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Dec. 23, 1941.
Filed Feb. 20, 1940
2 Sheets—$heet 1
% '
‘ Dec. 23, 1941.
Filed Feb. 20, 1940
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Dec. 23, 1941
' 2,267,223
s'ronm wnmow srnucrnna
W. Schubert,
20, 1940,Chicago,
Serial No. 319,928
(c1. 20-55)
This invention relates to storm window struc
tures for inside use, and the main object is to
provide a metal combination storm window and
screen assembly for inside installation and for
winter and summer use. Another object is to
provide a structure of the kind referred to in a
forcing into the channels ‘la of the rubber linings
1, thus providing tight Joints all around the
frame 9. The inner margins of the upper and
lower openings of the frame 9, are rolled out
towards the frame 5, as shown at ill to form
channels Ilia for receiving rubber beads or seal- ‘
ing strips 1 i. The free margins or edges of the
rolls III are turned back again towards the plane
a metal frame adapted to ?t within the window
of. the frame 9', that is to say towards the com
frame, from which the inside stops, beading or
strips have been removed and replaced by spe 10 mon plane of the strips or webs 9a, 9b, 9c, but '
fall so far short of this plane as to provide
cial strips for engaging a sponge rubber beading
a slight space i8, permitting the insertion of
to contact the frame, the frame being divided into
glass panes l2 within the openings of_ the frame,
' upper and lower sections by a parting strip, and
in the plane of thestrips 9a, 9b, 9c, with the
a pair of specially constructed metal sash mount
ed in the frame with the panes thereof also 15 panes having abearing back against the sealing
beads II. The panes being thus mounted,- metal
rubber-sealed at their margins.
facing strips i3 are mounted around the margins
With the foregoing objects in- view a pre
of the frame openings, the same overlapping the
ferred embodiment of the invention is shown in
upper glass pane and being secured in place
the accompanying drawings, wherein:
Figure l is an inside elevation of the assem 20 by means of short set-screws l4 passedv through
the strips into the webs of the frame 9. Thus
bly constituting the elements of the invention,
as mounted within a conventional window frame. _ an absolutely tight closure is provided at the
inner side of the window, and the inclosed inner
Figure 2 is a cross-section on the line 2-2 of
air space between the regular window and this
Figure l.
storm window or assembly, provides effectual in-v '
Figure 3 is ‘an enlarged sectional detail of the
simple, compact and efficient form, comprising
base parts of the assembly.
sulation against outer temperature changes.
Figure 4 is an enlarged detail showing a meth
od of anchoring, the assembly within the window
If desired the lower pane of glass It may be
set in a separate frame ill, and this frame then
hinged at IE to the main frame 8, whereby the
The frame and sash combination comprising 80 hinged frame may be opened as desired for ven
tilation, or for summer use. Or for summer use
the subject matter of the invention, is designed
a screen (not shown) may be substitutedin' the
for application to a conventional window A hav
frame I5.
ing a frame 13 and including the inside facins
The frame 8 may be locked within the window
strips C,‘ from which the usual inner beading or
stop-strips (not here shown) have been removed. 85 frame by means of lugs il secured to the win
dow frame.
The invention comprises a special stop-frame
From the foregoing description the construc
It made of wood or metal strips and being on a
tion and use of the invention will be readily
cross-section of the form of“ an inverted L, with
understood, and while I have here shown and
webs 5a. and 5b de?ning a right-angled notch
or groove 6. This frame is permanently mounted 40 described certain structural features of the in
vention, the same may be changed or modified
within the facing strips C of the window frame,
within the scope of the claim.
- in place of the removed stop strips. The frame
I claim:
5 is constructed with the angular groove 0 fac
In. a structure of the kind described, a re
ing inwardly, or towards the inner side of the
window as shown, and channelled beading or 45 movable storm-frame for ?xed positioning inside
a window-frame inwardly of a stop-frame, the
lining ‘I of soft rubber or the like, is seated
along within the groove 8 all around the frame I.‘ rails of the storm-frame‘ being right-angled in
cross section. with one web of each rail having
an‘ inner metal storm frame I is then pro
vided, adapted to ?t within the'facing strips C, ' a free edgedirected centrally in'the plane of the
‘ 'at the inner side of the window frame. This 60 window and lyingin a common plane and the
frame includes side‘strips 0a, a top strip 8b, a
bottom strip 90 and a medial cross strip Id. ‘All
of the outer or marginal strips comprising the
frame are angular or L shaped in cross-section
and include webs 0e extended perpendicularly 55
towards the groove 0 of the frame I. themargins
of these webs being rolled to form beads If for
margins thereof rolled openly and semi-circular
ly to receive a sealing bead, and with the margins
of the other outwardly directed web of each rail
rolled for contact with an outwardly mounted
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