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Dec. 23,‘ 1941.
' Filed Sept’. 12, 1939
Patented Dec. 23, 1941
PATENT orgies
> .
John A_. McKay, Coshocton, Ohio ,
embassy-wags‘??? 12, 1:139. sea-1.294592
‘8 Claims. , (Q1. Mil-#128)
This linventieg relates to
impsaved mag-9159*
of the holder body 10 :is provided, adjacent its
leweremi with an inwardly extending angular
rib ioemagqn
This rib‘ foreman‘ is prefer
hem-.. and .
for use with
ably complementary to the grooveof the re?ector
cast 2»I ! heretdfgre meritienet I ~
' Insertion of the re?ector neck 21 in the holder
easily iférneveg
ID is made possible by a movable section 2-5 of the
side wall I‘! of the holder body. As illustrated in
I detect a? the eresent a‘
,, e 0f
a lamp re?lseter is
the drawing, that portion‘ of the side wall ll‘! of
ie?eeter 1391513?- __
lama/ably rage-rear; electsic lame and
' '
inadvertent eisplaemeet ambit 8 ‘same are
scavenge? as to be realty and an . sly rem. red
the body having the rib formation .14 is cut
away for about one-third of the circumference of
the h lcier and is replaced _by a movable section
25 11%. line a rib formation Z?-a which mm‘ a
continuation er the m;_ 24 er the body.’ The up
.frem the holsier for réeleeemehft
other Objects 9f ‘the present inven?enwill’be
per p rtion of this movable section 25 seats in a
tion,’ in' which ‘I illustrate a preferred embodi
in Fig. ‘2, and a pair of inwardly and then'up
recess is; termed in ‘the body "I and is vrdviéied
with'an ‘pwardly extending lug '29, which en
gages an external surface of the'bod'y, as ‘shown
come more‘appa-rerrt from the following descrip
ment of my invention. The essential features of 20 wardly extending ears 28, which engage the in
the invention will be summarized in the claims.
ternal surface of the body, as illustrated in Fig. 5.
In the drawing, Fig. 1 is a side elevation of my
The section 25 of the holder is movably secured
to the holder by a screw 29, which passes through
improved re?ector holder; Fig. 2 is an axially
the lug 21 on the movable member and is in
extending vertical section, as indicated by the
lines 2—2 on Fig. 1; Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view 25 threading engagement with the side Wall of the
of the holder itself, the lamp and re?ector having
holder. Thus, when this set screw is turned in
ward, where its shoulder 30 engages the bottom
been removed therefrom; Fig. 4 is a vertical sec
of its protecting recess 3|, the member 25 will be
tion through the holder, the plane of the section
securely retained against movement on the
being indicated by the lines 4-4 on Figs. 2 and
3; Fig. 5 is a fragmentary sectional detail, as in
dicated by the lines 5—5 on Fig. 3.
prevents complete removal thereof, and is prefer
Referring again to the drawing, my improved
re?ector holder is generally indicated at H], and
comprises a hollow, open-ended body, as, for in
stance, a casting, in which is mounted a lamp
socket H, adapted and arranged to receive an
electric lamp l2 in the usual manner. The socket
ll may be of the usual porcelain or composition
type and is secured to the top wall M of the
ably provided with a recess 33 adapted to receive
an especially shaped tool, so as to make removal
' of the re?ector by unauthorized persons dif?cult.
When it is desired to remove the re?ector from
the holder, the screw 29 is loosened, and the re
?ector swung downwardly as indicated by the
arrow shown in Fig. 2, thus camming the movable
section 25 of the holder to the dotted line posi
body by bolts or screws I5 and is partially en
tion, whereupon the re?ector may be readily
closed by the downwardly extending cylindrical
withdrawn from the holder.
side wall I‘! of the body H).
