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Filed June 11, 1945
40 .
qa.‘l /7mmv mm.
Patented Aug. 28, 1945 V
v Sol Sherman,‘NewiYorlibliYf
June‘ 11, 1943', Serial No. 490,477‘ I
.3 Glaims.
(01. 224-5) ' '
Generically this invention relates to belts, but'it'
pocket or pockets adapted to carry money, per
become apparent as the description proceeds, the
invention resides
therconstruction, combina
tion and arrangement of parts, hereinafter more
f-ullydescribed ‘and claimed,‘ and illustrated in the
is more particularly directed to a belt having a
sonal papers, and the like.
, I. v
One of theprincipal objects of this invention
is the provision of a compartment belt for carry‘
ing money and other articles having compart
ment closure means, and improved means for se
curing said closure means in closed position with;
out the use of buttons, metallic fastening‘ ele-'
ments or operable connections of any nature.
Another principal object of this invention is the
provision of a compartment belt provided with a
large pocket coextensive with the belt proper and
an overlying series of extensible pockets, one wall 5
of said large pocket being provided with an ex
tension foldable over and constituting a closure
for the upper ends of all of the pockets, said ex
tension terminating in a series of flap ortongue'
portions each adaptedto overlie a respective ex
tensible pocket, and a flap or tongue retaining
means operable to permit movement of the clo
sure and flap or tongue means to and from their
accompanying drawing, in which like characters
of reference indicate like parts throughout the
several ?gures, of which:
Fig. 1 isla front elevation of one form of my
compartment ‘belt invention closed.
Fig.2 is a similar view with the closure in open
Fig. 3' is an enlarged transverse vertical section
on the 1ine-3-3 of Fig. 1.
_ r
Fig. 4 is a detail view taken on the-line 4—'4 of
' "
‘ Fig. 5 is a horizontal section on the line' 5—5 of‘
Fig. -1. '
Fig. 6 is a front elevation of‘ another form of my
invention closed.
Fig. '7 is a view similar to Fig. 6 ‘showing the clo
sure in open position.
Fig.‘ 8 is a horizontal section on the line 8—8 of
' Fig. 9 is an enlarged vertical section on-the- line
closed and secured positions without the_fopera
tion of any connecting :devices, suchasbuckles,
~. ‘Fig. 10 is-an enlarged detail. on the line vHI—HJ
snap fasteners, buttons, or other fastening ele
9-9 ofFig.'6.
Fig. 11 is a detail-section on the line ll---ll of‘
A further important object of this invention‘ is
the provision of a belt of this character having a
‘ Fig.12 is aL detail of the belt strap and yieldable
series of pockets or compartments, a closure 30
means common to all of the pockets and'operaiblei
this invention there .is shown-a compartment or
money belt A .(Figs‘. 11 to 5) ,’ formed from a one
piece'blank of fabric or. other suitable material I
constituting individual closures'for therespective
‘compartments independently operable without
regard to adjacent compartments.
In the illustrated embodiment characterizing
as a unit with respect thereof, at the same time
, 1.
and iii-the presentinstance having superimposed
Another principal object'of this invention is
thereon a suitable lining material .;2. . Said mate
rials are folded upon themselves along their sur
the provision of a belt of this character formed.
from three layers of material, one of said outer
rounding edges as shown in Fig.4, andtheir en
layers extending beyond the other layers and
gaging surfaces are cemented,sewed or otherwise
forming with the intermediate or partition layer a
suitablyunited as ‘will be well understood.
Said vmaterial I and its lining 2are folded lon
gitudinally as at_~3~to form the front and back
compartment, the other outer layerformingwith;
said partition layer a series of extendible pock
ets, said extension being foldable to provide a clo
sure for said compartment and pockets and ‘in
cluding closure portions overlying said pockets
and independently operable with respect thereto
wallsv 4 and ‘5,’ respectively. ~ The rear wall 5 is of
45 avheight‘corresponding- tor-that of wall '4 and is '
' formed withan extension 6 ‘adapted for foldable
engagement with front wall 4, and constituting a
closure .commonto'the compartments 1 and 8
means for securing said portions in closed position
and the larger intermediate compartment ' 9
without the use of manually operable fastening
elements, said means including a yieldable' and 50 formed ‘by uniting-the walls 4 and 5 by the trans
versely extending ‘lines of stitching Ill. The ex
adjustable waist encircling and belt body support
tension. 6 is. formed with the substantially ‘U
ing member attached to said body-and arranged
shaped cut out portions- ll providing the indi
in a manner adapted to compensate for the rela
vidual closure portions I2,: I 3 and‘ I4 adapted to
tive expansion of said pockets.
