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June 9, 1942.
‘Filed July 28, 1941 -
Patented June 9, 1942
J onas Friedel, Omaha, Nebr.
Application July 28, 1941, Serial No. 404,335
2 Claims. (Cl. 15-171)
This invention relates to sweeping utensils and
more particularly to brooms.
It is an object of the invention to provide a
broom construction which is economical in man
ufacture, efficient in operation and which is so
constructed that it can be sold pro?tably at re
tail to users at a comparatively low price.
Another object of the invention is to provide
a broom so constructed that bunches of broom
straws may be readily attached to and removed
from the handle thereof by users for replacing
worn straws.
Other and further objects and advantages of
the invention will be understood from the fol
lowing detailed description thereof, reference
being had to the accompanying drawing in
Figure l is a side elevation of the new broom,
The bundles l6 and I8 are oppositely disposed
at each side of the handle l0 and snugly against
the latter, the sharpened ends of the pin I'll re
spectively engaging in said bundles for prevent
ing turning movements of said bundles with re
spect to the handle.
The bundles are removably secured in the said
position by means of like, oppositely disposed
sheet metal straps 28.
The straps 28, as best shown in Figure 3, are
substantially U-shaped in plan, the open ends
thereof being bent back towards their main body
portions to provide hooked channels 30. The
straps 28 are disposed in approximate alignment
with respect to each other about the ends of the
bunches which are bound together by means of
the wires 25, as best shown in Figure 5, and se
cured together by means of oppositely disposed
like approximately C-shaped clamps 32, having
certain portions thereof being in broken away
20 end portions which are slidingly disposed in the
channels 35) and engaged with the hooks of the
Figure 2 is a vertical elevation of a bunch of
straws employed.
Figure 3 is a transverse section taken on line
3-—3 of Figure 1.
Figure 4 is a transverse section taken on line
li--4 of Figure 2.
Figure 5 is a side elevation of a fragment of
the new broom.
Referring now to the drawing for a more par
ticular description It indicates an elongated I
handle having a free end l2 which is semi-glob
ular ‘and an opposite end through which a detent
pin It is preferably transversely disposed. Pref
erably the pin is sharpened at each of its ends,
said sharpened ends l5 and I‘! each projecting
approximately an inch beyond and from each
side of the handle it for purposes later described.
members 28 for holding the bunches in an op
erative position with respect to the handle.
It is well known that the free ends of the
straws of a broom upon becoming moistened, re
sultant from use in sweeping or scrubbing a damp
or wet ?oor, become bent out of alignment and
upon said straws becoming. dry the free ends of
‘(he straws remain in said bent condition partic
ularly in instances where a user does not sus
pend the broom from a wall or the like when not
in use, whereby the sweeping end of the broom
becomes of rounded contour in side elevation and
the utility thereof for sweeping lessened or com
pletely nulli?ed, and among other advantages of
the invention it will be noted that the instant
broom construction provides means whereby a
user may readily remove worn out bunches of the
The straws of the new broom are bound into
broom straws thereof and also at times when the
two like bunches as and it. As shown in Figure
sweeping ends of said bunches become of insuffi
2, the straws of the bundle it are bound together 40 cient shape, and without the necessity of buying
adjacent one end thereof by means of a wire 20.
a new handle since the C-shaped members 32 may
The ends of the wire 2%! are twisted upon them
be readily disengaged from the U-shaped mem
selves as at 22 for compacting said straws to
bers 28 for feeding said bunches from the handle
gether, after which said twists are placed in a
and likewise readily reassembled about new
jig and compressed to an elongated contour in
bunches of broom straws.
plan, said compressing means also disposing said
The pin l4 may be dispensed with, if desired,
twists inwardly of the straws, as shown in Fig
since the C-shaped clamps 32 are ample for
ure 4, said operation also causing portions of the
holding the bunches It and I8 in an operative
wire 20 adjacent the twist 22 to be arcuate in
plan as indicated at 24 for abutting closely about 50 position for conventional purposes. At times
when the broom is designed for heavy scrubbing
the handle l8.
operations the pin I4 is preferably employed.
As thus described it will be noted that the free
From the foregoing description it is thought
ends 26 of the bundles l6 and I8 are resilient
to be obvious that a broom constructed in ac
when new and unworn for sweeping purposes in
cordance with my invention is particularly well
a well known manner.
adapted for use by reason of the convenience and
facility with which it may be assembled and 0p
erated, and it will be also obvious that my inven
tion is susceptible of some change and modi?ca
tion without departing from the principles and
of said handle for ?tting snugly against the lat
ter, a pair of U-shaped straps disposed about
each bunch adjacent said wires, said straps each
having an integral hook disposed at each of
their ends adjacent said handle, and a pair of
spirit thereof and for this reason I do not wish
it to be understood as limiting myself to the pre
cise arrangement and formation of the several
parts herein shown in carrying out my invention
substantially C-shaped clamps, the ends of said
tive bunches together, said bunches being oppo
being disposed in said bunch for ?tting snugly
clamps being engaged with one hook of each
strap for detachably securing said bunches to
said handle.
in practice except as claimed.
2. As an article of manufacture, a bunch of
I claim:
broom straws, a wire disposed snugly about one
1. A broom comprising a conventional handle,
end of said bunch, the ends of said wire being
two bunches of broom straws of elongated con
provided with twists for locking said ends to
tour in plan, a Wire disposed around an end of
gether and binding said bunch compactly, said
each bunch, the ends of said wires being twisted
wire adjacent said twists being of arcuate con
together for binding the straws of their respec
tour in plan, the major portion of said twists
sitely disposed about one end of said handle,
said wires adjacent said twists being arcuate in
plan complemental to the cross sectional contour 20
against a conventional broom handle.
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