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Aug- 1, 1944-
Filed May a. 1959
g: E‘
?ansdwfemam and meadow/4. Cohen
Patented Aug. 1, 1944
uoum mm. smsrrrva mana'ros
IlL, assignon, bymeane assignments.
lnstrumentscomnm, Chicago, 111., a
corporation of Illinois
Application May 8, 1989, Serial No. 271,865
9 Claim!- icl. 73-804)
This invention relates to liquid level sensitive
apparatus in general and more particularly to
such apparatus adapted to perform various use
ful functions in accordance with variations in
liquid level in a liquid container, and this appli
cation for patent therefor is a continuation in
of our copending application . Ser. No.
267,326, ?led April 11, 1939, for Liquid level sensi
sistor II and a grid condenser I‘ to the'grid ii
of an oscillator tube II and the other side con- '
‘ nected to the ?lament I‘ of said tube. A ?lament
heating source I! is provided for ?lament ii.
The oscillator tube has a plate ll connected to
one side of a plate tank comprising a plate tank
inductance II, and a variable plate capacity 25.
The other side of the plate tank is connected to
a plate power source 23 through an isolating
tive apparatus.
coil 22 and a neutral position relay 24.
The primary object of this invention is to pro 10 choke
or by-pass condenser 20 is connect
vide an improved liquid level sensitive apparatus
ed between the ?lament and a point between the
- responsive to variations in liquid level and per
‘choke'coil i2 and the plate tank ll-Ii.
forming certain useful functions, such as record
‘ The tank ii-Ii in. the plate circuit is tuned
ing and indicating liquid level changes, in ac
to predetermined resonance with the grid tank
cordance with such variations.
1+“, when the level-[is at the chosen initial
Other and further objects of this invention will
point; the tuning being so chosen that the plate
be more apparent hereinafter from an examinay
current through the relay II, at such initial
tion of the speci?cation and claims in conjunc
point, is at such level as to keep the relay con
tion with the accompanying drawing wherein: I
tact I! in the neutral position shown. Should
Fig. 1 represents a schematic view of a par
a liquid level change occur, the capacity change
ticular embodiment of the invention showing a’
thereby produced will change the tuning of the
liquid level sensitive apparatus responsive to
tank 1—l-|2 deresonating or reresonatr'
variations of liquid level in a container such as
depending upon direction of liquid level
a boiler, storage tank etc. and for performing
change together with the plate tank 2 I-II; caus
various useful functions in accordance with such 25 ing a change in plate current throughQrelay 24
Fig. 2 represents a similar view of a modi?ca
which thereupon makes contact 88 or 31 de
pending upon whether the liquid level has in
creased or decreased at 4. Thus the plate cur
. Fig. 3 is‘a detail fragmentary sectional view of
30 rent will act upon relay 24 corresponding to va
a modi?ed form of liquid level sensitive induc
riations in liquid level from said initial point
tance device capable of use in either of the cir
correspondinglycontrol other means herein
cuits of Figs. 1 and 2 in lieu of the liquid level . to
after described including means for restoring the
, sensitive capacity device shown therein.
predetermined resonance of the circuit.
Referringto Fig. 1, reference character i, des
armature and contact plate 35 of the re
ignates theliquid input to a container 1 which 35 layThe
24 is connected, preferably through a ?exible
may be a boiler, storage tank or'the like.. The '
' conductor I8, and through an anti-hunting de
container 2 contains liquid 3 at a variable level
vice 32-43-444“, tobe more particularly de
4 and, is provided with upper and lower gauge
scribed hereinafter, to one terminal of a source
?ttings 5 and it, respectively,‘ supporting theree
between a glass or non-metallic gauge tube 6.
