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Patented Aug. 16, 1938
,, Leroy R. Carl, Buffalo, N. Y;
No Drawing. Application September 15, 1937,
Serial No. 163,917
6 Claims.
This invention relates to primary detonating
explosives or initiators for high explosives.
I-Ieretofore mercury fulminate and lead azide
have been used, substantially to the exclusion of
(Cl. 52-2)
In producing the primary detonating explosive
forming the subject matter of the present inven
tion, potassium chlorate and sulphur nitride are
all other materials, as initiators for high ex
mixed. I find that a mixture of equal propor
tions of the materials produces a highly satis
plosives. Each of these materials, while satis
factory from the standpoint of performance, pos
factory product, although these proportions may
be widely varied. Satisfactory results may be
sesses certain properties that are objectionable
and e?orts have constantly been made to ?nd
10 suitable substitutes for them.
I have found that a material heretofore be
obtained with mixtures containing from 35 to 65
percent of sulphur nitride and from 65 to 35 per
cent of potassium chlorate. The material is 10
mixed and then loaded under suitable pressure
in the usual detonator casing, caps or tubes and
employed to detonate high explosives in the same
lieved to be incapable of detonating high explo
sives can be used in conjunction with an oxygen
carrier to produce a highly satisfactory primary
16 detonating explosive or initiator. The material
which I propose to use is sulphur nitride, (N484).
manner that the‘ known initiators or detonators
are employed. It may be used to detonate any 15
type of high explosive, such as dynamite, tetryl,
trinitrotoluol and other known high explosives.
According to available literature, this material
has heretofore been considered incapable of use
as a detonator for high explosives. I have found
20 that by properly mixing it with an oxygen car
rier that readily releases oxygen, such as potas
sium chlorate, a very satisfactory initiator or
The minimum quantity of the mixture which
should be used to obtain satisfactory results is
.15 gram. The charge of .15 gram is based upon
a modern compound detonator having an inside
diameter of approximately .22". A cup of this
diameter requires a charge of approximately .21
gram of vmercury fulminate. In such devices the
primary detonating explosive can be produced.
I am aware that it has heretofore been pro
posed to employ so-called oxidizing accelerators
in combination with primary detonating explo
primary detonating explosive is arranged in prox-v
imity to a secondary detonating explosive. In
the old type detonator, in which the primary det
sives. The use of potassium chlorate in the pres
ent material is- not to be confused with the use
onating explosive alone is used, a larger charge
of it and similar salts in conjunction with the pri
is required. In detonator casings of larger di
30 mary detonating explosives of the prior art. ameter a larger charge is also required but the 0
Where potassium chlorate and other salts have relation of the, size of the charge to the diameter
been used in conjunction with primary detonat ' of the cup remains approximately a constant.
ing explosives, such as mercury fulminate, the
I claim:
1. A primary detonating composition compris
material with which the salt is'mixed is capable
of detonating high explosives alone and the addi
ing sulphur nitride and an oxidizing agent se
tion of potassium chlorate or other salt is not lected from the class consisting of alkali metal 5
for the purpose of making a material that would
otherwise not be satisfactory as a- detonator capa
- ble of such use.
chlorates and alkali metal bromates.
2. A primary detonating composition compris
ing sulphur nitride and potassium chlorate.
3. A primary detonating composition compris
ing from 35 to 65 percent sulphur nitride and it;
from 65 to 35 percent potassium chlorate.
As stated above, sulphur nitride
alone is incapable of use as a primary detonating
explosive and this has been pointed out frequent
ly in the literature. I am aware of no prior in
stance wherein a material in itself incapable of
use as a detonator, can be employed as a primary
detonating explosive when mixed with this or
similar salts.
While various oxygen carriers may be used em
4. A primary detonating composition compris
ing substantially 50 percent sulphur nitride and.
substantially 50 percent potassium chlorate.
5. A primary detonating composition compris 45
ing sulphur nitride and sodium bromate.
ployed with sulphur nitride to produce a satis;
Y 6. A primary detonating composition compris
factory primary detonating compound, I prefer
ing sulphur nitride and sodium chlorate.
50 to use potassium chlorate.
Other salts which
will give satisfactory results are sodium chlorate,
sodium bromate and potassium bromate.
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