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Feb. 3, 1942.
Filed Oct. 219, 1940
2,71604 I
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Patented Feb. 3, 1942
Joseph Pankowski, Chicago, Ill.
Application October 29, 1940, Serial No. 363,371
1 Claim.
My invention relates to improvements in ac
cordions and has as one of the principal objects
thereof the provision of means for automatically
supplying the accordion with air for operating
the reeds.
Another object of my invention is to provide
means of the above described character adapted
to be installed within an accordion of ordinary
construction and which means includes an aux
iliary power operated bellows so constructed and
arranged as to be inserted within the bellows of
the accordion.
An important object of my invention is to pro
vide a device of the character described which is
simple in construction, durable in use, efficient
in operation and economical in manufacture.
Other objects and advantages will be apparent
from the following description, appended claim
and annexed drawings.
Referring to the drawings wherein like refer
ence characters designate like parts throughout
the several views:
Figure l is a rear elevation of an accordion,
with the rear and front walls of the rear reed
(01. 84h-376)
posed hub ?xed to a shaft 20, the latter being
rotatably journaled in a bearing 2| carried on a
rear end of the bracket II. Fixed to the shaft
20, between the disk I9 and bearing 2|, is a
sprocket 22 connected to a similar sprocket 23
by means of a chain 24.
As clearly illustrated in Figure 1 of the draw
ings, the bottom and one of the side walls of
the chamber 6 has secured thereto a pair of
bearings 25 the latter haw’ng journaled therein a
shaft 26. One end of the shaft 26 has ?xed
thereto the sprocket 23 while the other end of
said shaft has keyed thereon, for rotation there
with, a gear 2'! meshing with a gear 28 ?xed to
15 the armature shaft 29 of an electric motor 30, the
latter being mounted on the oppositely disposed
side wall of the chamber 6.
An electrical re
ceptacle 3! is arranged within the last mentioned
side wall and has electrically connected thereto
electric wiring 32 leading to the motor 30. The
receptacle 3| receives therein, for electrical con
tact therewith, the prongs of a detachable elec
tric plug 32. The plug 32 has connected to its
prongs input wires 33 connected to a source of
chamber and the reeds removed, and illustrating
electrical energy for operating the motor 30 in
my invention as applied thereto.
the usual manner.
Figure 2 is a sectional view, partly in elevation,
The side of the plate l6, oppositely disposed
taken on the line 2—2 of Figure 1.
from the side on which the member I1 is ?xed,
In practising my invention, as illustrated in
has extending therefrom a pin 34 normally
the drawings, I provide an accordion 4 having 30 seated within an opening 35 formed in the rear
the usual treble and bass reed chambers 5 and 6
end of an arm 36. The front end section of the
respectively and which chambers contain the
arm 36 is pivotally connected to a bracket 31 car
usual reeds (not shown). Prejacent the cham
ried by the wall It adjacent the bellows l5. The
ber 5, the accordion is provided with the usual
front end of the arm 36 is pivotally connected to
key board 8, the latter being connected to the
the inner end of a plunger 38 extending through
front wall 9 of the chamber 5. The chamber 5
the adjacent side wall of the chamber 5. The
is provided with a rear wall l0 having secured
outer end of the plunger 38 is provided with a
thereto, adjacent one side thereof, a rearwardly
?nger piece 35 for operating said plunger in
extending bracket I l for a purpose hereinafter
wardly and causing the rear end of the arm 36
set forth. The chamber 6, is provided with front 40 to be disposed out of engagement with the pin 34.
and rear walls l2 and I3 respectively and with
The inner end of the plunger 38 has sleeved
said rear wall constituting a closure plate readily
thereon a coil spring 40 having one end ?xed to
removable from the side and end walls of the
the adjacent side wall of the chamber 5 and
chamber 6 whereby ready access may be had to
the opposite end connected to the fr0nt End Of
the chamber 6.
45 the arm 36 whereby to normally maintain the
The rear wall ll) of the chamber 5 is provided
rear endof said arm in engagement with the pin
with an opening 14 effecting communication be
34 thus maintaining the adjacent side of the bel
tween the chamber 5 and the interior of an aux
lows 15 in a ?xed position with respect to the
iliary bellows l5, the latter having its front ?xed
wall I4. The walls 9 and I2 of the chambers
to the rear face of the wall I0. The rear end of '
6 and ‘l are provided with inlet and outlet valves
the bellows I5 is provided with a plate l5 having
4! and 42 respectively whereby air may be intro
secured to one side thereof a U-shaped channel
duced into said chambers and exhausted there
member ll slidably receiving a pin l8 mounted
from should the pressure therein become too
on a disk l9 adjacent the periphery of the lat
ter. The disk I9 is provided with a centrally dis 55
Obviously, upon operation of the motor 30, the
disk [9 is rotated to effect reciprocation of the
adjacent end of the bellows 15, the pin 34 dis
utilized for any purpose to which it is adaptable.
It is therefore to be understood that the inven
posed within the slot 35 of the arm 36 serving as
a pivot for the opposite end of the bellows 15
tion is not limited to the specific construction as
illustrated and described as the same is only il
thereby causing air to be pumped from said $1 lustrative of the principles of operation, which
are capable of extended application in various
bellows I5 into the chamber 5 through the open
forms, and that the invention comprehends all
ing Hi.
construction within the scope of the appended
When it is desired to operate the accordion in
the ordinary manner, the arm 36 is disconnected
What I claim is:
from the pin 34 through the medium of the 10
A device of the character described, compris
plunger 38 and the plug 32 detached from the
ing, an auxiliary bellows adapted to be carried
receptacle 3|. When the parts are thus ar
by the rear wall of the front reed chamber and
ranged, the left hand is disposed through the
within the main lbellows of an accordion for
strap 43 attached to the plate l3’ and the ac
supplying said reed chamber with air through an
cordion operated in the usual manner through
opening in said rear wall, eccentric mechanism
the medium of the bellows 1.
connected to said auxiliary bellows for operat
Without further elaboration the foregoing will
ing the latter, a motor adapted to be mounted
so fully explain the invention that others may,
by applying current knowledge, readily adapt
in the rear reed chamber of said accordion,
means connecting said motor to said mechanism
the same for use under various conditions of
for operating the latter, and means detachably
service. Moreover, it is not indispensable that
connected to said auxiliary bellows and operable
all the features of the invention be used con
for precluding operation of said auxiliary bellows
jointly since they may be employed advantage
during operation of said accordion by said main
ously in various combinations and sub-combina
It is obvious that the invention is not con?ned
to the herein described use therefor as it may be
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