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Oct. 2, 1945.
Filed 001,20, 1943
Patented Oct. 2, 1945
James C. Brittingham, St. Louis, Mo.
Application October 20, 1943, Serial No. 507,225
(01. 230-274)
15 Claims.
culator units, the baffle being formed to provide
This invention relates to improvements in baffle
mounting for air circulator units, and more par
ticularly to an improved floating arrangement
of baffle elements utilized in room air circulators,
usually in functional combination with motor
linear air directing channels de?nedin‘part by
protuberances .on‘the baf?ing surface; the im-‘
proved construction of ba?le further including
particularly-shaped marginal portions. adapted
to effect delivery of the de?ected air streami at
a more desirable angle, and in a more. favorable
Each of the more usua1 and widely sold types
of portable room air circulating units embodies
Yet another object of the invention ‘may be
an electric motor of vertical shaft type, a propel
ler fan driven thereby, and a baffle arranged 19 stated as attained in apendularly mounted ba?le
andimproved mounting means therefor, in such
across the fan discharge stream in such manner
a combination that the baffle‘ is located in the
as to cause de?ection of the air delivered by the
driven fans.
discharge stream of the fan, in such ‘a’relation
fan, in a generally annular pattern of a some
what upward trend. Until recently, with but
few unimportant exceptions, no provisions were
as to attain a novel air-directing and -de?ecting
result, but without back-pressure effects on the
fan, thus providing for a “free-air” relationship
made for varying the pattern. of the air stream
discharged from the unit; nor for selectively di
of the fan to the otherv elements of the unit. "
The foregoing and numerous other objectswill
.more clearly appear from the following detailed
major partof the fan output in a ‘given direc 20 description of a preferred embodiment of the im-,
provements in a circulator unit, particularly
tion from the unit, this was nevertheless impos
when the description is read in conjunction‘with
sible of attainment by any fully satisfactory
recting the air stream. For this reason, even
though it is frequently desirableto direct all or a ;»
means. It is accordingly a major object of the
present invention to enable, automatically under g =
the accompanying drawing, in which: .
Fig; 1 is a top or plan View of a room-air cir
at least certain conditions, the direction of, the -25 culator of portable type, embodying present im
air stream from a circulator unit of the type in
tion, of the assembly or unit, and
directed for maximum comfort, and without ma
terial loss of the full displacement effect of the
Fig. 2 is a side elevational view, partly in sec
' discussion, in a more or less defined beam or path
a -
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary sectional view of the
assembly, as taken on line 3-3 of Fig. 1.
Referring now by characters of referenceto
Another object of the invention is attained in
provisions for a self adjusting baffle in a room
circulator, such as to render the unit automati
cally capable of shifting the direction of a major
the drawing, the present improvements are by
preference although notstrictly necessarily em
bodied in a portable room air circulating unit, in
an improved baf?e mounting provides for a self
varying angularity of baf?e resulting in an auto‘
upwardly somewhat beyond the elements In and
part of the air stream, when the unit is placed ' ' which, as illustrated, there is a frame including
four, but if desired, some fewer or more, upright
near external obstructions-such as a wall or par
or pillar elements, two of which are indicated at
tition, or when obstructed on more than‘ one of
In and II respectively and two more generally
its sides, as when located in the corner of a room
or other enclosure. In keeping with this object, , --v ‘indicated at l2 and i3; the latter columns are
matically directional. damping device.
Yet another important object of the invention
is attained in an arrangement of fan and ba?le ,
in a unit of. the general type described, such as
to obtain an effect corresponding substantially to _
that of an oscillating type of desk fan, yet not
requiring any- translatory movement of the fan,
for reasons hereinafter better appearing, extended.
