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March 3, 1942-
Filed June 29,- 1959
fizz ah JHear/zwza [0,
Patented Mar. 3, 1942
2,275,297 _
Frank J. Hearnshaw, Chicago, Ill.
ApplicationJune 29, 1939, Serial No. 281,793
2 Claims. (01. 248-96)
This invention relates to a golf bag support,
tion comprises a golf bag having a tubular body
and the primary object of the invention is to
portion I0 which may be made of leather, fabric,
provide means attachable to a golf bag to sup
or any other conventional material. The body
port the golf bag in upright position and to pre
H3 is tubular in shape and while shown elon
vent the same from tipping over.
gated, the invention is just as applicable to con
A further object of the invention is to provide
ventional circular or round bags. The tubular
a support for a golf bag whereby means are
body portion I0 is adapted to be fastened to a
provided concealed underneath the base and
supporting base H which comprises an upstand
adapted to be moved outwardly from the base to
ing continuous ?ange or ring I2 into which the
provide a stand to support the golf bag in up
tubular body H3 is ?tted. Rivets or other fasten- '
right position and prevent the bag from falling
ing means I3 ?xedly connect the body H] to the
supporting base II. The base H may be made
Another object of the invention is to provide
of any durable material, such as fabric, metal
a golf bag support or stand for supporting a golf
or any other kind of material capable of per
bag in upright position, there being a plurality
forming the function intended. The rim or
of pivotally mounted members which are swung
?ange l2 may be relatively flush with the ex—
underneath the support in nesting relationship
terior of the bottom portion of the base member
when the bag is being carried or when not in use,
H, or it may be set inwardly a predetermined
and which may be swung outwardly on their
distance, as clearly shown in Figs. 2 to 4.
pivots to provide a stand or support of substan 20
Wings or ?aps I 4 and I5 are ?xedly but piv
tial area to maintain the bag in upright position.
otally connected to the ?ange "5 which extends
Another object of the invention is to provide
outwardly from the rim or upstanding ?ange l2.
means for supporting a golf bag so that a golfer
The Wings I 4 and I5 comprise body portions l1
who acts as his own caddy may carry the bag
and I8, respectively, and each wing is provided
between shots in the usual way, but when ar
with a circular boss or bearing portion l9 and
riving at the ball may spread out feet or supports
receives a pin 20 which is also received in the
to maintain the bag in a proper upright position,
?ange l6. Each pin 20 may have a head 2|, Fig.
thereby avoiding the necessity of laying the bag
4, which is countersunk-in the thickened or boss
on the ground which naturally scars and mars
portion I 9. The body of the pin may have a
the clubs, and also making it impossible for 30 drive ?t with the extending rim IE or it may be
rodents and reptiles to crawl into the bag.
provided with a head portion 22, Fig. 4, so that
A still further object of the invention is the
each wing M or 15 may be pivotally mounted to
provision of a new and novel golf bag base hav
the base H and permit free pivotal movement of
ing improved means formed thereon which are
the Wings but at the same time overcome too
normally concealed underneath the base and 35 loose a connection. Each of the wings M and
which are adapted to be projected outwardly
from the base to provide a support or stand of
su?icient area to maintain the golf bag in an
I5 is provided with upstanding ,edges or ?anges
23 and 24 to reinforce the body portions I? and
I8 and make the wings rigid in construction but
upright position.
relatively light in weight. The wings are adapted
Numerous other objects and advantages will 40 to fold underneath the bottom of the base H
be apparent throughout the progress of the fol
and be totally concealed when the structure is
lowing speci?cation.
not in use. Inasmuch as the shape and construc
The accompanying drawing illustrates ‘a se
lected embodiment of the invention and the views
tion of the wings are such that some of the wings
will overlap when folded, the Wings i5 are pro
therein are as follows:
45 vided with a pocket 25 into which the edges or
Fig. 1 is a detail elevational view of a golf bag
corners 26 of the Wings M are adapted to extend
and embodying the invention;
when the device is in folded position, Fig. 2.
Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view on the
The bosses l9 are provided with ?at surfaces
line 2—2 of Fig. 1;
21 and 28 against which a spring member 29 is
Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 2 but showing 60 adapted to engage. The spring member 29 com
the wings in extended or supporting position; and
prises a longitudinal flat spring member 30 and
Fig. 4 is a detail sectional View on the line
a transverse ?at spring member 3|. Each mem
4-4 of Fig. 2.
ber 30 and 3| is provided with a notch, which
The particular golf bag construction herein
notches are complementary with each other and
shown for the purpose of illustrating the inven 55 permit the two portions to cross each other, as
‘ indicated at 32, Fig. 3.
The spring member 29
comprising the parts 33 and 3| is maintained in
position by a boss or lug 33 which is preferably
formed integral with the bottom of the member
I I. This member 33 is provided with a cross slot
34 to receive the cross spring member 29. The
spring member 29, comprising the cross leaves
parting from the spirit of the invention or sac
ri?cing any of its advantages, and the right is
hereby reserved to make all such changes as
fairly fall within the scope of the following
The invention is hereby claimed as follows:
1. A support for a golf bag comprising a plu
30 and 3!, presents an urging action against the
rality of manually operable flat wings of appre
base member is provided with a plurality of pro
tractable elements or extensions to support the
bag in upright position when the elements or ex
co-operating with each wing to lock resiliently
ciable area pivotally mounted on the base of the
straight or cam surfaces 21 and 2B and, therefore,
tends to keep the wings l4 and i5 in either their 10 golf bag near the periphery thereof and adapted
to be folded manually and individually in closed
closed or retracted position or in their open or
position within the con?nes of the base or un
extended position.
folded manually and individually to extend be
The invention provides a golf bag having a base
yond the base to provide outwardly extending
member which is of the same relative contour as
supporting legs for the bag, and spring means
the bag, whether it be elongated or circular. The
each wing separately in either locked or unlocked
position, some of said wings having pockets
therein to receive a part of other of said wings.
2. A support for a golf bag comprising a plu
be folded underneath the bag and concealed 20
rality of manually operable wings pivotally
when the bag is to assume any other position but
tensions are extended and which are adapted .to
its upright one. Means are provided for main
taining the extensions in either extended or re
tracted position. The extensions are adapted to
be in concealed or retracted position when the
bag is being carried from one position to another
but are adapted to be extended to form a bag
support when it is desired to support the bag in
its upright position.
The particular extensions are herein shown in
the form of folding wings which are adapted to
nest underneath‘ the bottom plate of the bag
support, and the means for maintaining the
wings in either concealed or extended position
comprises a spring member engaging cam sur
faces on the bosses or knobs l9.
The invention therefore provides a‘ simple,
mounted on the base near the periphery thereof
and adapted to be folded manually and individ
ually in closed position within ‘the confines of
the base or unfolded'manually and individually
to extend beyond the base to provide outwardly
extending supporting legs for the bag, each of
said wings being of appreciable thickness and
having a wide flat under surface of substantial
area arranged in substantially a single common
plane to ?rmly and rigidly support the bag in
upright position when the wings are unfolded,
adjacent pairs of said wings when folded having
portions received one above the other in over
lapping relationship, the underside of alternate
wings being provided with recessed pockets
shaped to receive portions of the adjacent Wings
rugged construction, easily operated, for main
taining the bag in its proper upright position.
in said overlapping relationship, and upstanding
received within said recessed pockets when folded.
reinforcing ?anges on the upper edges ‘of said
The device is strong and durable in construction, 40 wings, said flanges being cut away on' alternate
wings at portions of the‘wing's adapted to be
free and easy in operation and economical to
Changes may be made in the form, construc
tion and arrangement of the parts without de
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