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Aug. 14, 1945.
Filed April 8, ‘1943
771500025 6‘. Ger/9,427‘
Patented Aug. 14, 1945
Theodore C. Gevaart, Kiel, Wis.‘
Application April 8, 1943, Serial No. 482,261
2 Claims. (01. 229-14)
This invention relates to improvements in car
tons and packages.
~ It is the primary object of the invention to pro
vide a satisfactory carton and package for the
opening of the carton in a manner which will not
break the foil wrapper. Other objects of the in
vention will be more apparent from the follow
ing disclosure thereof.
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 shows a carton embodying the invention
merchandising of processed cheese which will be
more economical and more desirable forthe pur
pose than the wooden packages now almost uni
as it appears with the cover open in readiness to
versally employed for the. purpose.
receive the lining and cheese contents, the car
- ton being illustrated in perspective.
My invention is concerned in part with mate
rials and in part with structure. It is my objec 10
Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the completed
tive to provide a carton which can be easily opened
package resulting from the use of the carton
shown in Fig. 1.
.by the consumer, preferably by cutting an end
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary longitudinal section
thereof, the carton being so designed as to be of
exceptional rigidity during ?lling and while
tlgrough the completed package at one end there
closed for merchandising, and being adapted to 15
be opened without in any way impairing the pro
Fig. 4 is a view on a reduced scale showing a
tection provided by the tissue-thin ?lm of foil or
blank suitable for the production of the carton
illustrated in Fig. 1.
Plio?lm or the like whereby the cheese is guarded
against development of mold.
Fig. 5 is a modi?ed embodiment of the inven
.The cheese is processed at temperatures such 20 tion in which the cover is separate from the car
as to maintain it melted. While still molten, it
ton, the carton, box and cover being shown
is poured into cartons for packaging. The car
tons are lined with foil or Plio?lm or the like
against which the surface of the cheese is molded
as it hardens. Since the foil customarily used has
very little tensile strength, it is essential that the
perspective prior to assembly.
Fig. v6 is a view in perspective of the package
using the carton and cover of Fig. 5, portions of
the wrapper. being broken away to expose the
interior construction.
foil be adequately supported by the carton against
the pressure of the heavy molten cheese. Even
Fig. 7 is a detail 'view in longitudinal section
fragmentarily illustrating one end of a package
after the cheese sets, it never becomes so hard
slightly modi?ed from that shown in
but that it is readily deformable and even a slight 30
Like parts are identi?ed by the same reference
' deformation of the block of cheese may result in >
tearing the foil wrapper. Accordingly, the carton
characters throughout the several views.
The carton material is preferably corrugated
board because the construction herein contem
must be sufficiently rigid to provide adequate sup
port for the contents during transportation and
plated is such as to provide for cutting off an en
35 tire end of the carton in the operation of opening
Since any break in the foil wrapper will allow
it. The corrugated board is easily cut but pro
mold to develop, it is very desirable that even in
vides the necessary rigidity required of a carton
the opening of the carton the foil wrapper should
to satisfy the objectives of this invention. While
not be damaged but should be left intact over
other material may be found which will be satis
the unused portion of the cheese until the con 40 factory, corrugated board is far superior to any
tents are completely consumed.
presently known material.
Because of the relatively ‘high expense of
To make up the package shown in Figs. 1, 2 and
wooden boxes, numerous efforts have been made
3, the corrugated board is cut, into the blank
in the past to devise an acceptable carton made
shown in Fig. 4; which provides at I5 a bottom
of other materials. Such attempts have hereto 45 panel and at I6 a somewhat longer front panel.
fore not met with acceptance, usually for the rea
The back panel ll corresponds in dimensions to
son that the carton, if strong enough to support
the front panel, as does also they cover panel l8
the cheese during pouring and transportation,
and the ?ap 19.
would not only be expensive but difficult to open
At the end of the carton which is to remain
without tearing or cutting the protective foil.
50 permanently closed, the bottom I5 is provided
The present invention solves the problem of
with an end panel 20 which is turned up between
providing an inexpensive carton and package by
the front panel l6 and the back panel I‘! to con
employing corrugated board in a novel design in
stitute the end of the carton. The front and
which the strength of that material is advanta
:back may respectively vbe provided with half
geously employed while providing for the ready 55 panels 2| and 22 which are folded across the end
panel 20 and glued thereto in substantially
for a knife to penetrate between the false wall
25 and the multiple ply end wall. The only rea
butting relation, as indicated in Fig. 1. When
the cover of the carton is closed, an end panel
son for preferring the use of a space of the order
23 carried by the top panel I8 will be folded
of that indicated in Fig. 3 is to accommodate ir
regular movements of the cutting knife. Ob
viously, an inexperienced housewife may not al-_
_ down exteriorly and glued to the half panels 2!
and 22, to complete a three ply end for the pack
age. The ?ap l9 carried by the cover panel 18
will overlie the front panel “5 of the box to com
plete a two ply front for the completed package.
ways make her out exactly in the plane indicated
by the lines 32 on the exterior of the package.