The holder [0 is arranged to be mounted on a
hollow bushing or conduit [6, which, as shown,
is connected to a threaded opening l8 extending
through the top wall M of the body, and through
which electric conductor wires l9 pass to the
holder, as shown by full lines in Fig. 2. The
screw 29 is provided with a cotter pin 32, which
The movable sec
tion 25 of the holder is normally retained in the
position shown in full lines in Fig. 2 by a leaf
spring formation 35, which is secured to the
holder as by a rivet 35. The ends of this spring
engage the upper ends of the ears 28 of the mov
able member, as shown in Figs. 3, 4 and 5.
lamp socket H.
The camming of the movable section 25 out
The re?ector 20 is provided adjacent its upper 50 wardly against the action of the spring 35 is
end with a reduced neck 2| having an annular
facilitated by the curvilinear or semi-cylindrical
groove formation 22 by means of which the re
contour of the retaining rib 24--a of the movable
?ector is secured in position on the holder.
section 25. The contour of this rib is such that
when engaged by the top of the re?ector 29, posi
In the form of my invention illustrated in the
accompanying drawing, the cylindrical side wall 55 tioned for insertion in the holder, as indicated by
threaded in said skirt to interconnect said mov
the dotted lines in Fig. 2, movement of the re
?ector in a direction opposite to that indicated
able section with said skirt, said screw when
tight preventing movement of said movable sec
by the arrow in Fig. 2, will cam the movable sec
tion 25 outwardly against the action of the spring
tion and when loose allowing it to swing outward
ly at the lower edge to permit the removal of the
35 to permit entrance of the: neck of the holder
re?ector, and a spring mounted entirely within
in the re?ector, after which the spring will retain
the con?nes of said body to return said movable
the re?ector in position, when, if desired, the
section to a re?ector engaging position.
movable section 25 and hence the re?ector, may
be locked in position by the screw 29.
3. A re?ector holder comprising a hollow mem
From the foregoing description it will be seen 10 ber of approximate bell shape open at its lower
end and provided at its top with means for at
that I have provided a re?ector holder from
tachment to a ?xed support, said hollow member
which the re?ector may be readily removed, and
which holder may be economically manufactured ’ l having adjacent the lower end a substantially
and readily assembled.
cylindrical wall with an omitted arcuate region
leading from the lower end, a movable section
I claim:
1. A re?ector holder comprising a hollow open
_ having an arcuate portion adapted to occupy the
ended body, having a downwardly extending an-_
omitted space in the hollow member and having
nular skirt provided with a recess, ‘said skirt also
an exterior face substantially registering arcuate
having an internal annularly extending rib for
- 1y with the exterior of the member, the member
engaging an annular recess formed in a re?ector, 20 itself and the removable section being formed on
one section of said rib being movable and having
their inner faces with arcuate beads registering
an upwardly extending lug engaging an external
longitudinally," said movable section in an in
termediate region being provided with an up
surface of said skirt and seat in the recess therein,
means pivotally interconnecting said lug and said
wardly extending lip normally occupying a down
skirt whereby the bottom of said movable section 25 wardly facing recess in the wall of the hollow
may be rocked radially outward and upward to
member, said movable section having an inwardly
extending‘ portion across the lower edge of the
permit a re?ector to be positioned in said holder,
and a spring to return said movable section to a
hollow member at the omitted region, said mov
re?ector engaging position.
able section having an upwardly projecting por
2. A re?ector holder comprising a hollow body 30 tion which lies along the inner surface of the hol
‘ having a downwardly extending annular skirt
provided with a recess, said skirt also having an
internal annularly extending rib for engaging
an annular recess formed in a re?ector, one sec
tion of said rib being movable and having an
upwardly extending lug engaging an external sur
face of said skirt and seating in the recess there
in a screw passing freely through said lug and
low member, a spring within the hollow member
attached thereto and bearing on the upwardly ex
tending portion of the movable member, and a
screw passing through the upwardly extending lip
of the movable member and threaded into the
hollow member, whereby the movable member
may be held rigidly to the hollow member.
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