With these and other objects in View, which will. a normally overlie the compartments or pockets 1,
without disturbing an adjacent portion, and -
8_and 9, respectively, and constituting closure por
tions for said compartments independently oper
portions 34, 35 and 36 adapted to normally overlie ~
and to constitute closures for said compartments
able with respect to each other and closure por
or pockets 29, 30 and 3|, respectively, and inde
tion 6, as will more directly fully appear.
pendently operable with respect to each other and
The body portion of said belt A comprising the 5 the closure ‘portion 21, as will directly more fully
folded over front and back wall portions 4 and 5,
- appear .
is formed with the stiffened or stabilizing tapered
Before the front wall 24 is attached to the par
end portions | 5 extending in opposite directions
tition wall 25 it is folded inwardly on its end
beyond the closure portion 6, and united by the
edges as at 31, then outwardly‘ upon said fold
portions H .of whicli'lform the: ‘end walls ‘of the
triangularqlines of stitching Hi, thetransverse
as‘ at 348,‘ to reflect a bellows 'wco'nstruction and
compartments 1 and 8, and correspond to the lines
ments 29 and 3| and said material is similarly
which formstheglextensible.end'waHs of compart
of stitching III, which form the other ends of said; - ~_,_-§ol_ded inwardly of its compartment to form the
opposite‘ walls thereof and adjacent to such folds
vv1s similar i’folded‘itoiform the end walls of inter
A pair of loop members l8, ersiinua'mr other
suitable material to front wall 4 arerseculfedvtos
said wall by stitching l9 and positioned
, l
30, except that the portions 38
of the adjacent fold of chambers 3| and‘ 30 and
to or through the cut out portions? l I ‘when the
closure members |2, |3, and I4 are in closed posi
' 2‘9‘ and ~3?‘areintegrally connected, forming a
‘I I
_ tion'as shown in Fig. l.
‘ '20
Longitudinal-1y superimposed on said wall 4 and‘
slidablyextending through the loops 1 8 is a; strap 1
a member .20‘ ofhsimilar'material 'to said wallrror
other ‘suitable material, and? in the presenviiii'
stanceris secured'there'to lay-“the stitchingwr?i.v
Saidstra'pis adapted to encircle'th'e body or the
wearer and has suitably secured .within orieend
a; section of elastic onyieldaLblemaJteriai zur'ana
to the free end. of fwhich-is suitably secured a
stripadapted to lie ?at against the partition 25
when said adjacent compartments are empty,
said strip-being centrally connected to said par
titionlby stitching 32 .andfundtionin'g as a hinge‘
for said wall portions .38'of adjacent compart
ments, as clearly shownai'r'i Figs). 8' and‘ 11, and
25 with the foldable walls partially. extended.
collapsible} portions-.38 of thevouter end-walls of
compartments 29 and'3| are united to'partition'
wall25 and the‘ rear wall 26 by stitching 39v which
unites the three walls at their end edges.
conventional hook‘ 2i‘ ‘and-‘to the ‘other erid'lof ‘the 30 stitching
The back wall member 26 is formed with av pro‘
j ectioni extending beyond I the" lower overlapping.
link~~23 .‘for‘engagemen't width said hooki FSaid
longitudinal edges of ithe front wall 24 'and par
strap and section 20’ are attached tozthe body
tition wall 125 and is folded'upon itself along its
portion by s'aid'stitching IB‘g-a‘n‘d'frbih which point
to the hook 2| said belt constitutes a loose Hous= 35 edge forming‘ the hem 40'and-1Iisffolded'over the
lower edges of said walls24 and: 25' and with the
ing or piping’ normally ‘concealing said section 211’
hem 40 in‘overl'ying engagement withthe outer
which automatically effects adjustment of'said
surface of wall 24, said parts being united by’ a‘
encirolingportionwith respect-‘to the" body move
line of "stitching 4| and which‘ completes‘th’e
ments of the wearer. Said strap ism’ ‘the proper?
len'gthr'intermediate wits. lpoiiits of "connection ‘to 40 formation of the belt proper. ‘The walls 24 and
26 ‘are'form‘ed-witha lining '42 similar to form A,
the Wall 4 by the stitching l5 to’constitute a? flap
though the partition wall 25 is only lined on one
or closure‘ retaining m'e'a'nsfreely adjustable be
side within chamber 28.’ It is‘ apparent that it
tween said points and adapted to secure the'cldi
strap an adjusting buckle 22 and a slidableie'ye;
sure-and filap‘ ‘portions "l2, l3,
‘l‘4 'ihf‘olos'ed
position and is adjustably operable withfrespect'
to each ?apfoi'? closure ‘portion to effect its ready
opening and return to closed and secufedilipiji'silli
tion without ‘regardttoiand-independently or an_
adjacent compartment and its respective closure’;
and‘ whereby an ‘automatic c‘ompensatin’g- jahd
tensioning adjustment with respect tow?lle'd "and?
un?lled‘ compartments ‘orjfsopketsjs ‘effected , " ‘
' 1v "It‘ “is. fiirtherfappareht _ that" the. prihcipal or
main closureb‘nii'ay' be ‘moved toopeii position to
give access torallbf the pockets or any individual‘ i
closure portion?'|i2;1|3"or‘l4 may be opened and
closed’ withoutreéard' to its adjacent member or
may be lined on bothl'side‘s if desired.
