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March 20, 1945.
Filed Aug. 19, 1942
‘ ////////z//%47/’”
__ RL.£ 67222172
Patented Mar. 20, 1945
' 2,371,831
LAYOUT AND nanny-151.001;
Robert L. Leming', Florissant, M0.
Application August 19, 1942, Serial No. 455,384
1 Claim.
(or. 77-63)
Saidclamp l8 at its lower terminals has in
This invention relates to a layout and drill V
It is aimed to provide a novel block which may
' wardly extendinglugs 23 and inwardly extending
grooves 24 are provided on the block H) at the
surfaces H to slidably and ad-justably receive
be usedin connection with work for laying out
. points different angles to each other, particu
‘such lugs.
larly 90°, and drilling them without removing
It will be noted that a hole 25 is provided longi
tudinally of .the block parallel to the bases and
that it intersects the vertical center line between
the work from the V block.
In addition, it is aimed to provide such a block
in which the work may be clamped and the cen
the surfaces l2 and I3. - The blocks may be used
ter line ascertained relatively to one base of the 10 in pairs or in any desired number in which event
rods may be engaged with the holes 25 thereof '
block, and the block turned usually 90° onto an
other base while maintaining said center line.v
‘Drilling may'be effected when the block is sup
to line up the different blocks.
ported on each base.
The more speci?c objects and advantages will
points at 90°. with‘ respect to each other and
drilling vthe same without removing the work
from the block. The accomplish this end, the
center line of the work is ascertained by sup
porting the'block while the work is clamped
become apparent from a consideration of the de
scription following taken in connection with ac
companying drawing illustrating an operative
In said drawing—-
It will be realized that the construction of th
block is such that it can be used for laying out
20 thereto, on either of the bases l3 or 14-, and
then turning the block onto another of such
bases. The center line will be maintained and
also will be 90° from the ?rst. The drilling is
accomplished in the same way. In order to drill
Figure 2 is a vertical longitudinal section taken '
25 on a 45° angle rather than a 90° angle, the block
on the line -2—2 of Figure 1 and
is supported on its base M.
Figure 3 is a plan view of the ‘block.
Referring speci?cally to the drawing wherein
The extent of the surfaces or bases l3, trans
versely of the block should be approximately at
like reference characters designate like or simi
least one-third longer than the corresponding
lar parts, the block is disclosed at l0, being gen
erally of V shape and made of any desired ma 30 dimensions of the surfaces l2 so that the center
of gravitywill not throw‘ the block off ofeither
terial, usually metal or a plastic. Said block [0
has a V groove at H which is de?ned by walls
base I3. For this reason, also, the correspond
or surfaces l2 at 90° to each other and of the same
ing surfaces that is 13-13, l2—l2 and I'l--l'l
extent transversely of the block. Parallel to the I . are equal. While the block may be of any de
sired length, yet for practical purposes, it should
walls or surfaces I2 are walls, surfaces or bases'
beat least the same length as the widest part
13, at 90° to each other and each of the same
length. Between the bases or surfaces I3, is a
Figure l is a view in end elevation of the block
in connection with work clampedin place there
wall, surface or base I4, disposed at 45° with‘
respect to them. Such surfaces I3 and M are
selectively used as bases and in orderto enable
The grooves or cutouts l5 and I6 relieve ap- ’
proximately one-third of ‘the surfaces or bases so
that foreign matter on the surface plate may be
scraped or accommodated within the same to re
them, to make better and level contact with,
supporting surfaces, they are preferably longi
duce chances of error caused by an uneven sur-.
tudinally grooved as at 15 and I6, respectively.
Various changes may be resorted to provided
The edge walls which connect the surfaces or
walls l2 and I3 are designated l1 and disposed 45 they fall within ‘the spirit and scope of the in
at 90° with respect thereto.
An inverted U-shaped clamp l8 or any equiv- '
I claim as my invention:
A layout and drill block having a relatively flat
alent, is used to secure work lsyinthe groove H,
surface to rest on a support, surfaces selectively
such work being cylindrical as shown or other
wise, same being clamped in place by the bind 50 capable of resting on a support diverging from
the ?rst-mentioned surface, other surfaces par
ing of a screw 20 against the same. Such screw
allel to the diverging surfaces to form a work
2|] is screw threaded to the clampl8 and has
receiving V, and means adjustably mounted by
an externally knurled head 2| and also an open
the block to clamp the work in said V.
ing 22 therethrough to accommodate the rod or
other element to facilitate turning.
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