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Jan. 13, 1942.
> 2,269,591
Filed Jan. 7, 1959
Patented Jan. 13, 1942
Sidney M. Locker, Bronx, N. Y. _
Application. January 7, 1939, Serial No. 249,743
v4 Claims. (01. (iv-v.1) I
' In the several ?gures of the drawing, like ref
This invention relates to an improved igniting
device adapted for e?‘icient and economical com
bination with a mechanical pencil.
erence numerals will indicate like parts.
shown in Figure 1, the pencil and lighter combi
nation comprises a casing or outer tubular body
In pencil and lighter combinations which have
been already proposed, the lighter devices have
been complicated in structure with springs, "
I which may be circular ‘or polygonal in trans
verse cross-section, and an inner concentric tubu
lar body 2 for containing a mechanical pencil
moving parts, spark producing elements,‘ wicks,
fuel chambers, etc., for the most part located
within the pencil casing, thereby restricting the
mechanism and a full sized lead magazine re
pensive, and less serviceable.
invention except in assembly therewith.
tained in, body 3. The elements of the pencil
fuel capacity of the lighter, if not on the other 10 vmechanism are not completely described nor il
lustrated, as they form no part of ‘the speci?c
hand making the whole article cumbersome, ex
Since it is desired to utilize space in the com
bined" article to full capacity for a maximum size
Among the highly creditable objects of this
' invention are provisions of a practicable fuel
lead magazine and fuel reservoir, it is of interest
to show the entire structure of the fuel reservoir
and its relation to the pencil mechanism recep
tacle. The pencil mechanism in tubular body 3
is operated by manipulation ‘of the ferrule 4 for
capacity for the igniting device without sub- ‘
stantially reducing space in the article of con
venient size for holding a good supply of lead.
Another of these objects is to reduce the essen
tial elements of the igniting device to minimum
in number, size, and complexity, yet maintain 20 loading and ejecting vof lead through an'open
ing an efficient cooperation in the functions of
the parts used while the cost of manufacture is
ing 5 at the apex.
, A tubular fuel reservoir 6 which is preferably
?lled with an absorbent material, such as cotton,
considerably lowered. Other objects pertaining
to the aesthetics, usefulness, and simplicity of
design will become apparent from the further de
to be saturated with a readily ignitible fuel, e. g.
light naphtha, lies between the concentric tubu- '
larbodies l and 2 being sealed from the interior
of the inner tubular body by a closure 1 and
In brief, advantageous features of the im
having a lower bottom closure 8 shown as a disc
proved igniter for obtaining the aims of this in
vention will be shown to reside principally in 30 connecting tubular body 2 with tubular body I.
- At the top of the fuel chamber or reservoir 6,
having only a fuel chamber and wick occupy
having as. a surrounding side wall, the casing
space within the pencil holder or casing, and
wall I, need be only a cover 9 carrying a wick
in using a pocket clip device of favorable utility
guide l0 through which is projected a wick II.
for securely attaching the pencil-igniter article
to a garment as an efficient spark-producing .
This cover or closure member may be attached
member in cooperation with the ignitible wick
to the casing by a threaded ?ange l2 screwed
and a ?int properly mounted on the casing. '
onto an outer threading on the casing. The wick
Further objects and novel features, in addition
guide - is preferably an angular narrow tube
throughv which projects vthe wick. into close
to those speci?cally mentioned, will be explained
in detail with the ensuing description and the 40 proximity-with the upper edge of. a spark produc
accompanying drawing and will be set forth in
ing member-I3, which is ‘preferably mountedlon
jthe‘ casingl'in a trough or channel l4 forming
the appended claims,
only aslightindentation- in 'the'icasing wall I.
Referring to the accompanying drawing:
Figure 1 is an enlarged longitudinal view of the
As illustrated in Figure 2, the channel [4 is
filled with a removable ?int bar held securely by
pencil and lighter combination with members of
projecting lips Ma and by the cover screwed tight
the lighter device shown in section.
Figure 2 is a detailed perspective view of a con
tainer for a removable ?int bar.
Figure 3 is a top view of the pencil and lighter
Figure 4 is a top view taken on the line 11-11
of the casing cover.
Figure 5 is a detailed perspective elevational
to seal the fuel chamber. As shown in Figure 3,
a notch K5 in the cover above the ?int permits
free passage of a striker off the surface and upper
50 edge of the ?int.
In Figure 5 is illustrated a cap l6 which is
adapted to slide over the upper portion of the
pencil casing I so as to enclose the upper portion
of the fuel chamber including the cover, wick and
view of the casing cap with its attached pocket
clip which carries a ?int bar striker.
55 wick guide, and even the ?int and a fuel supply
screw H. To more ?rmly attach the cap to the
casing so as to prevent fuel evaporation from the
wick and to keep the spark producing member
clean, the cap may have an inner threading I8
for engaging with threading IS on the casing I.
