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April 7, 1942-
I 1
Filed May 10, 1940‘
-y/Q ism
Patented Apr. 7, 1942
2,278,586 ,
Charles E. Potter, Richmond Heights, Mo.
Application May 10, 1940, Serial No. 334,324
2 Claims.
This invention relates to ‘an infant’s drinking
(CI. 65-13)
and the measuring device inserted in place.
Then the tubular portion 4 will ?ll to the level
of the liquid in the cup I. The infant can drink
An object of this invention is to provide a
drinking cup for infants to give a measured
from the bowl 3 in the same manner as from
quantity of liquid and no more, which the infant 5 any cup, but can obtain at one time only the
can drink at any one time. This object will be
measured amount which has ?lled the tubular
portion to the level of the liquid outside the
fully understood from the following detail ‘de
scription, taken in connection with the accom
measuring device. The cup must be set down
panying drawing:
before the tube 2 will ?ll again for a second
Fig. 1 is a, top plan view of a drinking cup em 10 drink.
It will be obvious that means other than those
bodying this invention;
speci?cally shown may be used for securing the
Fig. 2 is an elevation; and
tight connection between the top of the cup and
Fig. 3 is a vertical section on line 3—3, Fig. l.
the bowl. Various changes may be made in the
The device as speci?cally illustrated includes
a cup or container I of more or less conventional
details of construction, within the scope of the
appended claims, without departing from the
form and an inserted measuring device or shell
spirit of this invention.
2. The measuring device 2 includes a bowl 3
I claim:
having integrally a depending tube or reduced
1. An inf-ant’s drinking cup including an outer
tubular portion 4, extending toward the bottom
of the cup I. The shell 2 is inserted in the 20 cup ‘container, a measuring shell in the cup hav
ing integrally a bowl portion with a peripheral
cup making a tight connection about the rim of
?ange overhanging the rim of the container and
the cup. As speci?cally shown this is accom
a reduced depending tubular portion extending
plished by a gasket 5 inserted underneath and
toward the bottom of the container with a port
held by the turned edge or periperal ?ange 6
at the ‘bottom thereof, a gasket held by said
of the bowl 3.
?ange and sealing a. connection between the
The measuring device 2 is held in position,
with the upper edge of the cup I in engagement
?ange and the rim of the container, a vent for
the space between the container and the shell
against the gasket ‘5, by means of a threaded lug
and a lug on the bottom of the container in
‘I in engagement with a threaded aperture
through a bottom wall 8 of the tubular portion 30 threaded engagement with the bottom of said
tubular portion.
4. The lug 1 is secured to the bottom of the
2. An infant’s drinking cup including an outer
container, centrally thereof.
cup container and a measuring shell in the cup
A port 3 through the bottom wall 8 and a
having integrally, a bowl portion with a periph
vent II] in the bowl 3 permits the tubular por
eral ?ange overhanging the rim of the container
tion 4 to ?ll gradually with liquid from the cup I.
and a reduced depending tubular portion ex
The function and purpose of the device may
tending toward the bottom of the container with
now be fully understood. Some infants have
a port at the bottom thereof, said container and
the bad habit of drinking too fast, even to the
shell being in threaded engagement whereby the
extent of emptying a cup almost at one gulp.
In the device illustrated and described, the cup 40 ?ange is brought into sealing engagement with
the rim and a vent for the space between the
I may be completely ?lled but the inf-ant can
container and the shell.
obtain only a measured quantity of the liquid
at one time. The cup I is ?lled with a liquid
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