A pair of ?xed vertically ‘extending metallic
conductors l and ‘I are provided on opposite sides
of the glass 6 and act as condenser plates. They
may be in the form of metal strips or they may
be sprayed or plated on the tube 0. The liquid
3‘ in the glass 6 acts as a dielectricand any varia
tion in level of said‘liquid correspondingly varies
- the capacity of the condenser formed by the con
40 of current ii for a reversing motor 30. The mo
tor SI is of a suitable type provided with a pair
of ?eld coils (not shown) having terminals 300
and 800, respectively, and a common central ter
minal 30b. Contact ll leads to terminal 300 and
contact 31 leads to terminal 30c. Terminal Iiib
leads to the other terminal of source 3i. ~ '
The grid-and plate tanks being predetermin
edly resonated with respect to each other to such
extent as to provide an intermediate plate cur
ductors ‘I and t.
rent level when the li'quidlevel l is at the chosen
The conductors 1 and l are connected to the 60 initial point, armature "will assume a neutral
opposite sides, respectively, of, a grid tank in
position under such circumstances. Whenv the
ductance" which together with the condenser ' liquid
level is loweredfrom such point, the re
formed by asid conductors constitutes said grid
tank.‘ This grid tank may begrounded as at H
and has one side connected through a grid re
duction in capacity thereby across the grid tank
detunlng the latter from the aforesaid predeter
mined resonant position with the plate tank and
causing a rise in plate current above the afore
said intermediate level, the armature 35 will
contact with contact 33 to drive motor 35 in one
direction; and when the liquid level is raised,
armature 35 will contact with contact 31 by vir
tue of lowering of plate current below said in
and it will remain unbalanced unless and until
that point is resumed and the liquid level sensi
tive device in response to such resumption in level
has effected such rebalance. But the relay itself
is rebalanced after each change in liquid level
as will be more particularly described herein
termediate level to drive said motor in the op
More particularly there is shown a container
posite direction.
42 with liquid 4| therein at a variable level 44.
The manner and means by which this motor 10 A glass or otherwise non-metallic hollow mem
35, controlled as previously described, acts in
ber 45 depends from a non-metallic annular sup
turn to restore the tuning and balance of the
porting fitting 41 mounted in an opening in the
oscillating circuit and operate other means, in
top of container 42. The hollow member 45 is
cluding liquid level indicating and recording de
sealed at its lower end to exclude liquid and is
vices, will now be described.
The motor 35 is provided with a pulley 23 and
drive 25 therefrom, which may take any suitable
form, connected to an indicator shaft 25b which
in turn is drivingly connected by means of a suit
partly immersed therein. It is shaped to provide
a pair of opposite chambers for supporting there
in a pair of vertically extending and horizontally
spaced capacity elements 44 and 43. Here like
wise the water in the container acts as a dielec
able drive 21 to the shaft of variable plate tank 20 tric and the elements 43 and 44 act as plates of
condenser 25. The amount and direction that
the indicator shaft 251) and plate tank condenser
25 shaft are operated depends upon the degree
and direction of rotation of motor 35.
a condenser. These elements 43 and 44 act sub
stantially the same as elements 1 and 5 of the
previous embodiment and are likewise connected,
- respectively, to opposite sides of the grid tank
tank condenser 25 has been thus adjusted sum 25 inductance 33, corresponding to the inductance
ciently to restore the predetermined resonant ' |2 in said previous embodiment. Parts 48, 49,
condition of the oscillating circuit, a pointer 25a
on shaft 25b will indicate the new liquid level on
55, 5|, 52, 53, 54, 55, 55, 51, 55, 59, and 60 are
similar to corresponding parts l3, l4, I5, l5, I5,
l1, I5, 20, 23, 2|, 25, 22, 24, respectively, in the
a dial 25 calibrated in liquid column height and
the motor 35 will stop, because the relay 24 will 30 previous embodiment, except that here the plate
be restored to neutral position. Thereafter any
tank condenser 55 is not motor driven and the
deviation in liquid level from the new liquid level
will similarly unbalance the oscillating circuit
with resultant restoration and indication in the
relay 50 is differentially wound with an addition
al coil 5| thereon adapted when energized to
counteract and neutralize the eifect of the plate
35 current in the first coil thereof. Parts 55, 55a,
same manner.
