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Aug. 7', 1945.
Filed Aug. 5, 1941
2,380,961 .
Patented Áug. 7, 1.945. v
FUEL surname ArPAnA'rUs
’ Johnny w. Fyksen, Rawlins, Wyo.
_ Application August- 5, 1941, Serlai No. 405,5¿2
5 Claims. (ci. 48-3)
This invention relates Mto generally heating
ated within the tank or reservoir I may be read
torches, and has as an'object to provide a torch
of the acetylene type, in `connection with which
means is provided for enriching the gaseous mix
vture for the torch with gasoline or kindred vola
tile fuel.
ily and conveniently determined.
The bore 9 of the carry-ofi’ pipe 6 delivers
within the upper portionof a container Il of
suitable dimensions and which is preferably of
. glass, although it is to be understood that the
It is also an object of the invention to provide
invention is not to be limited to any particular
material. Depending from the bottom wall of
.acter and which can be employed with particular
this container III is an outletl nipple II, the iiow
advantage in welding.
_ .
10 through which is under control of a conventional
The invention consists in the details of con
' valve I2.
struction and in the combination and arrange-4
Extending _upwardly from theplpe 8 is an up
ment oi theseveral parts _ofmy improved heat
standing discharge pipe I4 for the vfuel mixer.
ing torch whereby certain important advantages
Within the upper portion of the container I0 is a
are attained, as ill be hereinafter more fully
suction tube I5 having its inserted end portion
ldisposed downwardly, as at I6, within the con
In order that my invention may be the better
tainer I0 to extend below the level o! the gasoline
understood, I will now proceed to describe the
-within the container I0. This tube I5 is con
same with reference to the accompanying draw
tinued by a port I‘l which communicates with
ing. wherein:
20 the bores I8 of the discharge pipe Il. The wall
Figure 1 is a view in elevation, with portions
of the tube I5. at the top of the depending por-_
broken away, of a heating torch constructed- in
tion I6, is provided with an opening I9. The‘
accordance with an embodiment of my inven
now out through the tube I5 to the port I'I of the
a torch of this kind which is portable in char
` pipe I4 is under control of a conventional"I valve 20.
Figure 2 is an enlarged fragmentary view, 25 Carried by the upper end of the discharge pipe
partly in section and partly in elevation, particu
Il is a. hollow spherical member 2| providing a
larly illustrating the means herein comprised for
chamber which serves to catch any overflow or
fffw‘?/mixing a volatile fuel with the acetylene gas;
vexcess gasoline. The member 2I is provided with '
a discharge nipple 22 to which is coupled an an
Figure 3 is a detailed sectional View 'of the .iet 30 gular pipe iìxture 23. Leading from this ñxture
taken substantially on.the line 3-4 of Figure 1.
23 is a. nexible hose 24 provided at its outer end
with a Jet nozzle 2_5, said nozzle 25 being formed
As disclosed _in the accompanying drawing, I
to provide a hand hold 26. With the valves `I and
denotes a tank or reservoir'of desired dimensions
20 open the acetylene gas generated within the
and preferably of a ilve gallon capacity, al
though lt is not desired to limit the invention in 35 tank-or reservoir I will pass through the bore of
this respect. The wall of this tank or reservoir I Y v the pipe 6 into the container I0 and through the
opening I9 into the port I1 and out through the
carries, .at a desired point, a conventional valve
controlled- iilling stem 2 to provide means where'
pipe Il and its associated parts to the jet nozzle
25. This travel oi' the acetylene gas will also
by water or air may be forced within the tank
or reservoir I as desired.
40 result in drawing up through the depending por- _
The-top wall 3 ‘o_i‘ the tank or reservoir I is
provided with a relatively large opening 4 which
is normally closed by a- plug 5, or otherwise as
may be preferred. This opening 4 constitutes. 45
an entrance whereby carbide may be placèd_
within the tank or reservoir _I as required.
In communicationv with and extending later
the container III, and thereby materially enrich
ing the fuel when delivered to the jet nozzle 26, '
thus assuring an effective name.
From the foregoing description it is _thought »
to be obvious that a heating torch constructed '
in accordance with my invention is particularly
_ ally from'the upper portion' of the reservoir or
well adapted for use by reason of the convenience
and facility with which it' may be assembled and
tank I, and supported by the wall thereof, is a
carry-of! pipe 8, the now through which being
'under control of a conventional valve 1. Thepipe
6, at a'point between the tank or reservoir I and
the valve‘l, has in communication therewith a
gauge 8 whereby the vpressure of the gas gener
tion I6 of the suction tube I5 a certain amount
of the gasoline or kindred volatile liquid within
I claim:
1. Apparatus for supplying fuel to a burner,
comprising a tank for fuel gas ur ier pressure, an
a A f «1: ‘ fuel tank in which liquid fuel i» main
_ 3. Apparatus for‘supplying fuel to a burner.
tained at a predetermined level, means for con
ducting gas under pressure from the first tank
into the _auxiliary tank above said level, a suction
tube disposed vertically in the auxiliary vtank and
having one open end near the bottom of the aux
comprising a tank designed to contain fuel gas
under pressure, an auxiliary tank designed to
contain a liquid fuel at a prescribed level, a cou
Dling member between the twoV tanks and having
two passages therein, each passage leading at one
iliary tank and leading out therefrom above the
end into the auxiliary tank above said level. one
fuel level, means connected with the other end of
passage leading from the gas tank and the other *
said tube for conducting fuel to the burner,v and
passage opening laterally through said coupling
an inlet opening in the tube above the liquid level
membena suction tube in the auxiliary tank and
by which the fuel gas under pressure may pass 10 having two right angularly related portions, one
into said conducting means.
of said tube portions being connected in the said
2. Apparatus for supplying fuel to a burner,
other- passage and the other portion extending
comprising a. tank for fuel gas under pressure, an
> downwardly [email protected] the tank to a point adjacent the
auxiliary fuel tank in which liquid fuel is main
bottom thereof, tubular means connected to the
tained at a predetermined level, means for con
lateral opening end of said other passage for con
ducting gas under pressure from the first tank
ducting fuel to the burner, and said suction tube
into the auxiliary tank above said level, a suction ~ having an opening therein in the convex side of
tube disposed vertically in the auxiliary tank and
the-angle between the two portions thereof for
having a portion opening at one end near the
admitting gas into and substantially on the axis
bottom of the tank and having a portion of`its
line of the said one of the tube portions.
other end extending laterally through the wall of
` the auxiliary tank, pipe
means _ connected with
4. Apparatus as setv forth in claim 3, in which
the said tubular means has a portion extending
-the said other end of the tube for conducting fuel
vertically from the coupling member and includes
to the burner, and the wall of the'tube having an
as a part of its structure a globe designed to re
opening therein in a position to admit fuel gas 25 ceive liquid fuel which may be drawn into the
under pressure from the upper part of the auxil
tubular` means to prevent passage of such liquid
iary tank at the angle between the two portions
fuel to the burner.
of the tube and in line with the second portion of
5. Apparatus as set forth lin claim 3, and with a
the tube, whereby to create a suction effect
valve in each of said' two. passages for
through the first mentioned portion of the tube 30 shut-off
controlling the flow of fuel therethrough.
to draw liquid fuel therethrough and into the fuel
conducting means.
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