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“Sept. 23, 1941.
Filed July 15, 1939
\ \\
I?’ 4' Inventor
Patented Sept, 23, 1941
Harold H. Gilbert, Sacramento, Calif.
Application July 15, 1939, Serial No. 284,769
1 Claim. (Cl. 73-165)
My invention relates to improvements in meas
uring cups for use particularly, although not
necessarily, as a kitchen appliance.
The particular object of the invention is to
provide an e?icient, inexpensive, and easily oper
able cup of theejector type for accurately meas
uring therein and expelling therefrom different
having an open outer end preferably provided
with an inwardly rolled reinforcing edge 12. The
ejector 9 is suf?ciently longer than the cylinder I
so that when its inner end I!) is slid to the top
of the cylinder l ?ush therewith its outer end
will project from said cylinder I to provide for
gripping the same by the hand. A longitudinally
quantities of shortening, such as lard, or other
extending, external key-way I3 is provided in said
similar cooking ingredients which require pack
9 for accommodating the key 4 saidkey
ing and measuring and are sticky in character 10 ejector
upper and lower ends I4 and I5
and therefore dimcult to handle.
coacting with said key to establish innermost and
To the accomplishment of the above, and sub
outermost limits of sliding movement of the
ordinate objects presently appearing, a preferred
ejector in which limits the end ill of the cylinder
embodiment of my invention has been illustrated
is ?ush with the upper, or top, end of the cylinder
in the accompanying drawing‘, set forth in detail 15
on the one hand, and registers with the full cup
in the succeeding description, and de?ned in the
graduation 5 on the other hand. Also provided
claim appended hereto.
in said ejector 9 are circumferential keyways I6
In said drawing:
extending from opposite sides of the keyways i3
Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of the pre
ferred embodiment of my improved measuring 20 into which, under rotation, of the ejector 9, or
cylinder 5, either with respect to the other, the
key 6 may be moved when the end ID of ejector
Figure 2 is a view in vertical section taken on
9 registers with the remaining, fractional gradua
the line 2-2 of Figure 1 looking in the direction
tions 5, respectively, whereby said ejector may
indicated by the arrows,
Figure 3 is a fragmentary view in side elevationv 25 be locked to the cylinder l in fractional measur
ing positions as will be clear against sliding from
of the ejector section drawn to an enlarged scale,
such positions. As will be understood, by rota
Figure 4 is a view in transverse section taken
tion of the ejector 9 or cylinder l to register the
on the line 5-4 of Figure 1 looking in the direc
key Q with the keyway t3, said ejector may be
tion indicated by the arrows.
Referring to the drawing by numerals, the 30 adjusted to unlocked position. At the lower end
of the keyway I3 is a right-angled branch ll
thereof in said ejector 9 extending circumferen
tially and longitudinally and opening onto the
other suitable material, preferably having an
lower end of said ejector whereby, under turning
upper external edge bead 2 and a lower internal illustrated embodiment of my invention com
prises an outer cylinder section i of glass, or
edge bead 3. At a suitable point the head 3 is 35 of said ejector, relative to the cylinder, or vice
versa, and sliding of the ejector inwardly of the
extended to provide a diametrical inwardly pro
cylinder said ejector may be removed completely
jecting lug d thereon forming a key for a purpose
from the cylinder, in a manner which will be
presently explained. The outer face of the cylin
apparent, for cleaning purposes.
der l is provided, in any suitable manner, pref
It may be stated at this point, that key 4 and
erably by beading, with circumferential gradua
keyway 03 together with keyways i6 and branch
tions 5 longitudinally spaced on the cylinder to
H are located on the side of the device opposite
indicate diiferent levels to which the cylinder
the graduations 5, and substantially diametri
may be ?lled to contain a teacup full and frac->
cally opposite the keyway t3, the ejector 9 has
tions thereof. As shown, the graduations 5
extend laterally from a head 6 extending length 45 formed therein a longitudinally extending groove
It designed, under rotation of the ejector to be
wise of the cylinder and are designated appro
registered with the bead 6 when the key 5 is lo
priately according to the measurement indicated
cated in keyway I3, whereby the unlocked posi
thereby, as, for instance, by the legend 1 and
of said ejector may be readily and accurately
fractional symbols 8 suitably provided on the
The use and operation of the described cup
Slidably, and rotatably ?tted in the cylinder 1
will be readily apparent. When a measured
is a plunger-like ejector 9 having the form of a
quantity of shortening is desired, the ejector 9
cylindrical shell of aluminum, or similar material,
is moved into unlocked position by rotating the
provided with a closed enlarged inner end ill
same, or the cylinder I, to register the key 4 with
forming a sliding bottom in the cylinder and 55 the
keyway l3 and then slid in the cylinder i to
the appropriate graduation I and then rotated
the same with said graduation's, respectively,
in said cylinder to lock the same in the manner
under sliding movement of the ejector, said
already described in the measuring position indi
cated by registration of the upper end ID with
the selected graduation 5. The cylinder I may
then be packed to the upper end thereof, the
ejector being provided in the outer face thereof
with a longitudinally extending keyway accom
modating said key under sliding of the ejector,
and circumferential branch keyways extending‘
ejector 9 unlocked in a manner which will be
from said first keyway for accommodating said
obvious from the ‘foregoing and slid into the
key under rotation of the ejector to lock the 1
limits of its inward movement to eject the con
latter to the cylinder against sliding movement,
10 said branchkeyways being spaced apart in ac
tents of the cylinder therefrom.
The foregoing will, it is: believed, su?ice to
cordance with said graduations whereby said
impart a clear understanding of my invention
ejector may be located in said different regis
without further‘ explanation.
tering positions, said ?rst keyway having a right
Manifestly the invention, as described, is sus
angled branch extension at one end thereof
ceptible of modi?cation without departing from 15 opening onto one end of the ejector for accom
the inventive concept and-‘right is herein re
modating said key and whereby under sliding
versed to such modi?cations as fall within the
and rotation of said ejector it may be removed
scope of the subjoined claim.
from said cylinder, a longitudinally extending
What I claim is:
head on the outer face of said cylinder diametri
A measuring cup comprising an outer cylinder 20 cally opposite said key, the said quantity indi
of'transparent material provided with an inter
nal key lug on the inner face thereof, and having
cating graduations extending laterally from said
quantity indicating graduations on the outer face
bead, said ejector being provided with a groove
extending longitudinally thereof and diametri
thereof spaced apart lengthwise of said cylinder,
cally opposite said ?rst keyway for registration
and an ejector section of cylindrical form slidably 25 with said bead to indicate thereby when said
and rotatably ?tted in said cylinder and having
longitudinally extending keyway is in registry
a closed end forming a bottom for the cylinder
with said key on the opposite side of the cylinder.
movable therein into different postions to register
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