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Patented Dec. 30, 1941 -
2,267,930 _
’ Simpson 0. Leonard, In, Detroit, Mich.
Application May 20, 1940, Serial No. 336,097
1 Claim. (01. 288-3)
The ?ange 22 has a thickness reduced with-re
‘This invention-relates to a seal of the type
the like in encompassing relation to a part to be _
sealed, such as a rotatable shaft.
spect to the thickness of the ?ange 20 so that it
constitutes in e?iect a spring part having a taper.
in the direction of the free end thereof. The
An object of the invention is to provide im
provedlmeans for yieldably supporting a sealing
member with respect to a stationary housing
particularly by the numeral 24 and which have
therefor whereby the sealing member is yield
ably maintained in sealing engagement with a
ably formed by suitably removing spaced sections
which is adapted to be inserted in a housing or
?ange or part-L22, as shown in Fig. 3, consists 1
of a plurality of spring ?ngers indicated more
a space therebetween. The ?ngers are prefer
10 of the material of the part 22.
An annular sealing member 26 of rubber-like
envelopes the spring ?ngers 24 and is
vision in a seal of the foregoing type of an
improved support including a plurality of spring - molded thereto, this material extending into and
preferably closing the space between the ?ngers.
?ngers ‘to which the sealing member is directly
The ‘?ngers accommodate relative movement be
secured in enveloping relation therewith.
part to be sealed.
Another object of the invention is the “pro
Other objects and advantages of the inven- ,
tion will be more apparent from the following
tween the ‘shaft and seal housing whereby the
> axis of one may be slightly tilted withrespect to
the‘axis of the other andat the same time main
tain the sealing member 22 in sealing engage
Fig. 1 is a sectional side elevational view of a 20 ment with the shaft.
Various changes, including the size, shape and
seal embodying the invention and applied to a
description taken in connection ‘with the ac
companying drawing, in which:
rotatable shaft.
arrangement of parts, may be made without de
Fig. 2 is an end elevational view of the seal
as shown in Fig. 1.
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary plan view, partly in
section, illustrating the sealing member re
tainer shown in Fig. 1.
parting from the spirit of the invention and it ‘
is not'my intention to limit the scope thereof
other than by the terms of the appended claim.
what I claim is:
In a sealing unit adapted to encircle a par
to be, sealed, a housing member having an open- ‘
Referring to the drawing illustrating a pre
ing adapted to accommodate the part to be
ferred embodiment of the invention, the seal is 3° sealed
and‘including axial and radial ?anges,‘
‘shown in encompassing relation to a part to'be
a support member including a radial ?ange abut
sealed such as a rotatable “shaft l0, and includes
ting the radial ?ange or said housing member
an annular housing having an-axially extending
?ange or wall l2 and radially extending, axially ,
and a pair of radially. spaced "?anges integral
with the radial ?ange of said support-member,
spaced end ?anges l4 and I6 integral with the
?ange l2. Positioned within thehousing is 9. 35 the radially outermost of said pair of ?anges
sealing member support which includes an axial- '
1y extending ?ange l8 abutting the wall l2, a
abutting the axial ?ange of said housing mem-
bet, the radially innermost of said pair of ?anges -
having a thickness reduced'with respect to the
thickness of the radial ?ange of said support
?ange 22 in radially spaced relation to' the 49 member and including a plurality of spring ?n
‘gers', and a rubber-like sealing member envelop
?ange l8 and extending- from the ?ange 20 to
ing said spring ?ngers and bonded thereto.
ward the housing ?ange ll and disposed slightly
diagonal with respect to the axis of the housing.
radially extending ?ange 20 abutting the hous
ing‘?ange I6; and a second axially extending -
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