A'p'air'of l'o'o'p‘ 'I'nelribersJ13v ‘of similar-or other
suitable‘material to front wall 24 are‘secured to
said‘ wallf'substantially 'central‘of its heighth by
stitching 32 and in alignment with’the out out
portions 33‘whe'n the '_closuremeinbers334_, 3‘5 and
36 ‘are in ‘closed position." Said vloops when ‘the
vportion is‘ collapsedjare substantially ‘con?
sealed by "the overlying‘ portions 31 as" shown in,
'Longitiidinally superimposed on'wall 2-4 and
slidably extendingthrough'ithe loops _43 and over
the closure pmemlier's?d,
p ‘as is astrap"
member 44,‘ vof similar material to ‘said wall or ofv
other suitable ‘material; and ‘is ‘secured at each
In Figs. v'6'vtolll'ither'e .is'sh'ow'n another‘ form
of the invention similar'in principal vto the form
end tothe belt pr'oper?by the stitching 39 which
_ is normally concealed'from ‘view. ‘Said strap‘ is
above described ‘except varying in ‘structural ar
rang'e'mént' incident to‘ a three walled striicture
has suitably secured within one end ‘afsection ‘of
and increased carrying capacity.‘
> 7
~ This form'comprises a ?‘éint‘wall 24, a' partition
adapted to’ ‘encircle the“ body of thejwearerand
elastic or; yieldable ‘material 44'andto the free‘
end'of which‘?is'siuitably secured a; conventional
wall '25,-T'aiida"'rearor backr'wau 26.’ Said rear
_~‘eatension I 21 adapted
for foldable'engagemeiit with the front‘wall 24
hook 2| and to the other end of saidstrap', an
adjusting buckle‘ 22am a~ slidable eyelink 23 for
and the partition Wall 25:10:; the'transversely ex.- ‘
strap'20 and sectioni2ll’. g, It will be ,notedthat
wall 2a is‘ formed ‘with
engagementwith ‘s'aidl'hookf Said strap “and
yieldablesectioiif?ll' are secured to- the body'por-l
and constitutes'a'common closure for the com-''
tion byithe stitchingit’llj'and the piping .and'nad
partment 285formed-by theback wan‘ 2s and par
tition wall 25, "and 'the Yoompartnleht's‘ or pockets 70 lusting action of said section 44", is. identical: ‘tov
such parts aboveudescribedl inuconnection with
29,~30=and 3| formedibyiunitih'g' ‘the front’ wall 24
tending lines Iof stitching azlgjsaid extension v2.1
is ~- formed with‘; the‘ ‘substantially _ u-shaped but
the __strap in thisjinstance, whileireely slidable',
in the loops '43; presentsja substantial loop forma
within the bellows. portions .31, and _ 38, when
out portions; 33,- :for‘ming -'the individual closure 75 ‘ ation,
compartment or ‘compartments are in extended
with the spaces between said ?ap ‘members and a
position. Said strap is of a length intermediate
waist encircling ‘belt body supporting member
its connected points 39 to retain the closures_34,
connected intermediate its, length at spaced
35, and 36 insertible thereunder in closed posié '
tion and adjustable with respect to said come”? ~
partments to compensate for ‘their extension and‘
tending toequalize the tension with respect‘
thereto during different degrees of expansionand
with respect to said loops adjustably operable to
permit ready opening and closing of the respec
tive independently operable closure portions or 10
?aps by insertion thereunder as will bewell un
points to‘ the opposite ends of the body portion,
the portion of-1said supporting member inter
mediate said points of connection therewith be
ing adapted to pass over the ?aps and loosely
through‘ the guide members to secure said flaps of
saidcom'moh closure in closed-position, said por
tion being readily adjustable through said guides
to compensate for the relative expansion of the
compartments and to facilitate the manipulation
The formation and operation of the main ‘ of the respective ?aps to open and closed posi
closure and the independently operable closure
2. In a belt, a front, a back and a partition
members and the strap and cooperating loop 15
Wall connected at their lower longitudinal edges
closure de?ning and strap retaining means are
and at their end edges constituting the body
substantially identical in both forms of the in
portion, saidfront wall being formed to con
vention. In both forms the closure securing strap
stitute a plurality of compartments within said
means is adjustable from end to end of the front
said compartments being formed with ace
wall and adjustable independently with respect 20 body,
folds forming normally collapsed exten
to each flap closure to permit easy insertion
sible end walls, the end walls of adjacent com
thereunder or removal therefrom of the closure
partments being integrally connected, said in
portion of a respective compartment, and inde
tegral connections and partition wall being con
pendently and automatically adjustable with re
nected 'in parallelism with said end connections,
spect to the body movements of the wearer. '
a guide member secured to the respective integral
From the above it is apparent that I have’
adapted to be normally substantial
designed a money belt or article carrying belt
by said collapsed end walls, said
having a plurality of compartments or pockets
back wall having an integral extension foldable
having a foldable closure common to all of the