59, ‘III, ‘II, 12, 13, 14,15, 15, ‘I1, 15, 19,55, 53, 54,
The reversing motor 35 may be coupled to a
recording mechanism and other devices either in
the manner shown in our copending application
55, 55, and 51 are similar to corresponding parts
Ser. No. 267,326, filed April 11, 1939, for Liquid
31, 25a, 32, 33, 38a, 54 and 3|, respectively, ex
level sensitive apparatus, or by means of a cou
pling or drive 23a, and such liquid level record
ing mechanism and safety devices operable in
accordance with liquid level changes may take
25b, 25a, 25, 26, 25, 30, 35a, 30c, 30b, 35, 35, 35,
40 cept that the indicator shaft 58 has no driving
connection to the plate tank condenser. ‘Instead
reversing motor 12 is suitably connected to drive
a rotatable contact member 55 of a rheostat to
vary the amount of resistance 54 in circuit with
45 the counter-winding 5| of the differential plate
relay. A source of current 52 is provided for such
The anti-hunting device, previously referred
circuit and also an ammeter 53 calibrated in liq
to, may take any suitable form and be placed in
uid column height. A recording apparatus 52
any suitable part of the electrical circuit or
similar to that previously referred to in the
mechanism but is here shown comprising a cam
32 on a suitably timed drive shaft 33. An inter 50 former embodiment and in our copendingappli
cation aforesaid together with safety devices as
rupter having stud 35a and contact 34 is oper
also shown in said copending application may be
ated at timed intervals by the cam 32 and intro
driven from said drive 50 from the reversing
duces a time lag which prevents recurrent
cycling or hunting in the apparatus as a whole.
Referring to Fig. 2, there is here shown a some 55 The amount and direction.that the rheostat
what similar form of the invention, except that
finger 55 must be moved by the reversing motor
to suiliciently energize or deenergize the counter
here the liquid level sensitive device, adapted to
unbalance the oscillating circuit in accordance
acting coil 5| in the differential relay to balance
with the liquid level changes, is of the immersion
the plate current in coil 55 to cause it to resume
type and also, in this embodiment, the oscillating 60 the neutral position shown and stop said motor
circuit itself is not restored to balance by the re
after a liquid level change has occured is a meas
versing motor. Instead a differential relay is
ure of the extent of said change and indicative
used in the plate circuit and the change in plate
of the new level. Thus the finger 55 may itself
current from predetermined intermediate level
be an indicating pointer and the ammeter 53 an
due to liquid level changes is counteracted and
indicator both showing liquid level changes as
neutralized during the restoration operation by
well as indicator 55-55a-l0. In this embodi
the reversing motor whereby the eifect of the un
ment, when a liquid level change occurs, the ca
balance of the plate current on the relay is neu
pacity change thereby produced across the grid
tralized and the relay in rebalanced to stop the
tank will change the tuning thereof deresonat
reversing motor and the indicator pointer at the 70 ing or reresonating, as the case may be, same to
new level.
gether with the plate tank; causing av corre
the same form as shown in said copending-appli
The oscillating circuit, in this embodiment, is
adapted to be unbalanced by the liquid level sen
sitive device in accordance with liquid level
sponding change in plate current through relay
coil 55 which thereupon makes contact 15 or ‘I5
depending upon whether the liquid level has in
changes from the predetermined initial point, 75 creased or decreased at 45.
Referring particularly to Fig. 3,‘ there is here
shown a modi?ed form of liquid level sensitive
inductance device of the immersion type adapted
to be inserted in liquid to cooperate with the
. previous circuits in lieu of the liquid level sensi
for automatically restoring the same independ
ently of such unbalance of the circuit.
