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Aug. 7, 17945. '
2,381,159 .
Filed Aug. 9, 1944
' Patented Aug. 7, 1945 I
Elmo Hall, Denver, c010.
ApplicationAugust 9, 1944, Serial No. 548,675
4 Claims. (01. 223-91)
to an enlarged scale and shows more clearly the
This invention relates to improvements in coat
hangers and has reference more particularly to
a hanger that can be employed in connection with,
construction of the parts;
Figure 6 is a section taken on line 6-6, Fig
ure 5;
skirts and stockings as well as with coats.
Figure ‘7 is a section taken on line ‘I—-'i, Fig
The ordinary coat hanger is usually made from
wire and has two oppositely extending arms pro- ‘
ure 6;
I .
Figure 8 is a section taken on line 8—B, Fig
ure 1, and illustrates one form of a clip that is
vided at their center points with a hook by means
of which the hanger can be supported frbm a
suitable for use with the hanger; and
bar or other supporting means. Such coat hang
Figure 9 is a side elevation looking in the direc
ers are well known and are often provided with 10
tion of arrow. 9, Figure 8. ‘
clothes pins or other clips for supporting trousers.
It .is the object of this invention to produce a
modi?ed and improved form of coat hanger
In the drawing, reference numeral Ill desig
hates a supporting bar and extending down
wardly from this bar is a hanger constructed in
justably connected with the supporting element 15 accordance with this invention. The hanger
consists of a vertical supporting element l i having
so, that they may project in four separate direc
a hook l2 that engages the supporting bar. Se
tions and spaced ninety degrees apart, or which
cured to the supporting element are two disks I3
' may be folded into the form of an ordinary coat
and It. These disks may be duplicates, or they
hanger in which two of the arms project from
may differ slightly from each other in a manner
opposite sides of the supporting means.
which will hereinafter appear. Each disk has
‘ ‘Another object of this invention is to produce
been shown as provided‘with four holes l5 that
a coat hanger‘which can be readily disassembled
are spaced ninety degrees apart. The disks are
for transportation and which will therefore be
which is provided with four arms that are ad
well adapted for travelersras it ‘can be packed
into a small space when not in use.
secured to the supporting element H by means
26 of solder or other means It. The ‘means for se
Another object of this invention is to produce
a coat hanger in which the four arms can be po
curing the disks i3 and it to the bar II, which
has been shown in the drawingyis merely illus
trative, and any other suitable means for this
sitioned, either at right angles towards each other,
purpose may be employed. The disks should pref
or in substantially parallel planes and which is
erably be so secured to bar ii that they lie in
provided with means for holding them in either 30 planes perpendicular t’ the supporting element.
. of the two positions.
A still further obj ect of the invention is to pro
duce a coat hanger in which the arms are so con
In Figure 6, a top plain view of disk It has been
shown and from this it will be observed that de
pressed areas ll extend radially from the holes
structed that they can not be easily disconnected
35 l5. When the supporting arms, which will pres
, from the supporting element.
ently be described, are in position, they will be
The above and other'objects that may become
held in radial position by these depressions. Ex
apparent as this description proceeds are attained ~ tending at angles 10 to the depression ll, are
by means of a construction and an arrangement
other depressions 18 that serve to hold the arms
of parts that will now be described in detail and 40 in the position shown in Figure 4. The support
for this purpose reference will be had to the ac
ing arms, of which four have been shown, are
companying drawing in which the invention has
formed from a steel wire which is preferably
quite resilient and of considerable strength. The
been illustrated in its preferred form, and in
. arms are bent into what may- be loosely desig~
Figure 1 is a perspective view of the hanger 45 nated V-shape, the vertices being indicated by
showing the parts in expanded position;
Figure 2 is a top view‘of the hanger shown in
Figure 1, looking in the direction of plane 2-2,
Figure 1;
reference numerals 19. The lower,.or compres
sion element ofveach arm has been designated by
reference numeral 20 and the tension element by
reference numeral 2|, That portion designated
Figure 3 is a side elevation of the hanger show 50 by 20 is somewhat shorter than 21 so that when
the arms are vin position, the parts 20 will lie
ing the same in folded position and looking in the
substantially in the same plane. The ends of
direction of arrow 3-3, Figure 4;
parts 20 have .a compound curve-as indicated at
Figure 4 is a top plan- view looking in the di
rection of arrow 4, in Figure 3;
Figure 5 is a fragmentary diametrical' section
22 in Figure 5 and terminate in an end portion
23 that lapsthe under surface of the plate i3.
