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May 19, 1942-
Filed July 19, 1939
Flmsu (omosmou
Puma uuuan Hem‘
Lamps unm new FREE
51am: To WNNKLE
Ayn DRY oR FoncE
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Hana WRlNKLE fmum
Inventors .
Fo‘uqom E.’ DRuMMouo
MR. Wnum;
(“torn 0.1.5
Patented May 19, 1942
2,283,420 ‘
METHOD or‘ rmrsnmc. ARTICLES
m”... a. Drummond and William A. Waldie,
Dayton, Ohio, minors to New Wrinkle, 1110.,
Dayton, Ohio, a corporation of Delaware
Application July 19, 1939, Serial No. 285,406
2 Claims. (Cl. 117-41)
This invention relates to a method of applying
and drying ?nishes, and more particularly an
improved method of producing wrinkle ?nishes.
The invention is also adapted for accelerating
the air drying or baking of various types of coat
ing compositions to a hard ?nish.
It is an object of this invention to provide a
ovens or similar apparatus is substantially elim
These and other objects and. advantages will
occur-to those skilled in the art in view of the
following description, drawing and appended
General procedure
method whereby the drying time of coating ?lms
It has been observed where conventional wrin
and the time required to produce a hard dry
?nish coating compositions have been altered
?nish are substantially shortened by initially 10 kle
to produce a coating which will dry tack-free in
subjecting the coating ?lm to radiant heat en
ergy for a limited time before completing the
drying of the ?lm to a hard durable ?nish.
Another object is to provide an improved meth
od of drying coating ?lms to a hard wrinkle
?nish wherein the wrinkling of the ?lm is initi
a relatively short time that in many instances
the ?lm fails to develop an irregular or wrinkle
surface but dries to a smooth, non-wrinkle ?lm.
Where, however, the drying of this type of ?nish
is stimulated by the application of heat rays,
particularly of the infra-red or near infra-red
ated prior to the oxidation, curing or setting of
radiant energy, wrinkling of the super?cial sur
the ?lm.
face of the ?lm is initiated so that the drying
' Another object is to provide a process whereby
of the ?lm will proceed to produce a wrinkle ?n
coating compositions such as the conventional
ish. The essential step in the method of this
oleoresinous varnishes and paints which ordinar
invention, which has been found to produce the
ily dry to a smooth, non-wrinkle ?nish, whenap
new and unexpected results, is the pre-treatment
plied and dried as a ?lm, can be made to dry
of the coating ?lm with infra-red rays prior to
to a wrinkle ?nish.
the subsequent treatment of the ?lm to produce
Another object is to devise a method of ?nish
ing articles with a wrinkle ?nish comprising ap-'
plying a wrinkling enamel or a lacquer thereto
and subjecting the coating to concentrated heat
ray energy in the near infra-red region.
Another object is to provide an improved
method of ?nishing materials with a wrinkle ?n
ish comprising coating the material with a wrin
kle ?nish composition, thereafter subjecting the
coating ?lm to infra-red heat rays until the sur
face of the ?lm begins to wrinkle and then air
drying or force air drying the ?nish to provide
a hard wrinkle ?nish.
Another object is to devise an improved process
a hard ?nish.
Generally the improved method comprises the
following steps:
Step I
The surface of the article to be ?nished, which
has previouly been thoroughly cleaned, is coated
with a ?lm of the coating composition desired.
Any of the well-known varnish or enamel for
mulations heretofore applied as a ?lm and dried
- at elevated temperatures to produce wrinkle ?n
ishes may be used, such as disclosed in the pat
ents to Root 1,689,892, 1,864,763, 1,950,417,
1,976,191, and Phillippi 1,878,316 and 1,936,913.
of drying coating ?lms comprising subjecting the 40 The coating may be applied in any suitable man
ner such as by spraying, dipping, ?owing or
?lm to radiant heat energy which will be sub
brushing the composition on the article.
stantially completely absorbed by the coating
Step II
?lm. To accomplish this a radiant heat source is
used producing the energy in wave lengths which
Following the application of the coating com
are readily absorbed by the coating ?lm\so that
it will dry rapidly to a hard ?nish.
Another object is to provide an improved
process of ?nishing. articles in a wrinkle ?nish
wherein coating compositions which dry rapidly
to a tack-free ?lm are made to wrinkle by the
application of infra-red rays thereto as a prelim
inary step to the ?nal drying of the coating.
Another object is to provide an improved
method of drying coating ?lms of both wrinkling
position the article is placed under a heat lamp
or suitable infra-red radiating means for from
?ve to ?fteen minutes or, in the case of wrinkle
?nishes, until the wrinkling of the surface is
initiated; thereafter the treatment is terminated.
Step III
The pre-infra-red rays treated ?nish is then
allowed to air dry or is alternatively force air
dried at from 85' to 250 degrees F. to produce a
and non-wrinkling type wherein costly heating 55 hard durable smooth or wrinkle ?nish.
vention is shown.