\ 3. In an apparatus of thecharacter described,
liquid level sensitive means, an electrical circuit
adapted to be unbalanced thereby, a differential
relay having counteractingcoils, one coil in said
circuit and a control circuit containing the other
coil and controlled by said ?rst circuit for auto
its lower end to exclude the liquid 92 in the con
matically rebalancing said relay.
tainer (not shown). This member corresponds
4. In an apparatus of the character described,
to member 45 in the previous embodiment and 10
liquid level sensitive means, an electrical circuit
likewise is depending from a non-metallic ?tting
adapted to be unbalanced thereby, a relay in said
88. In this case, however, a vertically arranged
circuit and means responsive to said relay for
inductance coil9l is mounted in the hollow im
automatically restoring the same independently
mersion member instead of capacity members
oi such unbalance oi the circuit and for indicat
such as 43-44. Inductor leads 8! are connected
ing liquid level, change.
to the terminals, including lower terminal 83, oi.’
5. In an apparatus of the character described,
the coil 9|. When this liquid level sensitive in
liquid level sensitive means, an electrical circuit
ductance device, including member 90 with coil
adapted to be unbalanced thereby, a relay in said
9| therein, is used instead of the device, includ
ing member 15 with capacity members 43-“ 20 circuit and means responsive to said relay for
automatically restoring the same independently
therein, in either circuit previously described,
of such unbalance oi the circuit and for recording
‘said coil 9| may take the place of either of the
liquid level change.
following inductances: 39, I2, 2|, or 51 to unbal
tive capacity devices shown therein. Herein is
‘shown a hollow immersed member 80 sealed at
ance the respective circuits in accordance with
liquid level changes in the same manner as the 25
6. In an apparatus or thecharacter described,
liquid level sensitive variable electrical reactive
cuits so function.
means, an electrical circuit adapted to be unbal
anced thereby, a relay in said circuit and means
tanks as shown.
liquid level sensitive variable electrical reactive
liquid level sensitive capacity devices in said cir
responsive to said relay for automatically re
The oscillator circuits may take a variety of _
storing the same independently or such unbal
forms and the liquid level sensitive inductance
and/or capacity devices shown may be placed in 30 ance of the circuit.
7.. In an apparatus of the character described,
other parts of said circuits than across the grid
means, an electrical circuit adapted to be unbal
anced thereby, a di?erential relay having coun
nerically either capacitive reactance, inductive 35 teracting coils, one coil in said circuit, and a con
trol circuit containing another coil and controlled
’ 'reactance or both.
Where the term “electrical reactive” is used in \
the appended claims it is intended to cover ge
We are aware that many changes may be
made and details varied without departing from
the principles of our invention and we therefor
by said ?rst circuit for automatically rebaianc
ins said relay.
8. In an apparatus or the character described.
do not wish to be limited to the details shown or 40 liquid level sensitive variable electrical reactive
means, an electrical circuit adapted to be unbal
anced thereby, a relay in said circuit. a second
We claim:
circuit adapted to be controlled by said relay and
1. In an apparatus 01 thecharacter described,
the combination of a liquid container, a pair of
including a prime mover and a third circuit con
contact with the liquid in the container and ex
tending a substatnial distance above and below
counteracting the degree or unbalance or said
spaced metallic members out of direct electrical 45 trolled by said prime
a predetermined level of the liquid in such posi
_ tion that change in said level will correspond
for automatically
9. Inanapparatusotthecharacterdescribed,
liquid level sensitive means, an electrical circuit
ingly vary the capacity between said members,
adapted to be unbalanced thereby, a di?erential
an electronic oscillator connected to said mem
bers for detuning thereby and means, controlled
in turn by said oscillator, for automatically re
turning the oscillator and indicating the new
liquid level.
2. In an apparatus of the character described,
liquid level sensitive means, an electrical circuit
adapted to be unbalanced thereby. a relay in said
circuit and control means responsive to said relay
relay havingapairoicounteractingmoneccil
other coil andcontrolledbysaidilrstcircuitior
automatically rebalancing said relay and means
responsive to the second circuit tor indicating
liquid level changes.
J. OW.
A. com.
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