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NOV. 8, 1938.
Filed Nov. 28, 1957
* —
3% ‘9
F‘atented Nov. 8, 1938
Charles D‘. Carter, Fremont, Ohio
Application November 26, 1937, Serial No. 176,493
1 Claim. (Cl. 211-99)
This invention relates to apparel holders.
This invention has utility when incorporated
in garment or skirt hangers with subordinate
bracket means, especially as a pull-out and push
5 in unit.
the arm I4.
As glue assembled, this wood rack
unit, press-?tted, thereby provides adjacent the
arm l4 clearance way 21, into which trouser bot
tom portion 28 may be pulled through for sliding
trouser legs, as adjacent along narrow slot 29,
Referring to the drawing:
Fig. l is a side elevation, with parts broken
for suspended holding thereof. Likewise, other
away, of an embodiment of the invention as
band pulled through the clearance opening 21
and the adjacent portion slid along the way 28,
thereby to suspend the garments in position to
mounted on the wall, say of a closet, and in posi
10 tion to handle trousers and belts;
Fig. 2 is a section on the line 11-11, Fig. 1,
showing the link connection to the rack from
the supporting member;
Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. l with the rack
15 in collapsed or depending position as against the
set-up or projecting position in Fig. 1;
Fig. 4 is a plan view of the rack as projected
or looking down on Fig. 1, with apparel articles
removed and parts being broken away; and
Fig. 5 is an enlarged view in section on the line
V--V, Fig. 2.
Mounted on closet wall or other building struc
ture portion I by screws 2 is supporting member
3 having terminally thereinto holes 4 to be inter
sected by lateral openings 5 toward the back
or wall side thereof. By insertion of nut 6 in
this port or opening 5 to register with the open
ing 4, J-shaped rod 1 may have its longer leg 8
inserted in the opening 4 to have threaded termi
30 nus 9 engaged by the nut 6 in adjusted anchor
ing of this J-member to have its cross-portion
l0 serve as a link with its short leg II to enter
grommet l2, press-?tted in opening l3 of rec
tangular rack side member l4, having extension
35 l5 as a short leg therefrom to abut under the
member 3 in projected position of this rack as
held by the link Hi. This rack having short side
articles of apparel, say skirts, may have the waist
hold their shape; and as a plurality of these gar
ments are in position, with the forward rail lifted
and pulled upward to have the rear arm por
tions [5 clear the member 11, the rack may then
be collapsed or in downwardly inclined position, 15
thereby to have the garments repose against
each other with their weight applying to hold
them in pressed form.
The intermediate spacings of these intermedi
ate holding arms 24 provide the ways. Termi 20
nally there may be departure therefrom as at way
30 adjacent the arm l8, thereby providing space
for holding other articles of apparel, for instance
belt 3| with belt buckle 32 projecting above to
rest on the rack or frame. Neck wear also may
be carried by the rack.
The disclosure herein as an apparel mounting
and holder is substantial for positioning a group
of articles of apparel and having such readily
accessible for insertion or removal as the rack is 30
in projected position, and as dropped is a com
pact holding position for the articles as in stor
age or to be kept for other attention. This set
up is accordingly one not only adapted for home
use but for merchandising purposes, and the
extent of, dimension may be adapted to the re
quirements sought to be served. In its set-up
arm l5 and longer side arm I6 is thus a lever hav
as a selected wood and so ?nished, it is an attrac
ing the fulcrum at the grommet l2 with the short
tive article of minor furniture and accessory
arm l5 engaging under the member 3, while the
load is out along the arm I6.
This rack has from the side arm l5 and to
abut under the member 3 a spacing member I‘!
adapted as a household convenience.
parallel to spacing member H! at the free outer
45 end thereof. These spacing members [1, l8,
have terminal tenons I5 press-?tted between
forks 20 of the side arm II in producing this wood
rack of rectangular form.
Similar to the side member II as to its link
assembly and mounting with the spacing mem
bers l'l, I8, is companion side member 2|. This
side member has countersunk portions 22 to re
ceive, as press-?tted therein, broadened termini
23 of intermediate holder arms 24 having re
mote from this side arm 2| reduced portions 25
to terminally enter countersink portions 26 in
What is claimed and it is desired to secure by
Letters Patent is:
A rectangular frame including a pair of par
allel rigid arms, one having broadened counter
sunk seats and the other aligned smaller seats, 115
?at arms each press-?tted into a pair of opposed
seats to form a rack, a mounting member for
attachment to a wall or the like, and J-shaped
links independently swingably connected with
the member and the frame adjacent the member 50
whereby to dispose the frame in horizontal posi
tion with its inner end abutting the under side of
the member or in substantially vertical position
with the said inner end of the frame disengaged
from said under side of the mounting member.
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