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Sept. 25, 1945.
Filed June 25," 1944
2 sneetsrshe'et 1
I (23
. _ _ _. @
gig .2. éi'zgwéégz?m/
S?!“- ‘25h1945' '
2,385,559 '
Filed June 26, 1944 ’
2 SheIetS-Sheet 2
Patented Sept. 25, 1945
William Wenthe, Milwaukee, Wis'., assignor to
Wenthe-Davidson Engineering 00., Milwaukee,
_ Wis., a corporation of Wisconsin
Application June 26‘ 1944, Serial No. 542,223
2 Claims.
This invention relates .in general to improve
ments in service trucks, and relates more speci
?cally to various improvements in the construc
bodying the invention, may be had by referring
tion and operation of knock-down stock. room
characters designate the same or similar parts in
to the drawings accompanying and forming a
part of this speci?cation wherein like reference
trucks adapted for the transportation and stor- 55' the several views.
age of diverse articles.
The primary object of my present invention is
to provide an improved stock room truck which
is simple and durable in construction, which may
be conveniently shifted from place to place, and
which may be readily dismantled so as to occupy
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a typical‘ industrial
service truck built in accordance with the in
Fig. 2 is a front end view of the service truck
of Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary top view of one of the
minimum space for shipment.
Some of the more important speci?c objects
rear corners of the same truck, drawn to a some
of the invention are as follows:
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary top view of one of the
front corners of the truck, drawn to the same
To provide
truck an
may be
quickly and
assembled or dismantled, and which when as
sembled constitutes a sturdy stock room assem
what larger scale;
scale as Fig. 3;
Fig. 5 is a greatly enlarged fragmentary per
spective view of the lower portion of one of the
corners of the truck superstructure; and
blage capable of being transferred from one po
Fig. 6 is a similarly enlarged transverse hori
sition to another with very little effort.
zontal section through the same corner.
To provide an improved service truck super
Although the invention has been shown and
structure comprising relatively few parts which
described herein as being advantageously appli
may be conveniently assembled with the aid of a
cable to industrial stock room units mounted up
hammer, to produce a ?rm support for numerous
on wheels and which are manually transport
diverse articles, and which may be likewise dis
able, it is not my intention to thereby unneces
mantled and stacked so as to occupy only a frac
sarily restrict the utility of the improved features
tion of the assembled space.
which may be more generally applicable to other
To provide an improved manually transport
types of trucks.
able stock room on wheels the various parts of
Referring to the drawings, the improved stock
which are durable in construction, like parts of 30
room unit shown therein, comprises in general, a
which are interchangeablysimilar, and which is
main approximately rectangular truck platform
extremely ?exible in its adaptations.
or body 8 formed of'opposite side channel irons
To provide a new and useful service truck as
9, front and‘ rear transverse beams l0, and any
sembly which may be manufactured from stand
desired'number of transverse re-enforcing mem
ard structural metal stock at minimum cost and
bers rigidly interconnecting the irons 9; rear and
without the use of fastenings such as bolts,
front wheels ll, l2 respectively upon which the
screws, rivets or the like,
_ I
l '
body 8 is mounted for convenient transportation;
To provide an improved wheeled truck espe
rear and front upright corner posts l3, l4 re
cially adapted to support relatively heavy loads
spectively detachably secured to the correspond
without damaging the floors or other surfaces
ing corners of the lower frame v8; upper opposite
over which it is transported, and which may be
side bars l5 having their rear and front ends
easily turned on short radii and otherwise ma-.
detachably associated with the upper ends of the
adjacent posts l3, l4; and shelf supporting trans
To provide an improved mobile stock room
verse angle bars I6, I‘! rigidly interconnecting the
storage unit of great capacity adapted for the re
rear and front corner posts I3, M respectively.
ception of». both large or small articles of diverse
Theside channels 9 and end beams ill of the
shapes, and wherein the stored articles are freely
accessible and removable without disturbing ad
jacent articles.
lower horizontal frame or body 8 are preferably
welded to each‘ other at the four corners, and a
These and otherv objects and advantages of the 50 downwardly tapered channel-shaped socket I8 is
also rigidly attached as by welding to the chan
present improvement will be apparent from the
nels 9 and beams ID at each corner as clearly
following detailed description.
