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May 26, 1942.
Filed Aug. 23, 1939
v * :
w ......
66/006 66/250290.
Patented May 26, 1942
_ _ 2,284,511
Horace Chrisman, Edgewood, Pa., assignor to
Pittsburgh Equitable Meter Company, Pitts
burgh, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania
Application August 23, 1939, Serial No. 291,557
2 Claims. (01. 73-272)
This invention relates to improvement in
liquid meters, and relates particularly to im
proved means for sealing the register chamber
drives the spindle 13 in known manner. The
spindle l3 drives a dog I4 which in turn drives
the reduction gearing mounted in case IS, the
last element of the gear train having a spindle
from the meter chamber.
16 extending from the case. Spindle It at its
In meters for the measurement of liquids, par
ticularly of the nutating disc type, heretofore
outer end carries a pin or driving dog I‘! pass
ing through a thrust collar I1’ and engages in
a stu?ing box has been provided between the
reduction gearing and register to prevent leak
the slots I8 of a driven crank member 19 secured
on a shaft 20 passing through a dividing wall
age from the gearing chamber into the register
case. The disadvantage accompanying the use 10 2| of the case and having a gear 22 at its upper
end meshing with the gear 23 which drives the
of a stuffing box of conventional construction
register train 24. The wall 2! has a downwardly
at this point is that any variation in frictional
projecting boss 25 providing a sealing surface 26
resistance to turning of the register spindle by
which is accurately machined. The driven dog
the stu?ing box will affect the accuracy of the
l9 carries a washer 21 of rawhide or other suit
meter, and furthermore a stuiling box of this
type has the disadvantage that it produces a
able material in engagement with the surface
26 of boss 25, the washer 21 being surrounded
considerable drag or resistance to turning of
by a cup 28 containing a suitable ?uid or viscous
the meter, which interferes with accurate op
lubricant. Preferably the ?ange or upper mar
eration. In an attempt to minimize these dis
advantages, it has been the practice to apply ‘ gin of the cup 28 extends above the plane of
the stuffing box to the slowest moving spindle
the washer 2'! so as to maintain the body of
lubricant adjacent the washer and the surfaces
of the gear train.
abutting the washer. A spring 29, which is
In accordance with the present invention, I
shown as of tapered helical form, abuts the
provide a sealing member between the gear train
case and the register case comprising a rotating
driven crank member [9 at one end and abuts
member abutting a sealing surface and held in
shaft 16 at the other end, and thus maintains
the rawhide washer 21 in sealing engagement
engagement therewith by a spring that rotates
with the surface 26 of boss 25.
with said rotating member. A washer of rawhide
or other soft, porous material is inserted be—
The construction above described seals the
tween the rotating member and sealing surface. 30 register driving spindle 20 against leakage with
Preferably, a supply of lubricant is provided
out undue friction. Due to the porosity of the
adjacent the periphery of the rotating member
rawhide washer, a certain amount of lubricant
in a cup which is mounted on the register driv
is conveyed to the surface 26 and to the journal
ing spindle and is rotated from the reduction
of spindle 20, but no liquid is permitted to pass
gearing by a suitable dog and crank arrange
therethrough due to the presence of lubricant in
the surrounding cup. In operation the pressure
ment or any other suitable structure. The ro
tating member is maintained in engagement with
inside case In holds the washer 21 in sealing en
the sealing surface by means of a spring which
gagement with surface 26. However, the spring
rotates with the rotating member. The cup
29 is provided to insure contact of the sealing
shape of the lubricant containing member main 10 surfaces at all times, and therefore need be only
tains the lubricant in position’ without danger
very light. The spring thus maintains contact
of being spilled or washed away.
between the sealing members even when the
The invention will be described in detail in
meter is not in service. A further advantage is
connection with the accompanying drawing,
that the resistance to turning of the seal re
wherein I have shown a preferred embodiment -' mains substantially constant and cannot be
changed by any exterior adjustment.
of the invention by way of example, and where
It will be apparent that various modi?cations
Figure 1 is a view in vertical section of a meter
may be made in the invention without departing
having my invention applied thereto, and
from the spirit or scope thereof, as the modi?ca
Figure 2 is an enlarged vertical section of a
ticn herein described is intended to be illustrative
detail of Figure 1.
only of the invention. What I claim as my in
Referring to the drawing, there is shown a
vention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
water meter casing indicated generally by the
1. In a fluid meter comprising a meter casing
numeral [0 having a meter chamber H therein
containing a metering element and a reduction
with a mutating disc I2 in the chamber which
gear train driven thereby, a register case divided
by a wall from said meter casing and a register
containing a metering element and a register
driving spindle driven by said gear train passing
through said dividing wall the improvement
wherein said dividing wall has a sealing surface,
case divided by a wall from said meter casing,
the improvement wherein said wall has a sealing
surface, a register driving spindle driven by said
a sealing Washer surrounding said spindle and 5 metering element passing through said dividing
engaging said sealing surface, means driven from
wall and having an abutting surface, a sealing
said gear train backing said Washer, spring
washer of soft porous material interposed be
means between said gear train and backing means
tween said sealing surface and abutting surface
for urging said washer into engagement with
and a cup having a ?ange extending above and
said sealing surface; and a cup carried by said 10 surrounding said washer and rotatable with said
spindle having a ?ange extending above and sur
rounding said washer for containing lubricant.
2. In a ?uid meter comprising a meter casing
_ spindle for containing lubricant.
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