The ends of the tension elements are bent down
wardly as indicated at 24 and terminate in a short
hook’ 25. The arms are normally much closer to
gether than shown in the drawing and therefore
when they are spread apart and positioned be
tween the disks #3 and 14, there results a force
tending to move them towards each other and
this force serves to prevent accidental disconnec
of the holes l5 are su?lcient to permit the hooks
25 to be withdrawn when disconnection is desired.
Attention is also directed to the fact that holes
[5 are elongated in a direction substantially per
pendicular to the radii passing through them and
that the offset ends 25 and 23 are longer than
the width of the holes and shorter than the length
of the holes. With this arrangement, the corre-,
sponding ends of the arms can be'inserted and
tion. The hook 25 serves to prevent ready re
moval and therefore functions to hold the arms 10 removed only when the planes of the- arms are
in place. Slidably connected with each arm is a
parallel with. the longitudinal axis of the holes.
spring clip 26 which may be of the construction
This relationship is necessary for one of the disks
shown in Figures 8 and 9 or of any other suitable
only because an offset end like 23 in Figure 5‘
construction. Various types of spring clips are
can be inserted into a round hole of slightly larger
available on the market and the one shown is
merely illustrative of means and can be replaced
by any other mechanical equivalent.
size as long as the other end is not attached to the
other disk ‘because the arms can then be tilted
to effect this-insertion. Since the disks can as
well be duplicated, they are usually so made.
When a skirt is to be supported, the arms are
arranged as in Figure 1 and the skirt is buttoned
Having described the invention what is claimed '
and suspended from the hanger in the manner 20 as new is:
indicated by dotted lines in Figure 1. Stockings
1. VA combined coat and skirthanger compris
can be suspended from the clips 26 or any other
ing, a supporting bar adapted for vertical suspen
garment can be suspended by means of these
sion, two disks secured to the bar in ?xed spaced
clips. If a coat or similar article is to be sup
relation, in planes perpendicular to the bar, the
ported, the arms canbe moved into the position 25 disks having the same number of equiangularly
shown in Figure 4, whereupon the device func
tions like the ordinary coat hanger and is of
great strength because there are two arms ex
spaced holes, the disks being arranged with the
corresponding holes positioned in the same di
ametrical plane, forming cooperating pairs, and
tending from each side; When the parts are in
a V-shaped supporting arm for each pair of holes,
the position shown‘in Figure 4 the arms are rest 30 the limbs of each arm terminating in hooks lying
ing in the depressions 18, which serve to hold
in the plane of the arm and extending in the
them in the position shown.
same direction, for engagement in the upper and
From the above description, taken in connec
lower hole of each pair. the hook on the lower
tion with the drawing, it will be apparent that the
limb being forwardly and downwardly inclined,
coat and skirt hanger which has been described 35 the upper limb having a downwardly extending
above has some marked functional advantages
end portion for insertion in the corresponding
over the ordinary hanger more particularly in
hole in the upper‘ disk.
this, that it can be readily employed for support
2. A device in accordance with claim 1 in ‘which
ing skirts and when the latter are in position
the upper surfaceof at least one of the disks has
thereon, they are kept from wrinkling and the 40 depressions extending radially from each hole to
inner surface is spread apart so as to facilitate
position the supporting arms and hold them in a
aeration and in case a skirt is to be dried, this
radial position.
device serves admirably as a support during the
drying period.
the upper surface of at least one of the disks has
Particular attention ~is‘called to the positioning
depressions extending radially from each hole to
depressions l1 and I8 which form a useful func
tion in connection with the type of hanger above
described. The hooks 25, at the ends of arm
members 2|, together with elongated openings I 5,
like those shown in Figure 6, also perform a new
and useful function in preventing the arms from
being accidentally disconnected. It is evident that
position the supporting arms and hold them in a
radial position and other depressions ‘extending
outwardly in a direction slightly inclined towards
a common- diameter.
4. A device in accordance with claim 1 in which
the holes in at least one of the disks are elongated
in a direction substantially perpendicular to the
any force tending to disconnect the arms must op
‘ corresponding radii and in which the ends of the
erate in the direction of arrow 21 in Figure 3 and
supporting arms have offset ends greater in
this tends to move the upper portion of the arm 55 length than the width of the holes and less than
inwardly, whereupon the hook 25 will become
operative and prevent detachment. The lengths
their length.
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