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Aug. 16, 1938.
Filed Nov. 3, 1937
190W arazrau
Patented Aug. 16, 1938
aren't ,orrlcs
2,127,464)?“ “ '
. Roland Chilton, Ridgewood, N. _J., assignor, by
‘mesne, assignments, to Wright Aeronautical '_
J'., a corporation‘ of
New York
ApplicationvNovember 3, 11.937. Serial No. 172,560
5 alarms. “ (c1. ‘Me-7305}
This invention relates to reduction gearsfthe
embodiment of the drawing being designed for ‘a
large radial aircraft engine.
'In certain respects, the invention comprises
:1 improvements
copending ‘ application,
Serial No. 152,491, wherein the desirability of
using a very large number of planet pinions is
In the past, it has been assumed that the simple
spur planetary reduction gears were unsuitable
for reduction ratios near 2: 1 because of the small
pinion size needed. The small pinion sizes, how
ever, have one Very great advantage, 1. e., they
permit the use of a relatively great number of
pinions, the capacity of a gear with any speci?c
size of sun gear and ring gear being, of course,
proportional to the number of pinions that can
be accommodated.
Ziwhichalso serve tosecure a sun gear 28. The
‘housing 24 is rigid with the crankcase i0. Sur
rounding the sun gear.28;is a ring gear 35] splined
to the crankshaft at 36.
Integral with the propeller shaft i8 is a pinion
carrying member comprising a back plate 38, and .
a projecting annular member 48, better seen in
the perspective view of Fig. 3. The inside diam
eter 42 of the annulus 48 is of a diameter to just
clear the tops of the teeth of the sun gear 28 10
and the outer diameter 44, rearward of a flange
66, is similarly turned to just clear the teeth of
the ring gear 30, leaving the integral reinforcing
?ange 46 disposed outside the ring gear 3E]. The
projecting annulus 48 is then bored for each 15
pinion to a diameter 50 just suf?cient to clear
the pinion teeth, these bores being open, on the
inner and outer sides, intermediate the rim 4E and
In my copending application, a design per
the back plate 38.
mitting the use of twenty pinions is shown, and '
It will be seen that these simple boring and
this number approaches the limit for the con
turning operations define concave sided stumps
struction there shown wherein the pinions are 54 intermediate each pinion pocket, these stumps
hollow to run on journals projecting from a sup
being integrally united at their extended ends by
porting member. The present invention provides the rim 46, each extending integrally from the
a novel planet carrier construction wherein jour
back plate 38, forming an integral structure of 25
nals extend on either side of virtually solid pin-' great rigidity by simple machining operations.
ions, whereby the pinion diameter may be reduced
Pinions 56,, having integral journals 58 at each
and a much greater number of pinions, accord
end are disposed in the pockets 58, the journals
ingly used, the design in the drawing showing of the pinions being supported by relatively thick
thirty-six pinions. These extremely smallpin
ions, however, introduce new problems in the
design of the planet carrier member and this in
vention, accordingly, provides a novel structure
suited to the rigid support of a large number of
35 small pinions with a minimum inter-pinion spac
ing, while affording adequate rigidity against de
?ection at the outboard pinion bearings.
Other objects and advantages will be obvious
from, or will be pointed out in, the following de
40 scription, with reference to the drawing, in
Fig. 1 is a fragmentary axial section through a
gear according to the invention;
Fig. 2 comprises three fragmentary sections on
45 the line A, B and C, respectively, of Fig. l, and
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary perspective view of the
pinion carrier structure.
In the drawing, in designates a portion of a
conventional crankcase having a bearing i2‘ in
which is carried a conventional crankshaft I4
having an extension I6, on which a. hollow propel
ler shaft i8 is carried on the usual bushings, one
ofwhichis indicated at 20. The propeller shaft is '
equipped with the usual thrust bearing 22 secured
.55 in the engine nose or gear housing 24 by bolts.
bushiings 60, these being ?atted, as shown at B2, 30
to permit withdrawal of the carrier 38 and the
sun gear 28 without dismantling the bushings
which are located in the carrier as by screws M,
and oil tubes 65. The large diameter of the
bushings 6i) permits assembly of the pinions end 35
ways into the integral cage structure.
In the prior art double-sided cages of this gen
eral type have been built up, the outer portion be
ing secured to an inner rim such as '16, of a back
plate 38, by bolts. This construction, however, in
volves much wider ‘spacing of the pinions and
therefore reduces the total number of pinions
that can be used as compared to the integral
structure of this invention.
While I have described my invention in detail in 45
its present preferred embodiment, it will be ob
vious to those skilled in the art, after under
standing my invention, that various changes and
modi?cations may be made therein without de
parting from the spirit or scope thereof. I aim 50
in the appended claims to cover all such modi
?cations and changes.
I claim asmy invention:
1. In a reduction gear, in combination, a sun
gear, an annular gear, pinions having integral 55
journals at either end, and meshed with said
gears, bearing bushings for said journals, a planet
carrier comprising a back plate and an annular
member extending therefrom between said gears,
Cl the extended end being provided with a sti?ening
?ange, said annulus being bored to provide
pockets for said pinions and seats for said
2. A planet pinion ‘carrier including, in com
bination, a back plate, a plurality of concave
sided stumps extending integrally from said back
plate to de?ne planet pockets, andja’rim integral
1y uniting the extended ends of said stumps.
3. Aplanet carrier fora gear‘having‘ internal and
- external gears meshed with the'planets,'
4. A planet carrier for a gear having planet
pinions and sun and ring gears meshed therewith
comprising an annular member having a front
rim element of greater diameter than the inner di
ameter of said ring gear teeth and integrally con
nected therewith by stumps clearing said ring
gear teeth and having concave sides de?ning
pinion pockets, the inner diameter of said ?ange
and stubs being sufficient to clear the tops of said
sun gear teeth, the entire carrier structure being 10
formed integrally from a single piece of material.
5. A‘planetary gear including planets having
front and rear journals on either sides of their
teeth, bushings respectively engaging the front
and rear journals, one set of bushings at least be
rier comprising a front rim of ‘larger diameter ‘ ing slightly greater in outside diameter than said
than the internal diameter of said ring gear teeth teeth, a planet carrier having circumferentially
and having stumps integrallylunited WithYsai‘d T spaced bores ?tted to said bushings and clearing
rim, said stumps being formed by boring adjacent said .pinion teeth, the front and back bores being
cylindrical pockets to accommodate the ‘planets open on their inner and outer sides respectively 20
‘and by removing su?icient material on the'out and all'said bores being formed in a single in
side to clear the ring‘ gear teeth‘and‘ on the inside tegral piece of material.
‘to’ clear said ‘sun gear teeth.
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