over said front wall constituting a common clo
sure for said compartments, said common closure
compartments and including closure portions in
dependently operable with respect to certain of
being formed intermediate its ends to provide
a plurality of spaced flaps extending substantial
ly to the lower edge of said front wall, said ?aps
the compartments, and‘ means for ‘securing in
. closed position the common closure and consti
tuting an adjustable retaining means for each
of the independent closures, without the use of - -
buckles, buttons, zippers, snap fasteners or other
metallic or separable fastening means, yet simple
in construction, pleasing in appearance, adjuste
ably comfortable-to the wearer, versatile in its
adaptive use, readily accessible as to all of the
compartment, ,
manufacturable, at a minimum of cost, and effi
cient for the purpose intended.
Although in practice it has been found that the
form of the invention illustrated in the accom
panying drawing and referred to in the above
description as the preferred embodiment is the
most‘ efficient and practical, yet realizing that
conditions concurrent with the adoption of the
invention will necessarily vary, it is well to em
phasize that various minor changes in details
of construction, proportion ‘and arrangement of
parts, may be resorted to within the scope of the
appended claims without departing from or sac
ri?cing any of the principles of the invention.
Having thus described the invention, whatgis
desired protected by Letters Patent is as set
forth in the following claims:
1. In a belt, front and back walls connected
at their longitudinal lower edges and adjacent
their end edges constituting the body portion, a
being independently operable to open selectively
respective compartments without disturbing ad
jacent compartments, a waist encircling belt
body supporting member connected intermediate
its length at spaced points to said body, the por
tion of said member intermediate said points and
overlying said body being adapted to pass over
the flaps and loosely through the guide members
to secure said ?aps of said common closure in
closed position, said latter portion being adjust
able through said guides to compensate for the
relative expansion of the compartments and to
facilitate manipulation of the respective flaps to
open and closed position, and means for adjust
ably securing said encircling member about a
person’s waist.
3. In a belt, a front, a back and a partition
wall connected at their lower longitudinal edges
and at their .end edges and constituting the body
portion, said front wall being arranged to form
with said partition wall a plurality of compart
ments, said compartments being formed with ac
cordian folds forming normally collapsed exten
, sible end walls, the end walls of adjacent com
partments having integrally connected portions,
said integral connections and partition wall be
ing connected in parallelism with said end con
nections, a guide member secured to the respec
plurality of compartments intermediate said
tive integral connections adapted to be substané
walls and said end connections, said back wall
tially concealed by said collapsed end walls, said
having an integral extension foldable over said
partition and back wall forming a compartment
front wall constituting a common closure for 65
substantially coextensive with said body portion,
said compartments and including a plurality of
said back wall having an integral extension con
spaced independent ?ap closure members over
stituting a common closure foldable to close the
lying and being substantially coextensive in
length and breadth with said compartments, each 70 upper ends of all the compartments, said com
mon closure being notched intermediate its ends
of said flaps being individually operable to open
to provide a plurality of ?aps, the flaps being
and close the respective compartments without
substantially coextensive in length and breadth
disturbing the remaining ?aps, means for se
curing said ?ap members in closed position, said ' with the surfaces of the underlying compart
ments formed by said front wall and independ
means including a plurality of flexible guide
means secured to said front wall in alignment 75 ently operable to open selectively the respective
compartments,‘ a waist encircling belt‘ body sup
porting member connected intermediate its length
to the ends of said belt body, the portion of said
member overlying said ‘body being adapted to
‘pass over the ?aps and loosely through the guide
members to secure said ?aps of said common
closure in closed position, said latter portion be-‘
ing adjustable through said guides to compensate
for the relative expansion-of the compartments -
and to facilitate manipulation of the respective
?aps to open and closed position, said adjustable
portion normally forming loops between and sub
stantially concealed by said end walls, and inter
connecting means in connection with the free
ends of said encircling» member for adjustably
securing said member about a person’s waist.
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