A clear conception of the various features con
shown in Figs. 5 and 6.» The rear supporting
wheels ll of the body 8 are preferably spaced
stituting the improvement, and of the mode of
constructing and of utilizing service trucks em- 55 far apart and are located relatively near to. the
r is only necessary to apply the lower wedges 2|
rear corners, while the front wheels l2 are dis
posed closely adjacent to each other near the
front central portion of the body 18. These front
of the corner posts I3, I4 to the sockets I8 of
‘the mobile body 8, and to thereafter apply the
wheels l2 may in some cases be replaced by a
sockets 24 of the upper side bars IE to the upperv ‘
single front caster wheel which is freely rotat
wedges 22 of the posts l3, [4. This simple op
'feration will provide a rigid shelf supporting su
able about a vertical axis, in a well known man
ner; and all of the wheels H, l2 are preferably
perstructure onto which the shelves 23 may be
relatively wide as shown, in orderktg provide ame
sllhs?qllentlyslid froni?the?sgideof the unit, and
ple bearing surface. ‘The truck frameor, body 8
is also provided with a manipulating and guiding
handle [9 as illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2; and:
the rear corners at least, are preferably pro!‘
vided with resilient bumpers 20 as shownin Fig‘.v
3, for the purpose of protecting the corners, Th9
body 8 may thus be rigidly ,cpnstructed of, sta
ard metal bars welded together‘, and in‘ayfa
conveniently shifted from place to place wi
aid of the handle l?‘cooperating‘with thewhe’el‘s'
thet assembled superstructure‘obviously has con
siderable capacity for the storage of diverse ar
ticles. The Wedges 2|, 22 cooperating with the
reversely tapered sockets I3, 24 respectively, will
.riiaifi'tain the structure in assembled condition
, 'butvthese wedges may obviously be
conveniently removed for disman
tlii? ‘of ligwsltri‘i'cture by merely tapping the re
movable elements with a hammer or an iron
multiplicity of transverse angle bars
ll, 12 which provide substantially a three point?
I5a ~11» which interconnect the front and rear
support for effecting short turning of the‘mobile“ 20 corner posts l3, 14, not only provide ample shelf
unit. '
supporting means; but~ also..prev.ent side,~ displace
The front andrear. upright cQm€.1'..p0§ts. 13-,
merit: ofethe; cor'nenlposts; and the . welded: con
limay he formed of suitablelengths ofstandard
struction which is;usedi:throughoutixthe; assem
angleiryon; and each oflthe'se, nostsihaswa, tapered
blage, eliminates. possible .looseriingof parts; due
end member or channeI-shapedL-Wedse, 2:! ‘rigidly 25 to- displacement of} screws,- ' bolts, rivets; ortother
attached to itslowerextremityzas by Weldina and
adapted to he snugly ,slip-?ttechinto,thaadiacent
From; the foregoing.detailedadesgcription it .will
tapered lower socket l8 as depicted in; Figs. 5
be apparent that; the “present. inventionprovides
and 1.6“ The upperextremity; of each‘ corner post
an extremely: simple. vcompaotiandidurable.5 erviee
l3, I4 is also provided with a similar emimems 30 truckq assemblage; which can. be;v most; conven
her or channel-shaped wedeel?gtrigidly. attached
iently v assembled tor. dismantled without “that use
thereto, as,,but1theseupner Wedges
22 are tapered reversely of the glowerwedges 21!.
Theitwo rear corner postsl3;;arei'igicl1yintercon
‘of special tools andiwith,‘minimumzlossiofitime.
angle bars 16 which are Welded tosgthe posts‘ l3;
and; the two. front. comer. nests "tare likewise
rigidly united bvmeans of; the front; shelf ‘sup
porting anele?barsi U. which are. also welded to
gle- andichannela'bars' utilized'iin the structure
provide! an T extremely "strong- and rigid? storage
The: assemblage 1 can; obviously. be .r'na'nufacturcd
‘at relatively low cost-tduev to theme ofrstandard
nested. by meansqofgtheirear sheltsuppexting 35 commercial tbar~~sectiohs throughout; ‘and the an
unit; ‘The provision-Inf iwidelyrspa'ced :rear “wheels
I l and , centrallyllocatedifrontt wheels. I 2~~aenables
these posts The QQlTII?PQD?iIlE, angle bars l6, 40 the mobilev unit a; be‘ readily- manipulatedsand
ll of the front andrear assemblages; are, pref~
‘turned on short‘ radii», amt-thee use- 'of the wide
erably 'disnosedparallelto andin horizontal, alime
ment ‘with eaeheother, seas to. permit reedvinvw
faced’ wheels Hi; [21 also ‘ protects» thet?oors. over
which‘ thelunia is transportedU The improved
SQlftiQlL of ‘one .onmere shelves: 233. as ‘Fiat 1,. ‘and
assemblage has \proven, highly satis
any desired. number 0f; shelf; supporting 45 _ factoryandlsuccessfullin actual commercial use,
I‘ 6-, vI 1 i may‘ be provided. The upper 0121395112.‘?
