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Oct. 2, 1945.
Filed Név. 15, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 1‘
WWII/114m VIII/111M
Patented Oct. 2, 1945
_ Frank L. SpiveyfSair Antonioiy'liexr, assignon(if?I
i‘ » on'eelialf-ito?-"Ei‘i
Overall,r SamAhtonio; Téx'i'f-d
Hazela Florence .‘Spivey administratriiz': of:. saidi:
My, auto
ardhel'dihplétce byv lockj nuts; Hli ‘ By, this, ar
' An object‘. of- my‘ invention . islto'providefpro;
tectioniorgthe . feed contained. in the~.feeder. be.
tweenfeedi'ngperiods' againstlwaste by. birds, rats,
mice,<,andlthe..eleme1its. asrain; .‘dust' and. storm.
“,Ahotherohject- of
invention istogprovide a }
féedéltjj'selfroperatedi ,by‘» thee particular. poultry ‘
or 1ive.l‘stocl&.to,be..féd._ and so constructed. in.size
and- balance; as re. preyent; other. kinds. and. sizes
of 'poultrygor live stocklnotintendedltobe fed from
.- "
slid'ablér connection. ‘with- .said. housing, feed
bin rseatea upon. adjustable. pins‘ 8” projecting
from,_rotatablej. discs; 9T.which, after, adjustment
> without; attentionby; a. caretaker. at feeding. De.
1 Application November 15, rs4si'seriarnt. ‘510,337.;
matic ‘means . for. feeding, poultry, a’ndQlive. stock ‘
Another. obj ectf army, inventionlis. .to. providea
feeder which will preventthepoultryion animal
being, fedffrom [climbing,fnto..the-feed.;trough .and
contaminatingthefeedliliereby. .
‘ Other.‘ ‘obj ects ofv my "invention. Willi be ‘under-.
stood'. ‘from‘astudy; of,‘ thev accompanying._draw.
ings and'speci?'cations in which‘ like reference
characterszreferrto :likéeiparts throughout the vari
rangement'tlieiféed‘ bin may, be. raised‘or lowered
relative‘ to the feed."trough 3“lfor‘r_egulating the
ratenat‘. which the feed‘?! l‘is: discharged into the
feedit'rough, While itfi‘sinot'es'sential’for success
ftllfol‘ierationr of ‘the, feeder,‘ it is, preferred tlfi'atfthe
lowernoruon ofi'tli'eiféedibinbe OfJgreat'er~ width
th‘an'tlie topportion thereof "to preventw‘ed'ging
of "feed‘, Centeringpihs l In‘ projecting: inwardly
from the :ends. offtlfie ‘housing “I ‘arejprovidedin ._or‘
der toassure a‘ verticalpo‘sition o'f‘the. féedibin ‘l
15 regardless ‘ of" the‘p'ositions; of “the .pins"
bygtli‘eodiscs '9’. Thepins' Il‘wa‘re soispa'ced with
relation to"the,vli'dth‘ of 'the'feed ‘b‘in T‘thatf they
will‘permit’vertical [movemerit‘of "the ‘feed
will ‘prevent “horizontalj‘nioyement of‘ the feed ‘bin
1 "wherr'the' discs. 9? carryingjthe pins ‘Stare. rotated.
Pivoted'by; pins l_2't‘_o‘ housir‘igv ends below'trough
3*‘are arms" of ‘foot’restsl 3.’ The downward ‘move
ous views:
ment of said foot rests is limited by suitable‘stops
In the drawings:
l4. Connected to the foot rests l3 are upwardly
Figure 1 is a side elevation of the feeder as seen 25 extending pull rods l5 provided at their upper
from the left side of Figure 2;.
Figure 2 is a vertical sectional’view taken on
line 2——2 of Figure l.
ends with links I6 which serve to connect said
pull rods [5 with the inner ends of balance levers
ll pivoted to the housing I by shafts i8.
‘ The
Figure 3 is an enlarged fragmentary section
outer ends of levers I‘! are provided with links H]
taken on line 3—3 of Figure 2.
30 forming the connecting medium between the out
Figure 4 is a side elevation as seen from the
right hand side of Figure 2.
er ends of levers H and doors 6.
