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July ‘7" 1942'
Filed March 3, 1941 >
lZi/eaclore ?gyi?akz 017270215
Patented July "7, 1942
Theodore Reginald Sammis, Stewart Manor, Long
Island, N. Y.
Application March 3, 1941, Serial No. 381,450
1 Claim. (Cl. 128——403)
This invention relates generally to a device and
method for assisting a person to keep comfortable
in warm or hot weather.
The main object of my invention is to pro
vide a device and method for assisting the body
to dissipate excess heat in a simple and effec
tive manner. This object involves furnishing
Mounted removably in the bag is a sponge
rubber container or sack M. This sack is slitted
along a portion of its periphery which opens
into a chamber or compartment I5 inside of the
sack. In the chamber or compartment 15 is
placed a cake or cube l6 of a suitable refrig
erant, such as dry ice.
My improved method contemplates that the
improved device be worn in pairs on opposing
Another object is to provide a device of this 10 members of the body; that is, one is placed on
each arm, or on each wrist, or on each thigh,
kind that is sanitary.
or on each ankle, etc., as desired, but may be
Another object is to provide such a device
a cool environmental factor in the form of my
used singly on any of various body surfaces.
and method that is safe for general use, incor
porating proper insulation of the dry ice or other
However, I prefer to place my improved device
on the arm I‘! as illustrated in Fig. 1.
A further object is to provide such a device
that may be used without harm to the body or
In such
case, the device is placed on the upper arm im
mediately above the eminence caused by the bi
ceps brachii. The bag In is placed on the inside
of the arm approximately over the area under
Another object is to provide such a device and
method that adjusts itself to the temperature 20 which courses the brachial artery.
I have found from experiment that my device
of the body in nowise disturbing the balance be
does not lower the body temperature even a
tween thermogenetic and thermolytic functions.
fraction of a degree; that the use of the device
Other objects and advantages will appear from
causes no imbalance between the thermogenetic
the description to follow taken in connection with
centres and the thermolytic centres of the body,
the accompanying drawing in which-—
and that my improved device merely assists in
Fig. l is a proximal view of a right arm of a
the work of the thermolytic function, literally
person on which is mounted a device embodying
absorbing some of the excess heat from the blood
my invention.
stream through the super?cial tissues of the body
Fig. 2 is a front view of the improved device,
at the point or points where the device is worn.
parts being broken away for the sake of clear
I claim:
A device for dispersing excess heat of the
Fig. 3 is a sectional view on the line 3--3 of
human body including a fabric envelope having
Fig. 2.
an opening at one end thereof, an integral fold- '
Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the sponge rub
able flap for closing said opening, a sponge rub
ber sack.
ber member having flat sides and a circular pe
Fig. 5 is a sectional view of the sack shown
riphery and. having an interior compartment be
in Fig. 4 on the line 5--5 of Fig. 4.
tween said sides With an entrance on the circular
In carrying out my invention I provide a fab
periphery, said compartment being adapted to
ric bag or envelope II] to which is suitably fas
tened an elastic arm band II. The bag may 40 hold removably a cake of refrigerant such as dry
ice and an annular elastic band fastened to the
of course be of any desired shape, and instead
fabric envelope substantially at its center for
of an elastic arm band, a strap and buckle or
supporting the envelope on a part of the body.
other suitable fastening means may be used.
The bag has an opening at its top which is closed
by a flap I2, which ?ap may be fastened to the 45
body of the bag by a snapbutton or other suit
able means.
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