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John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

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John Ronald
Reuel Tolkien
Author of
"The Hobbit"
and "Lord of
the Rings"
The largest
master of
? Tolkien is called "father"
modern by fantasies
literatures ? the fantasy
genre, based on use of
mythological and
fantastic motives.
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born on 3
January 1892 in Bloemfontein in the
Orange Free State (now Free State Province,
part of South Africa) to Arthur Reuel
Tolkien (1857?1896), an English bank
manager, and his wife Mabel, n?e Suffield
(1870?1904). In the 4 years I lost my father,
and in 14 years - the mother, he and his
brother brought up the priest. In 1900
Tolkien received an English school of King
Edward, where he learned Old English, and
began to explore other - Welsh, Old Norse.
He showed up early linguistic talent. After
studying Finnish gothic and he began to
develop a "Elvish" languages. Subsequently,
he studied at the school of St. Philip and
Exeter College, Oxford.
In 1911. began teaching at the University
of Oxford, where he graduated with
In 1908 he meets the future wife Edith
Mary Brett. The father Francis took the
word of honor from John that that won't
meet Edith while he won't be 21 years
old ? to majority. Tolkien kept the
promise, without having written Mary
Edith a line to this age. On the same day,
when to Tolkien was 21 years, he wrote
to Edith the letter where spoke in love
and made a proposal of marriage. Edith
answered that already agreed to marriage
with other person. Eventually, it returned
a wedding ring to the groom.
The Tolkiens had four children: John
Francis Reuel Tolkien (17 November 1917
? 22 January 2003), Michael Hilary Reuel
Tolkien (22 October 1920 ? 27 February
1984), Christopher John Reuel Tolkien
(born 21 November 1924) and Priscilla
Mary Anne Reuel Tolkien (born 18 June
1929). Tolkien was very devoted to his
children and sent them illustrated letters
from Father Christmas when they were
young. Each year more characters were
added, such as the Polar Bear (Father
Christmas's helper), the Snow Man (his
gardener), Ilbereth the elf (his secretary),
and various other, minor characters. The
major characters would relate tales of
Father Christmas's battles against goblins
who rode on bats and the various pranks
committed by the Polar Bear.
World War I
?He served as a lieutenant in the
Lancashire Fusiliers Regiment
?he participated in the Battle of the
Somme, where killing two of his
school friends
?At the end of 1916. ill with typhus
and was sent to England
?In 1917-1918 had served in
the military camps rear
? After the war he taught at the
University of Leeds.
? In 1922 he became a professor of
Anglo-Saxon language and literature at
Oxford University, where he became
one of the youngest professors (30
years) and soon earned a reputation as
one of the best philologists in the
? In 1945, Tolkien became a professor of
English language and literature at
Oxford Merton College and remained
in that post until his retirement in
? In 1954 Tolkien received an honorary
degree from the National University of
? Since childhood Tolkien the passion to studying of existing languages
and designing of the new owned. He is the founder of several
artificial languages: kvenye, or language of high elves; синдарин ?
language of gray elves. Tolkien knew some tens languages, modern
languages made, in many respects being guided by beauty of sounding
? "The hobbit, or there and back" (1937) ? the book with which the
writer entered literature. Work for a family circle unexpectedly won
wide popularity.
? "Lord of the Rings" (1954-1955), the trilogy ("Fellowship of the Ring",
"Two fortresses", Return of the king"), by 1970th years among the
most readable books of the world.
? After his death (1972) under edition of the son Christopher Tolkien
left "Silmarillion", "History of Sredizemya", "Fairy tales of the Magic
country", etc.
Numerous Adaptation
? Ralph Bakshi - the creator of
the cartoon "The Lord of the
Rings" (1978)
Peter Jackson - director of the
blockbuster "Lord of the Rings" (20012003) and "The Hobbit, or There and
Back Again" (2012-2014)
Movie Posters
A Map of Middle Earth
Enormous influence on world
culture of the 20th century
Tolkien's works were repeatedly adapted for cinema, animation,
audioplays, a theatrical scene, computer games. In literature a large
number of imitations Tolkien's books, their continuations or antitheses
was created.
Objects in Honor of Tolkien and
the World Created by Him
? Asteroid (No. 2675) of Tolkien
? Mordor Pound Valley and system of intrusive rocky ridges of
Mordor Igneous Complex adjoining it in Australia
? Group of seamounts in the North Atlantic (mountain Rohan,
Gondor, Eriador, etc.)
? Scuba Gollum Lake and adjacent to the bottom of the canyon
Gollum Gulf; Gollum lake in Canada
? Fossil bivalve Martesia (Paramartesia) tolkieni Kennedy
? Genus of fossil trilobites Tolkienia Lieberman et Kloc. Marine
crustacean Leucothoe tolkien, etc. (more than 150 titles in
various fields of science)
Tomb of the writer.
Tolkien and his wife Edith are buried together in the
suburbs of Oxford. The inscription on the stone,
according to the will of Tolkien says: "Edith Mary
Tolkien Luthien, 1889-1971, John Reyel Ronald
Tolkien, Beren, 1892-1972 year."
The List of Sources
? Biography of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
? Lancashire Fusiliers of Interest Famous (or infamous)
Lancashire FusiliersBiography of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
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