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Patented Óct. 20, 1942
. 2,299,511
Irene Pecheur Steiner, Kew Gardens, N. Y.
ApplicatiOn April 19, 1941, Serial N0. 389,433
5 Claims.
(Cl. S19-180)
This invention relates to packaged goods and
disk of the roll and I twist the other end as at
I5 to form a nare I6. The eiîect is much en
has for its object the provision of a device which
may be used as a token on festive occasions.
hanced by having the twisted end of yellow color
as indicated at Il in Figure 4, while the proxi
wrap candy wafers in such manner that the roll Cl mate portion of the wrapping is red as indicated
will resemble a lighted candle. A still further
by the numeral I8, and the larger portion is
An important object of the invention is to
object is to add to such simulation of a candle
a support which will aid in holding the candle
erect and add materially to the effect, more
clearly resembling a candle by virtue of the added
Other objects of the invention are particularly
pointed out in the claims and relate to details.
It is well recognized at the present time that
between two goods of substantially the same
quality and grade the public will largely support
the more attractively packed goods. By the
present invention the cost of the wrapper for
colored candy wafers is increased in price but
the attractiveness of the package is increased in
much greater proportion. The sleeve later de
scribed in detail, also adds to the cost and may
transparent as indicated at I9. rI'he name of the
goods is printed as at 20 close to the bottom end
of the roll which is the end of the wrapper which
is folded hat as at I4. The simulation of a candle
is further effected by the provision of imitations
of the flowing wax of the candle as at 2|. In
Figure 2 the wrapper has been shown as entirely
uncolored but Figure 2 is otherwise my preferred
form. It will be understood that the yellow col
ored portion I‘I forms the flare I6 simulating the
name of the candle and that portions of the red
may, if desired, extend into such flared portions.
The collar or sleeve 25 is formed of the blank
20 shown in Figure 3 in which the strip 26 forms a
cylinder which ñts somewhat snugly but freely
slidable on the wrapped candy roll and it has a
or may not be sold with the Wrapped candies but
series of projections 2l here shown as triangular l
when so sold with the candy roll it lends itself
portions hallowed to form V’s which readily bend
to a most attractive display not only in the retail 25 downwardly to form the radially extending feet
store but when purchased for use at a party, as
Se oi Figure l. Where the feet are not cut away
a table decoration and a favor, for example.
as at 3l I ñnd it advisable to indent the outer
The invention has been described in its pre
margins of each tab as at Stia in a line such as
ferred form and with a few modiñcations but it
33 of Figure 5.
should be borne in mind that the invention is ,
to be limited only as deñnitely called for in the
claims as it may take many forms some of which
may not suggest in the slightest a candle or any
The length of the rectangle 26 is greater than
the circumference of the roll to provide one or
more extended portions 35 for convenient over
lapping. I ñnd it convenient to print on the
thing resembling a candle.
wrapper a line 36 to serve as a guide in wrapping
In the drawing:
w Ul the candy wafers or disks. By having this line
Figure 1 is a perspective view of my device in
as the bottom margin the iiare will be most
its preferred form.
effective, particularly when colored as generally
Figure 2 shows the package as sold.
Figure 3 is a plan view of the blank forming
When the candy roll is formed the sleeve is
the sleeve.
placed around it somewhat centrally and the end
Figure 4 shows the wrapper.
35 is secured to the opposite portion of the sleeve
Figure 5 shows a modified form of tab or ex
blank forming the main cylinder of the stand`
The several projections being integral with the
Figure 6 is a modiñcation showing a candy
bar of prism form.
portion 23 will follow the curve or cylinder and
In its preferred form the invention consists of
these projections will therefore lie flat against
a plurality of candy disks or wafers I0 usually
the candy. When ready for use the sleeve is slid
of white material for the peppermint and winter
toward the folded end Iâ until its bottom margin
grecn, yellow for the lemon, a much darker color,
is alined with the lower edge of the roll. The
such as at II, for the licorice, etc. These candy 50 projections or extensions are now bent outwardly
wafers are assembled in cylindrical form and are
completely covered by a wrapper I2 which I pre
so as to form the horizontal feet 3o which not
only add stability but likewise add a very pleasing
fer to make of cellophane. Differing from ordi
effect. It is my preference that the sleeve blank
nary wrapping I prefer that one end of the wrap
be of brightly colored material and that it shall
per as at I 4 be folded flat against the bottom 55 be of such axial length as to completely hide the
advertising material 2i), which is clearly visible
when the sleeve is in mid position.
I also intend to sell the candy package with
roll when the sleeve is in mid-position but bend
able so as to extend radially outward as sup
porting feet when the sleeve has been moved
downwardly with its lower margin in alinement
out the sleeve. In such case a somewhat less
expensive base can be supplied as for instance Ul With the base.
2. In combination, a plurality of candy disks,
a simple disk which may be secured in any de
a wrapper encasing the disks to form an elon
sired manner to the flat end I4 of the candy
gated cylinder, a sleeve slidable on the cylinder,
roll. A very simple expedient would be a non
and a series of projections slidable with the sleeve
sticking glue to the flat end of the roll and the
cooperating non-sticking glue to the stand. As 10 and engaging the cylinder but bendable to form
radially extending feet to afford greater stability
in envelopes now on the market, when these
to the cylinder when standing erect on its base.
two adhesives are pressed together» they form
3. In combination a plurality of candy disks,
a wrapper encasing the disks to form an elon
In the modification shown in Figure 6 the arti
cle shown is a candy bar 33 having a triangular 15 gated body, a slidable sleeve ñtting said body,
and a series of projections extending from the
cross-section. The sleeve or collar 25a in this
sleeve along said body to occupy minimum space
case is likewise triangular in cross-section toV
when packed but bendable outwardly from the
match the prism and the extensions 36h fold
body to form radially extending feet to furnish
outwardly as before but along a perfectly straight
line 39. In this case the ends of the projection 20 support for the body when the sleeve is moved
downwardly on the body to its end which is now
are not pointed but are of ilower-like formation
as at 40. As pointed out previously the exten
its bottom.
sions for tabs forming the feet may be of any
4. In combination, an elongated edible article,
shape as indicated by the several formations 38a
a wrapper therefor, folded» at one end and twisted
at the other end, a sleeve having a portion slid
and 3919.
able along the wrapped article and a series of
What I claim is:
projections integral with said portion and form
1. In combination, a plurality of circular disks
of candy, a wrapper centrally transparent in part
ing extensions thereof bendable to produce out
wardly extending feet to support the article in
to encase the disks as a roll, one end of the
wrapper being folded tightly against one end 30 an upright position.
a secure seal.
disk to form a base and the other Wrapper end
being brightly colored and twisted to form a ñare
simulating a flame beyond the opposite end disk,
a sleeve freely slidable on the wrapped roll, and
a plurality of projecting portions extending from
the sleeve toward the base closely adjacent the
5. The device of claim 4 in which the article
is a series of disks held in cylindrical form by
the wrapper, and the sleeve and its projections
are of paper,
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