd, weird,
(The students give the translation of the word).
Прогнозирование основного содержания текста.
T. — Look at the photos and the subheadings. Think of one question you
would like to ask about each event.
(The students work in groups writing the questions, and then reading them in
2. Чтение текста.
T. — Listen and read to see if the text answers your questions. Read and
answer the question.
(The students fulfill the task and present the answers to the class).
T. — Explain the words in bold.
Приложения: 1. (the tasks to the text)
2. (the text)
III. Релаксационная пауза.
T. — Now some time for rest and fun.
1) Read some bizarre stories and guess why
Приложение 3
Look atsome bizarre pictures on the screen and think of some captions to
3. Послетекстовый этап. Развитие неподготовленной речи учащихся.
1) Игра “An Imagine Game”.
T. - Each group has its own situation:
Group 1: Imagine you are at the Bognor Birdman competition. Phone your
friend and share your impressions.
Group 2: Imagine you are a radio commentator. Comment on the Cooper’s
Hill Cheese Rolling Competition.
Group 3: Imagine you have visited Up-Helly-Aa. Advise your friend to take
part in the festival.
Group 4: Imagine you are working for a tourist agency. Make an advertisement
to invite the participants to the Peel Dip.
(The students work in groups, then present the results to the class).
2) The Round Table Discussion.
T. — I suppose you’ve learnt a bit more about Britain’s customs and traditions.
Has your new knowledge helped you to break the stereotype of the British as the
nation of reserved and conservative people? Is it possible to get to know a nation, its
character and spirit by its customs and traditions? So, let’s discuss these questions at
our Round Table. The topic is“One can tell the spirit of a nation by its customs and
traditions”.Before having our discussion let’s revise the rules of conversation.
Приложение 4
(The students read the rules in turn).
T. –Now you are to work out as many ideas as possible. Let’s brainstorm them
first in pairs, then in groups.
(The students work in pairs and then in groups).
T. — Now you are welcome to the Round Table. Remember: the motto of our
discussion is “Without Hesitation, deviation and repetition”.
(The students speak in turn, passing the flag of Britain to each other giving the
floor to the following speaker).
IV. Рефлексивный этап урока.
T. — Our lesson is coming to its end. Let’s sum up what you’ve learnt during
the lesson.
Group 1 — Make up a sinquain about the unusual events you’ve learnt.
Group 2 — Make up the mind map of what you’ve learnt.
Group 3 — Finish the sentence “The British Brizarre traditions are….”
Group 4 — Speak about what you’ve learnt using the following language tips.
(The students work in groups and present their results to the class).
Оценкарезультатов учебной деятельности.
VI. Домашнее задание.
T. — Make up a story about a bizarre holiday or tradition in Belarus or in
Great Britain or in any other country of the world. The choice is yours. Use the
following spidergram as a plan.
A Bizarre Tradition
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