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i Patented July 3l, 1945
Carl E. Lebrecht, San Antonio, Tex.
Application November 28, 1942, Serial No. 467,228
1 Claim. (C1. 312-80)
This invention relates to dispensing devices and
plate 5 for carrying one card at a time toward a
has particular reference to apparatus for dispens
horizontal opening slot I i in the front of the card
ing cards and pencils at the saine time.
container I0. Another slot i5, in the housing
By placing such a machine outside a display
front 3, also accommodates the card as it is moved
window at night, a customer may use the card and
by the ejector plate 5.
pencil for placing an order for articles he wishes
A pencil container I6 is supported from the
to purchase. The purpose of the hereinafter de
upper portion of the container I0 .by any con
scribed machine is to make the placing of such
venient means such as the illustrated brackets I1.
written orders convenient, and at the same time
The lower front of the container I6 is provided
prevent pilfering of the cards and pencils. To this 10 with a stop chamber I8, as illustrated in Figure 2,
end the device is made coin operated, the value
and the back I9 of the pencil container is in
of the coin being refunded to the purchaser by
clined and is hinged at its upper edge to the sides
the seller. An object of the invention is to pro
of the container I6. It is constructed so as to
vide, in a dispensing machine of„this character,
provide an opening 20 the width of a pencil at the
means for dispensing both a pencil and a card by 15 bottom of the container I6.
one operation.
Another object is to provide means for agitating
the pencils in the pencil container so as to pre
On opposite lower sides of the pencil container
I6 there are rigidly attached channel shaped
guides 2l for slidably engaging the extending ends
vent clogging- of the pencils before passing into
of a pencil release 22. The latter is designed to
the pencil release.
20 open and close the opening 20 of the container
In the drawing, Figure 1 is a fragmentary front
I6. The forward end has an elongated member
view of my invention showing the pencil container
23 with a vertical slot 24 therethrough to accom
and accompanying pencil ejector partially in ver
modate the length of one pencil at a time. Im
tical section. Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view
mediately below the slot 24, but not extending to
taken at a right angle with respect to Figure 1. 25 the bottom of the stop chamber I8, there is a
Continuing with a more detailed description
baiîie 25 attached to the lowermost sides of the
of the drawing, the numeral I generally desig
pencil container IB as shown in Figure 2.
nates a box like container for housing the device.
Rigidly connected to the pencil release 22,
Bracketl assemblies 2 are attached to the con
which is movable, there is an angular plate 26
tainer front 3 horizontally supporting a plate 4.
extending horizontally lbeneath the pencil con
A slidable ejector plate 5 rests on the upper side of
tainer I6 and is of such length that it will extend
the supporting plate 4 and is secured against lat
in the forward movement to cover the opening in
eral motion by parallel longitudinal giudcs 8 ñxed
the bottom of the stop chamber I8. Recoil
on opposite sides of the supporting plate 4. The
springs 2l connect the release 22 with the con
ejector plate 5 has an integral and depending 35 tainer supporting brackets Il.
actuating rod l near its center. A slot 8, parallel
An operating arm 28 is secured to the upper
to the guides 6, is provided in the supporting plate
back of the ejector plate 5 by means of a hurl
4 to accommodate the actuating rod l.
zontal connecting arm 28a. The operating arm
The coin operated plunger mechanism, general
28 extends diagonally and upwardly toward the
ly designated by the numeral 9, may be of any 40 top of the backing plate I2, where it is horizon
of the numerous types known to the art, be it
tal, and passes through an opening I2a in the
sufficient to operate the actuating rod 'l within
said plate. The upper end of the operating arm
the limits deñned by the slot 8 in the supporting
28 terminates in a transverse portion 28h, which
plate 4.
serves the double purpose of contacting and mov
A rectangular card container I0 is attached to 45 ing an agitator arm 29 .extending downwardly
the upper sides of the guides 6 and is provided
from the back I9 of the pencil container i6, and
with a slot I I in the front end thereof. The lower
the purposelof contacting and actuating the an
portions of the sides of the container I0 extend
gular plate 2S to which the members 22 and 23
toward the rear of the device as shown in Figure 2,
are attached. The movement of the hinged back
and receive therebetween‘a removable back I2. 50 I9 need be only slight since its only function is
The latter is frictionally engaged by the sides of
to prevent the pencils from becoming clogged in
the container opening 20.
the container I0 and is for the convenient re
placement of the cards I3.
In operation, the actuating rod 'I is moved for
A step cut shoulder I4 the thickness of one card
ward by the coin operated mechanism 9. Thus.
is formed in the front upper side of the ejector 55 the shoulder I4 in the ejector plate 5 moves the
lowermost card I3 partially through the slot I5
in the iront 3 from where it may be taken by
the purchaser. At the same time the operating
arm 2E is moved forward to contact and actuate
the pencil release 22 and the angular plats 26,
causing a pencil in the slot 24 of the release 22
to move into the stop chamber I8 where it falls
onto the angular plate 26. Upon release of the
mechanism 9, the pencil falls into an inclined
trough 3i). There is an opening 3l in the front 3
to accommodate the trough 30 and the width of
a pencil whereby the latter may roll to the outer
end of the said trough outside of the device. The
trough 36 is secured to the front of the card con
tainer IU and lto the lower edge of the housing
opening 3i.
Upon release of the plunger mechanism 9y the
horivontally slidable plate in the housing having
an upwardly and forwardly directed arm, a pen
cil container having a hinged inclined rear wall
and spaced at its lower end from the front wall of
the container to provide a bottom opening, a
horizontally slidable release member having an
open top and bottom chamber normally under
lying said container opening to receive a pencil,
a fixed plate normally covering said open bottom,
a downwardly inclined trough plate extending
from said stationary plate to said dispensing
owning; a downwardly and rearwardly extend»
ing plate secured to the said hinged rear wall of
the container, said last named plate having an
upwardly curved lower end, whereby when said
iirst named plate is moved forwardly said up~
wardly extending arm rides under said lower
curved end of the plate extending downwardly
recoil springs 21 reposition the pencil release 22
from said container rear wall to rock said rear
which then receives another pencil in its slot 24.
Similarly, the shoulder il of the ejector plate 5 20 wall to agitate the pencils in said container, said
upwardly extending arm thereafter engaging
is repositioned to accommodate the next lower
said release member to move it forwardly so that
most card.
said open bottom chamber travels past the for
A slot 32 is provided in the housing l to re
ward edge of said stationary plate to drop a pen
ceive the cards after they have been written upon.
What I claim is:
25 cil onto said trough to roll out through said dis~
In a dispensing machine, a housing having a
dispensing opening in the front wall thereof, a
pensing opening.
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