A pocket engaging clip 20 is attached to the cap
passage through said closure, a wick projecting
through said guide from the interior of the fuel
reservoir and having an igniting end adjacent
an external surface of said casing, a spark form
ing member mounted on the external surface of
the casing adjacent said igniting end of the wick
and restricted from extending beyond said clo
l6, as by means of rivets 2| and may serve use
sure, a detachable cap adapted to house the ig
fully to also carry a frictional spark producing
niting wick end,‘ the wick guide, and the spark
member 23 which has the shape of a friction
wheel segment or a bur and is constructed of 10 forming member when attached to the casing,
and a yieldable member attached to said cap in
steel for effective use as a striker on ?int. Clip
position to press against an external surface of
20, preferably given a curved shape, as shown, is,
said casing when the cap is thus attached to the
constructed of resilient or yieldable metal and
casing, said yieldable member carrying a spark
carries a knob 22 for aiding its function in se
curely holding the entire article in a “pocket of ‘a
producing frictional surface.
3-. A lighter comprising a fuel reservoir, a tu
garment. The knob 22 serves to keep the striker
bur 2| removed from contact with the garment.
bular casing forming side walls of said reservoir,
To use the lighter, cap 16 is detached‘ from
the casing, then striker bur 23 is held against
the exposed surface ofthe ?in bar l3 and drawn
along this surface toward the ignitible wick end
exposed above notch 15 and substantially in, line
a wick holding removable cover for said reservoir,
a. wick projecting through a restricted passage in
said. cover, means for attaching said cover to
said tubular casing, means on the exterior of
said tubular casing, for holding a removable ?int
with the ?int bar surface.
As is customary and convenient, the cap may
bar locked into position by the coverwhen the
additionally carry in its crown an eraser, not =
cover is attached to said tubular casing, the at
tached cover having a portion protruding over
and against one end of removable ?int bar in
said‘holding means, a detachable cap adapted
The entire article is not more, bulky than the
to ?t over the portion of the tubular casing
average mechanical pencil with no lighter in
where the cap can conceal the cover and ?int
combination. The tubular casing, may be con
structed of known molded resins resistant to ac 30 bar holding means, and a ?int striker member
attached to the cap in a position to extend lon~
tion by the fuels, or of pressed metal.
The invention is susceptible to, modi?cations
in proportions, form, and'minor details of con
struction, and such modifications are intended
to come within the scope of the appended claims, '
in which it is desired to claim all novelty which
the prior art permits.
I claim:
1. A lighter comprising a fuel chamber having
gitudinally on the exterior of the tubular casing
when the cap is attached to the tubular casing.
4. A friction lighter device for combination
with a pencil mechanism, comprising a tubular
fuel reservoir between two concentric tubular
bodies, a cover for one endrrof the fuel reservoir,
said cover being fastened 'to the outer tubular
body and having a narrow wick passage, a'wick
a surrounding side wall. a cover including a nar 40 projecting from within the fuel reservoir through
row wick passage, and a bottom closure, a?int bar
mounted in a channel on the exterior of the side
wall with one end of said bar contiguous to and
overlapped by said cover, a wick projecting from
the interior of the fuel ‘chamber throughsaid
wick passage to terminate above thev cover .. in
proximity to and above said end of the ?intbar,
a cap adapted to slide over the upperexterior
portion of said fuel chamber and thereby en
said wick passage'to‘terminatein an igniting
end spaced from the surfaceof said cover, means
for sealing the opposite end of the tubular fuel
reservoir, means for sealing the fuel reservoir
from the interior of the inner tubular body
which is adapted to contain a pencil mechanism
and lead magazine, a spark producing, member
mounted exteriorlyon the outer tubular body in
position to discharge sparks in a straight line
close the cover and the wick, anda strikermem- I
to the igniting wick endvwhen struck with a
ber mounted on said cap so as to extend along
frictional spark producing member moved in the
direction of said igniting wick‘ end, with‘a por
the exterior of the fuel chamber side wall and
in position to function as a pocket clip when
the upper exterior portionof said fuel chamber
is enclosed by the cap.
2. In a device of the class described, a pencil
shaped casing, a fuel reservoir at one end, of
tion of said cover projecting over the sparkpro
ducing member mounted on the outer tubular
body, a cap adapted to be tightly attached to
the outer tubular body so as to enclose said
cover, said igniting wickend, and said spark
producing member mounted on the outer tubu
lar body when the lighter is notrin use, and! a
as a surrounding side wall, a closure on said cas
ing serving to cover the fuel reservoir, said closure 60 pocket clip secured to said cap, said pocket clip
carrying a frictional spark’ producing member.
extending past the external surface of said cas
ing. an angular wick guide forming a restricted
said casing and having the internal casing wall
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