Any reasonable deviation from the plane so indi
As already indicated, the bottom [5 is some 10 cated will be accommodated if the space -3l is
what shorter than the front, back and cover
‘made as wide as illustrated.
panels. It is provided at 25 with a false end panel
which, when folded upwardly, lies between the
Fig. 5 shows a construction very similar to that
above illustrated except that the cover is sep
front and back walls l5 and l‘! of the box. Out
arate and, instead of being adhesively secured,
side of it and preferably in spaced relation to it, 15 it depends on a wrapper adhesively secured to
as indicated in Fig. 3, the true end of the carton
maintain the cover in place upon the box.
is formed bynthe end panels 26 and 21 and 28
The construction of the box proper is exactly
which are respectively connected with the front,
as above described and the same reference char
back and cover and which, in the completed box,
acters are applied ‘thereto. The cover panel I80
are lapped and adhesively Joined in the construc
is, however, made from a separate blank and is
tion shown in Fig. 3.
provided with a back panel l8l in addition to the
From the rigid three ply end wall thus formed,
end panels 230 and 280 and the front ?ap panel
the false end 25 is spaced. It is rigidly positioned
?rst by its connection with the bottom I5, and
Fig. 7 shows a further modi?cation in which the
secondly, by a flange 30 which is turned out 25 sides of the box are slightly higher with reference
wardly in the top of the intervening space 3| to
to the contents to leave a shallow space into which
engage the three play end wall, as shown in
the ply I82 of cover I83 is received. The cover
Fig. 3.
is su?iciently large to overlie all side margins
while the ply I82, laminated to the cover, ?ts
Exteriorly, in addition to any other printing
which may appear thereon, the blank is prefer
within the side walls to hold the cover against
ably‘ provided with lines 32 indicating the point 30 lateral displacement. Whether the Fig. 5 con
at which a knife out should be made to open the
carton. These lines register with the space 3|
between the triple ply end wall of the package
and the false end 25v against which the cheese
struction or the Fig. 7 construction is used, the
wrapper is relied upon to hold the box and cover
in assembly.
With the box lined with foil, as indicated at 33,
and ?lled with cheese 35, the cover is placed over
the box and is there held by an.external wrapper
36 on which the cutting line 320 is printed. The
wrapper closes the bottom of the space 3| which,
pletely sever the end. This will permit the false
in construction shown in Figs. 1 to 4, is down
wall 25 to be swung outwardly as a door and the
wardly open. The wrapper may also present a
cheese, fully wrapped in the liner, may be with
more ?nished appearance but, obviously, the
drawn from the carton without damage to the
package shown in Figs. 1 to 4 may also have an
liner. Moreover, the cheese and liner may be
external wrapper, if desired. The wrapper is par
reinserted in the carton and the carton substan
tially closed by folding the false wall or door 25 45 ticularly illustrated in the construction shown in
back to its original position in the otherwise open . Figs. 5, 6 and 7 because it contributes structur
liner abuts. Obviously, the package may readily
be opened by simply passing a knife through the
carton in. registry with the opening 31 to com
end of the package.
The false wall structure provides adequate sup
port for the liner while the molten cheese is being
poured into the carton. As indicated in Fig. 1, 50
the carton has two ply end walls throughout at
the time the cheese is being poured. This is with
out consideration of the foil or ?lm, which does
not contribute to the strength of the package but,
on the contrary, requires support. When the
cheese is poured, the foil or ?lm liner is folded 55
above the cheese and the cover panel i8 is folded
across the top, and the end panels 23 and 28_ and
the front cover panel 19 are glued to the box
ally to the assembly of the package, the wrapper
being wholly depended on, in this suggested or
ganization, for holding the cover to the box
It will be apparent to those skilled in the art
that numerous changes in constructional detail
may be made without departing from the essence
of this invention. It will further be apparent that
the construction disclosed provides exceptional
strength while at the same time facilitating the
opening of the complete package in a manner
which will assure against the scratching or break
age of the delicate foil which protects the con
tents. The availability of the false end 25 for
proper to complete the package.
Such a package has been found to be adequately 60 temporarily closing the opened package after the
strong to withstand all shocks and stress involved
multi-ply end wall thereof has been wholly sev
in shipment and transportation. The corrugated
ered, will also be appreciated by those skilled in
board, particularly in the multiple plies of thick
the art,
ness involved in the structure shown, is excep
I claim:
tionally strong and yet it is only necessary to cut 65
1. A cheese box of the character described
the maximum of two plies at any point in order
comprising spaced side walls and a bottom some
to completely ‘sever the end of the carton in the
what shorter than said side walls, and means
plane of the space 3|.
providing end walls connecting said side walls
The use of the spacing ?ange 30 is optional. 70 and spaced from said bottom at one end of the
By reducing the length of the front, back and top
box, the bottom of the box at said last mentioned
panels, to more closely correspond to the length
end thereof being provided with a false end ?ap
of the bottom panel of the carton, the width of
extending upwardly within the box and provided
space 3| may be reduced or, if desired, may be
with means spacing it from the end wall means
substantially eliminated, leaving barely clearance 75 at the top of the box, said box having between
said last mentioned end wall means and said false
end ?ap a downwardly opening knife-receiving
compartment, substantially the entire remainder
of the box gomprising an upwardly opening
cheese-receiving compartment.
2. A cheese box of the character described
comprising spaced end walls and an integrally
connected bottom wall extending therebetween
and somewhat shorter than said side walls, inte
ing them with each other, a false end ?ap con
nected with the bottom wall and extending up
wardly therefrom in spaced relation to the end
?aps last mentioned and provided with a spacing
means in thrust bearing engagement with the
?aps last mentioned adjacent the top of the box.
the space between said false end ?ap and the
end ?aps last mentioned opening downwardly
and the space within the box between the false
gral ?aps closed at one end of said box between 10 end flap and the box end ?rst mentioned com
prising a cheese-receiving compartment opening
the side and bottom walls, integral ?aps connect
ed with the side walls and extending across the
other end of the box in spaced relation to the
bottom wall and provided with means connect
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