I l. The vertical columns are structurally secured
in angularly spaced relation through a pair or
more of frame bands,’ one being sh'own at H at
the lower portion of the frame, and anotherat
.15 in an upper portion. The frame bands 14
and I5 are shown as securely attached to the up
rights by means of rivets or the like I6.-
, 1
tained in combination-with some or all of the
‘ A cylindrical grille element I1 is supported by,
securely ?xed to and serves to bridge'the frame
bands I4 and I5; This grille may assume a
variety of forms, but is shown as constructed of
agencies identi?ed with attainment of the fore
going objects, and in combination therewith an
with grille-like end members l9 andi?p
nor any mechanical actuation of the cooperating ~
Yet an additional object of the invention is at
improved arrangement for varying a tentatively ' '
?xed angularity of vba-i’lle in a room air circulator
sheet metal, profusely apertured, andis provided
Suspended from the lower band M or ‘if, de
‘sired, directly’from the columns l0, ll, l2 and
I3, or some thereof, are a plurality of motor
supporting' arms 2! which are conveniently
A further important object of the invention is
bolted to the frame of the motor 22 at their in- .
attained in an improved design of tiltable ba?le
member designed particularly for use in air cir 60 ner ends, and secured as by certain of the rivets
l6, either to the band [4 or to some or all of
this relationship it has been found that, with
‘the parts proportioned and spaced substantially
the uprights In, H, I2 and I3,
As will appear, and in keeping with frequent
as shown by the drawing, when utilizing a 10"
practice now well known, the motor shaft which
propeller type fan 24, the ba?le should be at least
is vertical, "extends upwardly from the motor 5 of an area corresponding’ to that of a circular
frame 22, being indicated as 23, and at or near
ba?le of 15" diameter.
its outer end serves to carry and to rotate, a pro¢
The design of the ba?le and the aXis rod ele
peller type fan generally indicated at 24. Such
ement 35 therefor is such that the baffle is sup
adjuncts as make for convenience of lifting the 1 ' ported in the unit and directly in the line of air
unit from place to place, and for other purposes, 10 discharge flow from' the fan, in a condition of
may be added as desired, but are not of them
selves material to the present invention It may
however be noted as desirable to provide .a motor controlling unit generally indicated at 25 em
bodying a control knob 26, and providing "for a ‘15
plurality of di?erent motor speeds whereby to
regulate the ‘fan speed, hence to govern air ide
livery by the unit. _
delicate or sensitive physical balance, and by fur
ther preference, is mounted in such a manner
that friction at rest is minimized. Provision to
this end is made in the structure illustrated by
disposingsay a pair of spaced bearing assem
blies which are of rolling antifriction type,_such
as ball bearings, these being.eenera11yindwaied
at 36, and 31. Each such-assembly includes, by
preference an'inner race and an ‘outer race, the
. ,While-most usefully employed in functional
combination with the elements described, the 720 inner race serving to ‘receive‘the shaft or rod 35
present ‘improvements: are, identi?ed principally '
and the outer race Welded, rivetedor otherwise
sions for a novel function oftheba?le as will now
‘secured, preferably to the adjacent arm 3|. It
will now have clearly appeared that, assuming
be described.
the rod 35 to be stationary, the baffle is free to
withv the ba?le mounting and structural provi-V
It ,is contemplated that innormal use the baf ,25 oscillate under in?uence of ?uctuations of air
?e, generally indicated atBO, shall be iioatingly
and pendularly mounted transversely of the air
velocity and pressure‘ on its different portions on
stream delivered, preferably upwardly as by fan
For the purpose ofrendering the' baffle sensi
opposite sides of its-supporting pivot.