Finishing method and apparatus
In the drawing there is illustrated a method
and apparatus for ?nishing articles to provide a
wrinkle ?nish therefor in which:
In this instance one or more
of the articles which have been previously cleaned
are sprayed. dipped or flow coated as illustrated
in perspective in Step I of Figure 2. Subse
quently the_ coated article is exposed to heat
lamps It, as illustrated in Step II of Figure 2.
Figure 1 shows in perspective an arrangement
comprising a device whereby the article being ?n
ished may be sprayed with a coating composi
tion. subjected to radiant heat energy and force
air dried or baked while said article is conveyed
along on an endless belt means;
until the ?nish begins to wrinkle as indicated at
l8, after which the article may be placed aside
and allowed to air dry, or if desired force air
dried to provide a wrinkle ?nish 20. Further,
completion of the drying may be accomplished
Figure 2 illustrates graphically and diagram
by the use of infra-red sun lamps, as in Step
matically the steps of the improved process of
II, to produce a hard wrinkle ?nish. _ \
this invention comprising applying and drying
By ‘initially treating the coating with infra
coating compositions to provide a hard wrinkle 15 red radiant energy prior to completing the drying
it has been found unexpectedly that the time re
Referring to the drawing in detail, the reference
quired for producing a hard substantially scratch
numeral iii-is used to indicate the article being
proof ?nish ‘is materially reduced as compared
?nished which may be made of any suitable ma
with that required'when baking or air drying the
terial and of any desired shape. For conveying 20 coating in the conventional manner. Moreover,
the article‘along there may be provided an end
a perceptibly harder coating is obtained at lower
less belt conveyor II or similar means. as shown
drying temperature than when the coated article
in Figure 1. It will be understood that prior to
is dried or baked at the required temperature in
applying the coating composition by a spray
the usual way. Aside from these improved re
means I! the surface of the article has been
sults and advantages attained by utilizing the '
thoroughly cleaned.
After application of the coating the article is
process of this invention, the use of expensive
drying ovens and relatively high temperature
baking treatment for ?nishing articles is elimi
moved or placed under the heat lamps i3 where
the ?lm is subjected to concentrated infra-red
heat rays.
For this purpose any suitable source
of infra-red radiation may be used. Preferably
a carbon ?lament lamp of 250 to 300 watt ca
pacity is employed; however, strip or wire metal
Radiant energy of a wave length, be
tween 7200 to 14,000 A. (Angstrom units), re
ferred to as‘ the near infra-red radiation portion
of a spectrum, is preferred since generally the
tions and uses without departing from the spirit
heaters or even radiation from the sun may be
It will bewunderstood that this invention is not
limited to th‘k speci?c apparatus and method dis
closed but mak‘y, be varied to suit different condi
of this invention.
Having thus fully described our'invention, what
we claim as new and desire to secure by Letters
Patent is:
1. A 2-stage method of drying coating ?lms to
a hard wrinkle ?nish comprising in the ?rst
coating compositions used have the greatest ab
sorption in this region of the spectrum and ac 40 stage the steps of thoroughly cleaning the sur
cordingly wave lengths in this region are the most
face of an article to be ?nished, applying thereon
effective for stimulating the drying and wrinkling
a coating composition containing wrinkle drying ‘
of the ?lm.
oil as a ?lm forming constituent, and subjecting
This preliminary infra-red ray treatment of
the coating ?lm to infra-redv radiation of be
the coating is to be distinguished from the sub- '45 tween 7200 and 14,000 Angstrom units for a
sequent baking or force air drying of the ?nish
wherein the. conventionally heated baking ovens
are used. In the latter'instance the heat rays
are of wave lengths above 14,000 A. which are
generally not suited for initiating wrinkling of
the coating ?lm.
When the ‘coating has been exposed to the
radiant energy of the heat lamps I! for su?icient
time to bring about initiation of wrinkles in the
?nish, which generally is effected within ?ve to
?fteen minutes, the coated article i0 is then
moved into ‘the drying oven I‘ where it is sub
jected to heated air at a temperature ranging
from 85 to 250 degrees F., depending upon the
period of 5 to 15 minutes to initiate wrinkling
_ of the ?lm surface; and in .the second stage the
step of drying the coating ?lm by infra-red
radiation of over 14,000 Angstrom units to com
plete the polymerization and oxidation of the
?lm to a hard wrinkle ?nish.
2. A 2-stage method of drying coating ?lms to
a hard wrinkle ?nish comprising in they ?rst
stage the steps of thoroughly cleaning the surface
of an article to be ?nished, applying thereon a
coating composition containing wrinkle drying
oil as a,?lm forming constituent, and subject
ing the coating ?lm to infra-red radiation of
between 7200 and 14,000 Angstrom units for a
particular type of coating composition used, un 60 period of 5 to 15 minutes to initiate wrinkling
til a hard tough ?nish is produced. The oven I4
of the ?lm surface; and in the second stage the
is suitably equipped with a heating element [5 _ step of drying the coating ?lm by infra-red
and exhaust fan means i6 for moving heated
radiation of over 14,000 Angstrom units in a
air in contact with the article to effectively dry
current of air to set the ?lm to a hard wrinkle
and cure the coating to provide a durable ?nish. 65 ?nish.
In. Figure 2 the wrinkle ?nishing of a panel or
article designated I8 by the method of this in
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