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Слабое звено Тема-the USA

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Слабое звено.
5 класс
Тема: The USA
I раунд
1. Who discovered America?
2. Who was the first president of the USA?
3. What is the national symbol of the USA?
4 What is the capital of the USA?
5. Where is the Statue of Liberty situated?
6. How many stripes does the American flag have?
7. When do Americans celebrate Independent Day?
8. What is the national sport in America?
9. What is the oldest public building in Washington?
10. Where are laws made in the LISA?
11. In which month is Thanksgiving Day celebrated?
12. What is the name of American flag?
13.On which ship did the Pilgrim Fathers sail to America?
14.How many states are there in America?
15. Who gave his name to America?
16. Where is the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle situated?
17. When did Christopher Columbus disover America?
18. How many colonies were there in America?
19. How many stripes are there on the American flag?
20. What was the most famous tradition with the American Indians?
21. Where сan you learn about the history of the USA?
22. Who is the President of the US today?
The Weekest Elements are….
Take your seats, and the rest mill take….
The strongest element in this round is….
II раунд
1. In which city is Hollywood situated?
— Los Angeles
— Las Vegas
2. Which country presented the Statue of Liberty to America?
— Great Britain
— France
3. Which university was the first one in America?
— Harvard University
— Cambridge University
4. Where is the tallest building in the world?
— Chicago
— New York
5. Which is the fongest river in America?
— the Mississippi
— the Amazonca
6. On which river is Washington situated?
— the Thames
— the Potomac
7. Which was the first capital of the USA?
— Philadelphia
— New York
8. Which is the biggest stade of the USA?
— Alaska
— Florida
9. Which is the nickname of the US government?
— Uncle Bens
— Uncle Sam
10.Which of the US presidents was a Hollywood actor?
— George Washington
— Ronald Reagan
11.Washington is named after
— the first state in America
— the first president
12.The head of the American government is
— the President
— the King
13.The first English settlements appeared in:
— North America in the 17th century
— Central America in the 16th century
14.The first colonists started the tradition of
— Thanksgiving Day
— Hallowe’en
15.Name the holiday which belongs only to
— Hallowe’ne
— Independence day
16.The US President’s term is
— 4 years
— 2 years
17.Years are clothes worn by
— cowboys in the Wild West
— people all over the world
18.Christopher Columbus discovered
— Central America
— North America
19.On the fourth of Yuly Americans celebrate
— Memorial Day
— Independence Day
20.“Chost Towns” are the places
— in Disneyland
— left by people who looked for gold in the 19th century
The Weakest Elements are….
III раунд
What is the English for?
1. Трафальгарская площадь
2. бояться
3. хороший совет
4. глагол can в будущем времени
5. дайте утвердительный ответ на просьбу May I come in?
6. дайте отрицательный ответ
7. дайте антоним выражению to be in danger
8. переведите фразу
не видел тебя целую вечность
9. образуйте однокоренные слова от слова discover
10. дайте 3 английских эквивалента к русскому слову «путешествие»
11. 3 формы глагола to rise
12. скажите по-английски
мало денег
13. скажите по-английски
несколько книг
14. как по другому сказать «to be a success»
15. сесть на поезд
— to get on a train
or — to get into a train
16. What time is it now?
— 11.45
— 9.30
17. скажите свой адрес по-английски
18. образуйте прилагательное от слова theme
19. найдите антоним к слову «expensive»
1. Исправь порядок слов в следующих предложениях
1. New York is a city very interesting
2. Mr. Brown arriver always at 8.30 at work
2. He согласитесь
1. A dangerous snake lives under my bed
2. My parents depend on me
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