24. By preference, butobviously not necessarily,
tive to effects tending to cause occasional oscil
the ba?ie 30is substantially circular in planand 30 lations thereof about its axis, it will have ap
' inthe example shown, its .faceportionencoun
peared as desirable that the‘ba?‘le be‘ formed with
its ,center of mass’, and center of gravity located
appreciably below, and in the relation of a pen
tered by the. air stream isv of_ a substantially
planar aspect. The bai?e 30 is provided with a
pair of upwardly extended suPDQrting arms 3i,
dulum to the axis ofba?le oscillation, in the pres
each of which is, aperturedto receive a bearing 35 cut example, this axis being identi?ed withv the
or otherwise constitute a journalling portion, co ' rod 35. This results from thefact that the rod
acting with ._a pivot rod,_later described; The
‘35 is, when a circularbaille is utilized, extended
ballle 30 is further preferably (provided with a
diametrally of but somewhat above the ba?le, so
that equal ‘masses of the latter are- disposed on
plurality of parallel, spacedudepending, ,plfotuberl
ant rib or ?ange portions which may be'vformed
4;; ‘opposite sides of the rod. ,
integrally with the body of the baffle, and’ are
generally designated at 32. This provisioniis, of
V ,
it tends to resolve the rotary components or mo
ilt'will now have appeared that theupwardly
pTgjECting arms 3| "by Which the bai?eetil is di~
rectly supported, result in the behavior of the
ba'?ie ‘somewhat in ace'ordance with the laws gov
tion of the ‘fan stream,_so as, to a greater ex
45 erning pendular motion. This effect'is of course
‘distinct advantage in, a 'tiltableba?ie, ‘I in that
tent, to straighten and de?nitely to direction the
‘air stream, particularly when the baflle is tilted.
modi?ed by the elTect of the air pressure on the
ba?le, particularly uneven air pressures on dif
MA ifurther'improvement in construction of the
baiile-t?, is seen in ‘the provision of slightly down
fer-entyportions of the b'a?le." Having inmind
that, under most-conditions of usage, with the
turned lip elements, 33, there being one of these 50 ‘fan 24 rotating at a uniform selected speed, the
by preference on each of the opposite margins
ofthe baffle 30 in iocations'remote from the pivot
ba?le will assume an oscillatory or swinging-move
ment, it may be desirable as a matter of per
axis of the ba?ie. It will now readily ‘appear
sonal preference of the user, to be able to regu~
that,‘ when the ba?le is depressed atone side of , late or adjust ‘the amplitude-and hence the period
the unit-the lip formation 33 at ohe high side‘of 55 or’frequency of motion of the ba?le. This re
the ba?le, will: tend markedly to de?ect, toward
sult is conveniently accomplished’ by providing
__the horizontal, the stream of air delivered from
~ba?le 30 with adepending threaded rod or the
the lip-carrying margin ‘of the ba?le.
' The baf?e' is further preferably formed in
like shown at'38, threadedly engaging which, for
purposes of adjustment?s a counterweight nut
order to permit 'a freedom of swinging movement, 60 39.“ This need be only of moderate mass, and it
with a pairv of oppositely disposed apertures or
slots 38, each of these being‘of a size to receive
has been found that the rod38 need be of no
‘great length since the action of'the baille is nicely
therethrough-the adjacent upright element such
sensitive even to minor adjustments of thek'coun
as l2 or l-3, by which the baffle is supported
terweight '39 on the rod 38." It Will be under
throughthe agency of a pivot rod 35; a‘ It will 65 stood’ that the device is operative without ‘this
now readily appear that the extremities of the
slotted openings 34 will, at either extreme of os
added convenience and facility for adjustment,
cillation of ba?ie' 30, coact with the adjacent
upright element [2 or 13, in‘a manner de?nitely
As a convenient means of- assembling the piv
ot-forming vrod >35 to the frame of the unit,‘ the V
to limit the range or amplitude of swinging ‘mo
tion of the bal?e.
Another preference in constructing the ba?le,
‘is-that it shall be somewhat greater ‘in area, and
‘if circular, of a somewhat largervdiameterpthan
although the feature is highly desirable.
70 ends of‘the-rod may be threaded and extended
through suitable transverse, openings 43 in _the
‘opposite paired columns’or uprights I2 an~d,j_3.
Nuts 44 may be employed in threaded engage
ment ‘with the ends of the rod 35,, whereby
thediain-eter of'the-fan 24. As one example of 75 through clamping actuation 7of' the nuts 44 the
the total air stream, in unwanted directions
rod 35» may be ?xedly positioned with respect to
the frame. If desired, a plurality of different sets
of the apertures 43 may be provided, to permit,
by setting the rod in different sets of openings, a
vertical adjustment of the baffle distantly with
respect to the fan.
radially of the unit.