and? fisiobviously extremely. flexible :in its adapta
side .bars._.l.5:may_elso be formed of standardtan:
sister's-channel iron, andeachiof thes.e,.bars;,l5
ze-r?ermlrattaehed to.‘ each; of,
tions and can accommodate‘articles of various
sizes] and» shapes within relatively limited- space.
has an upwardly tapered channel sectioned smket
by weldinsl. Thesesockets .2-slgare-adanted to be.
snug-1y, slipe?ttedt .ohtoithe adjacent lull-P111: wedges
construétionlor-t'to thefpreéfse mode of ‘use; here
in shown and~»desc7ri;béd;-'for'- various-line‘ i?e'ations
Within rthesqopé of-l'tlie appended eiaimsimay oc
22.. of ,the corner. posts , l3, Ht; . and, while. . the
Wedses?; 22 normally frictiohallv coactwith
the. adjacent sockets a l:8,-_ 24;;respectively. t.0;.pro.. 55
vide azrisid assemblage; theyumaybe readily dis:
tangular platformx havingiia-rifupwa-rdlyl enl'arg;
hammer‘ or’ the ~like. so “as to ‘ permit. convenient
iriéf tapered socket at? eacli' of? '-its' - mus corners, I a
dismantlineof thesuperstrueture.
‘During normal .use of the improvedserYice 60
truck,;-~the unitmay obviously’ beiassembledtor
dismantled at; will, and such assembling and
dismantling ‘may; be readily. accomplished; with:
réc't‘a-n' arl fir-a ‘e7-l6ca'te'd3fabove sale; platform
and? h-aviri“ a downwardly enlarging-tapered sock;
et at veac -o_fj-'its~ four corners fdisposiediin vertical
alinerherit'with bne 'of'lsaid-Tplatformsockétsgeaeh
of said sockets consisting of a sheet-met
outtheuse“of-special tools. Duringstorage or
I15, The-front and rear end-assemblages‘ com
cur-toper'sons killed-ihthé at?" "
1; A‘servicetruek cor-riprisingIZ a portable-rec
lodeedifroln. these socketsrwith the’, aid otxa
shipmentiofthe truck units, the upperside ‘bars
I5 .are removed from the wedges \24;
endsgofthe corner posts l3,‘ I4; and-theshelves
2,3;1are likewise removed from the angle bars. I6;
" It‘ shouldiitbe'" undérwstobdlthat 'it'isf not 3 desired
to limit this'inve'ntio'n'fto- the\?exact details ‘or
nel-snapegspieceweidee to‘ the adjacent-platform
or frame,» andivtwoipairs of-lcorner posts, each
pair being connected byi-h'drizontal bars} and4each
post: being‘ formedjof; ~S'tructurali 'barl metal "and
having? ‘oppositely-tapered channebshapedsheetl
metal wedges welded to the extreme-opposite
prising-the corner posts 13,. “Land :thejshelf sup-vv 70 ends thereofiandi adapted \to- frictionally engage
porting-‘barsv l;6,i'l1, are’ also. .removed»‘o,m the
a complementary. pair Tof-"alined sockets ‘of: said
sockets I8 of .the body 8,. and all .of ‘these ele
merits. may thus be! ‘compactly packed for stor
‘2.1. A .service-truck' comprising; a: portable’ rec
platform and frame?
tangular platform. having-5 an upwardly'i'l'arlg
In order’ to assemble ‘the “service truck unit,- it 75 ingtapered socket, atlea'éh of its fourfcorners,
nected by horizontal angle bars, and each post
being formed of metal angle bar stock and hav
ing a downwardly enlarging tapered socket at ' ing oppositely tapered channel-shaped sheet
metal wedges welded in axial alinement with the
each of its four corners disposed in vertical aline
ment with one of said platform sockets, said sock 5 iextreme opposite ends thereof and adapted to
frictionally engage a complementary pair of alined
ets being interchangeably similar and each con
sisting of a sheet-metal channel-shaped piece
sockets of said platform and frame.
welded to the adjacent platform or frame, and
two pairs of comer posts, each pair being con
a rectangular frame formed of metal angle bars
and being located above said platform and hav
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