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‘Patented Feb. 13, 1945
asslgnor to
Daniel L. Francescon, Oak Park, 111.,
Columbian Bank Note Company, a corporation
of Illinois
Application May 20, 1942, Serial No. 443,682
3 Claims. (Cl. 40-2)
the underlying strips and may be preserved by
This invention relates to printed labels of the
type which may be attached to the wind-shield
of an automobile to indicate payment of certain
license fees or taxes.
the issuer of the form.
In the modi?cation shown in Figure 3, the up
per layers of the label are the same as described
in Figure 2, but a sheet of backing paper I0 is
The primary object of the invention is to pro
vide an improved label which can be readily at
' cemented to the paper sheet 4 by means of a suit
tached to the wind-shield of an automobile, for
able cement II, which may be water soluble, if
desired. The backing sheet is particularly de
example, but cannot be removed without destroy
sirable where the sheet 4 is made of thin cellulose
ing the form. It is common knowledge that
?bers which are not strong enough to stand rough
many of the labels now in use can be scraped
from the glass panel by means of a safety razor
It will be understood that the complete label
blade and transferred to another piece of glass
is very thin, and where a spirit gum adhesive
without destruction of the label. By the present
is used, may be applied by dipping it momentarily
invention, this cannot be done and the label is
in water and placing it in contact with glass.
'so constructed that an attempt to remove it by 15 After the label has dried, it will adhere to the
means of a solvent or by mechanical means will
glass with great tenacity and the printed matter
destroy it so that it cannot be used again.
on the face of the label will be clearly legible
Another object of the invention is to provide
through the glass. If an attempt is made to
a label where most of the printed matter, com
either scrape or soak the label loose, the printed
mon to all similar labels, is protected by a coating 20 members 9 will not come loose with the backing
of varnish, while the distinctive printed matter,
portions of the label, and accordingly the cer
such as a license number, is printed directly onto '
ti?cate is destroyed.
the adhesive, so that when applied to a piece of
The foregoing detailed description has been
glass, the number is in direct contact with the
given for clearness of understanding only, and
glass and cannot be scraped off without destroy 25 no unnecessary limitations should be understood
therefrom for some modi?cations will be obvious
ing it.
The invention is illustrated in a preferred em
to those skilled in the art.
bodiment in the accompanying drawing, in
I claim:
1. A printed label comprising: a paper sheet
rigure l is a plan view of a motor vehicle 30 having one side coated with pigment, ink-print
' license stamp embodying the invention; Figure 2,
ing over one area of said pigment, a transparent
a diagrammatic view showing the \varrous lami
varnish coating over said printing and exposed
natlons wmcn make up the label or stamp; and
pigment, a coating of soluble transparent adhe
rigure 3, a diagrammatic view of a modmed form
sive over said varnish,. and ink-printing on a
orv label or stamp wherein an additional backing 35 second area of the label over part of said adhe
paper sheet is provided.
1n the embodiment illustrated in Figures 1 and
2, a thin sheet or paper 4 is provided on one face
sive, the adhesive face of said label being appli
cable to a glass panel.
2. A printed label having an adhesive face for
with a tmn coating of pigment 5. Upon the pig 40 attachment to a transparent panel, comprising:
a thin sheet of cellulose tissue paper, pigment
ment is printed, as maicated at 6, a suitable leg
covering one face of said paper, ink-printing on
end such as the is‘tate, year, kind of stamp, etc.
one area of said pigment, a transparent varnish
Over this printing is placed a coating or varnish
coating over said printing and exposed pigment,
‘I which protects the underlying litnographmg or
ordinary prmtlng. A coating of spirit gum ad 45 and printing of non-penetrating ink on a second
area over part of said adhesive.
heslve 8 is applied over the varnish and serves
3. A license form having an ‘adhesive face for
to attach the label to the glass panel alter the
attachment to a glass wind-shield, comprising:
label has been moistened. .l'inally, non-repeat
a sheet of backing paper, a cellulose tissue paper
ing numbers or otner mclicia ll are printed on
the aunesive coating with non-penetrating ink. 60 secured to said backing paper with water soluble
cement, a coating of pigment on said tissue pa
It will be understood that if desired the im
per, ink-printing on one area over said pigment,
proved labels may be made up in strip form
a transparent varnish coating over said printing
connected end-to-end, and duplicate strips with
and exposed pigment, a coating of transparent
interleaved carbon may be assembled with the.
adhesive over said varnish, and ink-print
strips of labels. Also, if preferred, the label may
form the top of a set of. maniroldlng forms, so
that if subsequent inscriptions are to be made on
the label, such inscriptions will be duplicated on
ing on a second area over part of the surface of
said spirit adhesive coating.
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