As heretofore noted, it is a preference to con
struct the baffle of a considerably greater area
than the diameter of the fan or other displace
ment agency. The reason for this preference in
relative diameter of fan and ba?ie, arises in sub
stantial degree’ by reason of an important feature
Due to special conditions existing in a given
room or other enclosure, it may at times be de
of construction and combination, namely, the
provision of a secondary or auxiliary bailie 50.
sirableto ?x the angular position of the baffle
30 with respect to the fan stream. Under such
conditions it is merely necessary to thread down
This member is preferably an inverted frusto
conical de?ector, but may be of other suitable,
even planar form, preferably of two parts,
‘wardly each of the one or more baffle clamping
screws 45 so as to bring the end of the screw
mounted centrally of the unit, and in the upper
rod 35. The screws 45 each extends threadedly 15 head or end portion IQ of the enclosure about
the fan, as by the bolt 5|, through which the two
through a tapped bushing or nut 46’Which may
parts of the baflle are clamped to the element l9.
be welded into a suitable opening therefor in a
This auxiliary ba?le 50 has an effect of divert‘
cover member 41, or some equivalent structure ,
into ?rm contact with the underlying portion of
employed to protect the bearing assemblies 36' and
31. The desired ?xed angular position of the baf
?e 30 is ?rst determined by effect, then with the
baf?e manually positioned at the desired angu
larity, the locking screws 45 are actuated as de
Proceeding now with a description of the nor
mal function of the exemplary embodiment of
the improvements‘, it results from the fact of the
sensitively balanced mounting of the baf?e about
its axis that the air stream from the fan 24, in
perfectly quiet ambient air and with no obstruc
ing the air radially outwardly and upwardly, so
that the principal impact effect of the resulting
annular stream therebeyond, is upon the periph
eral or marginal areas of the baf?e 30 and only
to a very minor extent centrally thereof. Al
though the baf?e 30 is operative with a consider
25 ably improved e?ect and with many advantages
over stationary baflle structures heretofore char
acterizing the art, in the absence of baffle 50,
the provision of the auxiliary baffle serves to
make the ba?le 36 considerably more readily and
30' de?nitely responsive to the fan stream than
would otherwise be the case.
tion of any nature in or near the unit, the air
pressure against the sides of the baffling surface
of member 30 will be exactly equal. Thus the
balanced condition “of the ba?le tends at, all times
to keep it stationary, and when used with a ver
tical fan as shown, in a horizontal plane.
But for the pro
vision of the auxiliary baffle‘ 50, the free oscil
lating action of baffle 36 is in a measure undesir
ably responsive to strong drafts of outside air
35 and similar uncontrollable effects, whereas the
‘In practice, however, the condition just de—
scribed is at nearly all times and in nearly all
locations only theoretical. Experience in numer
ous trials over a protracted period of usage of a
provision of the auxiliary ba?le 50 serves dis
tinctly to bring the oscillating or angular ad
justing action of baffle 30 solely under the con
trol of the fan. It thereby serves practically to
eliminate unwanted effects of stray air currents.
It will now have appeared that the improve
device such as that illustrated, indicates that
‘ments presently selected for description, serve
normal movements of air in a room, and the
fully to attain each of the several objects and ad- .
rebound effect from obstructions to the air
vantages above speci?cally stated, as well as other
stream, even those relatively remote from the
unit, are such as to produce frequent disturb 45 important improved results implied from the de
scription of parts and their arrangements.
ances of the uniform air stream delivered by the
‘fan. From this it results that under practically
all conditions when the fan 24 is operating, the
baffle 30 Will exhibit an oscillating motion about
its axis, the obvious effect of which, on the room 50
occupants, approximates'that of an oscillating
desk fan. The condition just described obtains
only in case the unit is not disposed close to a
wall, piece of furniture, or other similar object.
