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March 1-7, 1942.
A. w. WOOD
Filed June 25, 1941
jrilzurmod 4/‘
Patented Mar. 17, 1942
' v2,216,604
barren STATES remembrance
Arthur W. Wood, Miami, Fla.
Application June 25, 1941, Serial No. 399,692
2 Claims. (01. 24—201)
The present invention relates to new and use
ful improvements in wrist watch bracelets and
has for its primary object to provide, in a man
free end of the hook 6 is a tongue 1 of reduced
width which terminates, at its free end, in an
outwardly facing hook 8.
The female member I5 terminates, at its free
end, in an outwardly facing hook 9 for inter
character comprising novel connecting means.
locking engagement with the hook 6 of the male
Another very important object of the invention
member 5. A longitudinal slot I0 is provided
is to provide a wrist watch bracelet of the char
in the female member I5 adjacent the hook 9
acter described which is made entirely of wood,
for the reception of the tongue ‘I of the male
plastic or other suitable material.
Other objects of the invention are to provide 10 member 5. Adjacent the inner end of the slot
II], the female member I5 is further provided, on
a wrist watch bracelet of the aforementioned
its inner face, with a depression or socket II in
character which will be comparatively simple in
which the hook 8 is engageable.
construction, strong, durable, highly efficient and
It is thought that the manner in which the
reliable in use, light in weight, attractive in ap
pearance and which may be manufactured at low 15 connector functions will be readily apparent
from a consideration of the foregoing. Brie?y,
the tongue ‘I is inserted through the slot ID, the
All of the foregoing and still further objects
hook 8 is engaged in the socket I I and the hooks
and advantages of the invention will become
6 and 9 are engaged with each other thereby
apparent from a study of the following speci?
cation, taken in connection with the accom 20 securely connecting the straps I, as shown to
advantage in Figure 4 of the drawing. When
panying drawing wherein like characters of ref
her as hereinafter set forth, an article of this
the bracelet is around the wrist, the tongue 1
erence designate corresponding parts throughout
is normally pressed outwardly against the female
the several views, and wherein:
member I5 for maintaining the hook 8 properly
Figure l is a view in side elevation of a brace
let constructed in accordance with the present 25 engaged in the socket II, the construction and
arrangement also being such as to maintain the
invention, showing said bracelet mounted on a
hooks 6 and 9 in interlocking engagement. To
watch with the straps connected.
open the bracelet it is only necessary to “break”
Figure 2 is a View similar to Figure 1 but show
ing the straps comprising the bracelet discon
the connector 4 inwardly thereby swinging the
I have one end connected in the usual manner
to a wrist watch 3.
The other ends of the straps l are adapted to
within the scope of the invention as claimed.
What is claimed is:
1. In a wrist watch bracelet including a pair
be detachably secured together through a medi
of straps adapted for attaching to a watch,
hook 9 out of engagement with the hook 6 and
disengaging the hook 8 from the socket II for
Figure 3 is a plan view, showing the straps
permitting withdrawal of the tongue 'I from the
disconnected and the watch omitted.
slot I0.
Figure 4 is a longitudinal sectional view
It is believed that the many advantages of a
through the connecting means.
Referring now to the drawing in detail, it will 35 wrist watch bracelet constructed in accordance
with the present invention will be readily under
be seen that the embodiment of the invention
stood, and although a preferred embodiment of
which has been illustrated comprises a pair of
the device is as illustrated and described, it is
straps which are designated generally by refer
to be understood that changes in the details of
ence numeral I. The straps I are made of piv
otally connected wooden links 2. The straps 40 construction may be resorted to which will fall
um of a connector which is designated generally 45 means for detachably connecting the free ends
of said straps, said means including a female
by reference numeral 4.
member mounted on one of the straps and hav
The connector 4 is also of wood and includes
ing a slot therein, said female member further
a male member 5 which is pivotally mounted on
having a socket in its inner face adjacent the
the free end of one of the straps I and which
is engageable with a female member I5 which is 50 slot, a male member mounted on the other
strap and including a tongue engageable in the
pivotally mounted on the free end of the other
slot, a hook on the outer face of said tongue
of said straps I.
engageable in the socket, and interlocking hooks
The male member 5 is formed to provide an
on said female and male members.
inwardly facing hook 6 the purpose of which
2. In a wrist watch bracelet of the character
will be presently set forth. Projecting from the 55
described including a pair of straps adapted for
attaching to a watch, means for detachably
connecting the free ends of said straps, said
means including a female member comprising
an outturned hook on its free end, said female
member further having a longitudinal slot there
in adjacent the hook and still further having a
socket in its inner face adjacent the slot, a male
member on the other strap, said male member
including an inturned hook on its free end for
interlocking engagement with the ?rst-named
hook, a tongue of reduced width on the male
member engageable in the slot, and an out
turned hook on the free end of said tongue en
gageable in the socket.
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