Although the invention has been described by
making detailed reference to a single preferred
embodiment thereof, the detail of description
is to be understood solely in an instructive and
not in any limiting sense, numerous variants of
structure and function being possible within the
scope of the claims hereunto appended.
I claim as my invention:
1. In a portable air circulator unit including a
In the latter case the baffle becomes self-position 55
vertical-shaft fan and fan driving means, a nor
ing or self-adjusting in angularity. Due to the
mally horizontal baille at least coextensive with
drop in velocity on the obstructed side of the
the disc area of the fan, and pivotal supporting
unit, that side of the baffle will sharply dip, the
means by which the baffle is mounted in balanced
baffle will become relatively stationary in a tilted
position, and will serve advantageously to de 60 condition in the unit transversely of the fan
stream, and being so arranged that substantial
liver the major part of the air stream in the di
ly equal areas of the baf?e are located on opposite
rection of the high side of the baffle. A com
parison of a unit equipped with the present im
provements with older types, in which either the
sides of the pivotal supporting means, whereby
> the fan stream normally acts to maintain the
ba?ie is ?xedly horizontal or is susceptible of 65 transverse position of the ba?le.
2. In an air circulator unit of portable type, a
only manual placement at different angles, re
horizontal propeller fan and driving motor there
veals a marked improvement in the automatical
for, a baffle of an area to extend substantially
ly adjusting feature of the current subject mat
across the fan stream, for directing the air
ter. In the event of automatic dip of the baf
?e as described, resulting in the described ef 70 stream of the fan in an annular direction about
the unit, with the fan arranged to deliver the air
fect of self-damping of the air ?owing toward the
stream against the ba?le and outwardly thereof in
obstructed side of the unit, there is but anegli
a free-air arrangement, and pivot
gible loss of total air delivery by the unit. The
for mounting the baffle with substantially
present improvements thus automatically pre 75 means
equal ba?‘le surface on opposite sides of the pivot
vent the delivery of substantial proportions of
axis, and‘ with the ‘baii‘le relatively sensitively bal
anced about its axis, whereby the baffle is ar
the air'streambf the fan somewhat forwardly ‘
ranged to dip in response to a reduction of air
?ow toward any region of obstruction laterally
beyond the ba?le, and to dip toward such region
of »- relative obstruction while
raising an opposite portion of the baffle, whereby
thereof, and so arranged for tilting movement for
various angular presentations to the fan stream,
the ba?‘le being‘ provided with a plurality of sub
stantially rectilinear air directing surfaces each
of which is of a trend substantially at a right an:
gle to the ‘pivot axis of the baffle.
' to provide for an increase of air flow toward the
11. In a circular unit including a fan and fan
relatively unobstructed regions beyond the unit.
motor, a battle press-formed of a sheet material,
3. Incombination in a portable air circulator 10 means for mounting the ba?ie in the unit in a se-'
, unit including a, vertical-shaft propeller type fan
lectively tiltable relation, the baffle being formed
and fan driving means, a baffle, means provid
ing ,a pivotal support for the baffle along a hori
zontal axis, and maintaining the bafrle in a condi
to provide a plurality of spaced integral linear
protuberances from its de?ecting surfaces, said
protuberances being of such location and spacing
tion of sensitive balance normally ina position .15 as to de?ne linear channels therebetween.
transversely of the fan air stream, and consid
12. In an air circulator unit including a fan and
erably- upward of the fan, the ba?le being of a
fan motor, a ba?ie mounted for tilting movement
substantially greater area than the area of the
so as to be disposable in‘ various ‘angular posi
tions across the air stream, the ba?le being char
4. In combination in a portable room air cir 20 acterized by oppositely disposed downturned lip
culator, including a vertical shaft fan and fan
formations on its opposite margins remote from
driving means, a circular ba?‘le, means providing
its axis of tilting movement, said margins being
lalsubstantially horizontal, diametral pivot axis
formed, when the battle is tilted, so that one there
about which the ba?le is freely movable, and the ‘
of serves to direct the air emanating from the unit
baffle being of such form and provided with an 25 in a more nearly horizontal trend than the major
auxiliary pendular weight so arranged that the
center of gravity of the movable ba?le structure
lies below its axis of movement, whereby the baille
is suspended in pendular relation.
remaining surface of the baffle.
13. In an air circulator unit including a fan
and fan driving motor, a bali‘le adapted to'be
tilted about an axis for various angular presen
5. In an air circulatorv unit, a fan and driving
a pendularly mounted
bailie I
spaced from the fan in the discharge stream
l thereof, and a relatively smaller auxiliary baffle
disposed between the’ fan and said pendularly
mounted baffle.
6. In an air circulator unit, a fan and driving
, means therefor, a baf?e mounted for free swing
ing movement beyond the fan in the discharge
stream thereof, and being of substantially larger
tations to the air stream from the fan, whereby
variously to direct the air stream de?ected by
the ba?‘le, the baffle being characterized by a plu
rality of rectilinear surfaces tending to channel
or beam the air stream delivered by the unit as a
v35 result of the de?ecting action of the baffle, and
further provided with a pair of opposite, down
wardlyturned marginally disposed de?ector lips
operable selectively, when the baffle is tilted, to
impart a horizontal component of movement to
areathan that of the fan circle of said fan, and 40 the baii‘le-de?ected air stream.
an auxiliary de?ector of substantially lesser area
14. In a portable room air circulator unit in
than that of ‘the fan circle and located substan
a vertical-shaft, horizontal fan, a fan‘
, tially inwardly from the swingable baffle.
motor, a circular balfle arranged in the unit to ex
,7. In an air circulator unit, a fan and driving
tend substantially fully across the fan stream, an
means therefor, a sensitively balanced pendularly
axis element on which the baffle is normally hori
mounted de?ector located across the discharge
zontally mounted in a state of sensitive balance,
region of the unit, and an auxiliary de?ector of
and antifriction bearings of rolling type, serving
a substantially frusto-conical type, located appree
to journal the baffle in ?oating relation on the
ciably inwardly of the ?rst said ba?ie and across
axis element thereof.
the center area of the fan stream.
15. In a room air circulator unit of portable
8. In a portable air circulator unit, a propeller
type, a frame structure including a pair of up
type fan and fan motor, a ba?ie of an'area at least
right frame members, a fan and fan motor car
approximating the disc area of the fan, and bear
ried by the frame, and mounted for initial de
ing a substantially free air-relation to said fan,
livery of air'upwardly through the unit, a baffle
and disposed substantially beyond the fan as and 55 in the upper portion of the unit, swingably mount
.part of a-pendular system of baii'ie support, said
ed across the fan discharge stream, the ba?ie ‘be
pendular system including a pivot structure pro
ing provided with a pair of upwardly extending
viding an axis of ba?le movement which lies
arms, and pivot-forming elements by which ‘the
across and substantially ‘intermediate the ba?le
baffle arms and the upright frame members are
area, and means for adjusting the effective 60 connected to permit free oscillating movement of
length of the pendulum system of which the baff.
?e is apart. ,
the baffle, the ba?ie being substantially circular
in transverse aspect and formed to present a de-'
9.,The combination and arrangement of ele-.
?ect‘ing area to the fan stream substantially
ments substantially as recited by claim 8 in
greater than the area of the circle of the‘fan,
which the baffle is supported, to provide equal sur 65 and of greater area than the plan area of ‘the
faces on opposite sides of a horizontal axis, and
frame, the frame including a pair of ba?le-sup
the means for adjusting effective pendulum
porting upright elements and the baffle being
length, is comprised of a threaded rod depend
provided with oppositely arranged slotted open
ingly supported by the ba?le, and a threaded
‘70 in'gs through which said uprights extend in such
weight adjustably carried by ‘the rod..
.manner ‘that the ends of the slots serve to limit
1.0. In an air circulating unit, a fan, driving,
the range of swinging movement of the‘ ba?ie.
.means for the fan, a baffle pivotally mounted in
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