“ An examination of Figures 1, 2 and 4 will dis
Figure 5 is a horizontal sectional view taken on
close that when positioned for operation the
line 5—5 of Figure 4.
weight of doors 6 will be slightly greater than the
Referring to the drawings; Figure 2, the feeder 35 weight of the foot rests. Thus the doors 6 will
consists essentially of a housing I, with ends ex
seat on the trough sides while the foot rests [3
tending to and forming ground bases therefor,
will be vertically elevated. In such position it
and has a removable lid 2, and a feed trough
will be noticed that a downward movement of the
3 for a bottom. Said housing has feeding open
foot rests l3 through action of the pull rods, links
ings 4 above the sides of the trough. Mounted 40 and levers results in an upward movement of the
for vertical sliding movement in run-ways 5 (Fig
doors. Attention is here invited to the fact that
ure 5) located at each end of openings 4 are doors
with various types and sizes of feeders the loca
6 which normally close said openings by seating
tion of the various pivots, stops, and lengths of
upon the top of the trough sides, when positioned
links, pull rods and levers will of necessity vary
as viewed in Figure 1, and the left hand half of 45 in accordance with individual requirements.
Figure 2. If desired, and it is here preferred to
While the feeder has been described as a feeder
prevent rain falling on the side of the housing
from which feed may be obtained from either side
from going into the feed trough 3 at the bottom
it can readily be converted into a feeder from
of door 6, that the upper edge of the trough sides
which feed is obtainable from one side only by
be bevelled as viewed in Figure 2, and the lower 50 merely disconnecting one of the pull rods I5. On
edge of the door he bevelled opposite to the bevel
which ever side the pull rod I5 is disconnected
on the trough-side. Thus constructed, when doors
the door 6 will remain constantly in its closed
6 seat on top of the trough sides, water falling
on the housing cannot get into the feed trough.
To operate, the feed is placed in the feed bin
Mounted within housing I and having ends in
and then passes into the feed trough. Then in nor
lid, and link, rod, lever and platform means for
vertically raising said sliding doors.
mal position as aforedescribed the poultry or an
imal to be fed steps upon one of the foot rests l 3.
The additional weight upon foot-rests l3 will cause
same to go downward while the doors 6 will move
upward, or rise. As the feed in the trough is eaten,
more feed passes from the feed bin into the
feed trough. When the poultry or animal re
moves its weight from foot rest 43 the-weight of
3. A device of the class described and claimed
in claim 2; wherein each link, rod, lever and
platform means for vertically raising the sliding
doors comprises a platform with arms pivoted to V
the housing 'for. limited vertical movement with
relation, to said housing, balance levers pivoted
to a' housing side, links and a rod connecting a
the door being greater than the weight of the foot
rest goes downward while the foot rest moves 10 door and platform with opposite ends of the levers
and so balanced that in normal position the doors
upward. The doors seat upon their trough sides;
will be closed and the platforms raised, and stop
in their normal positions.
means for limiting downward movement of plat
It is to be understood that while a preferred‘ ‘
form of the invention is disclosed changes may be r
’ forms.
made in various parts of themechanism'toeon .15 ' 4.’ A device as claimed in claim 2 wherein said
iced trough has sides with the upper edges bev
form to individual requirements without chang
ing the spirit of the invention.
f .Qelled vand said doors have bottom edges bevelled
opposite to the level on the trough sides so that
Having described my invention what I claimas.
new, and desire Letters Patent for are: '
l “ when the doors are seated a joint is made which
1. In combination with a housing, a feed trough. 20 prevents ‘falling rain from going into the feed
within said housing, a feed bin within the hous
within said housing having bevelled top sides,
means for adjusting and spacing the, 'feed bin
openings in the sides of said housing communi—
above the feed ‘trough, openings in said housing
communicating with said feed trough, vertically
eating with said feed trough, vertically sliding
doors with bevelled bottom edges adjacent the
openings-door runways, foot rests with arms piv
oted to the housing ends. for limited vertical
movement in relation to the housing, balance
sliding closures‘mounted adjacent said openings,
a removable housing lid, guide pins for position
ing the feed bin walls, footrests pivoted to the
housing for limited vertical movement with rela
tion' to said housing, and link, lever and rod means
connecting said vertical sliding closures and the
foot rests so balanced that the closures will nor
mally assume their down-most or closed position.
2. In combination with a housing having'open
ings therein, a feed troughlwithin said housing, a
feed bin within and having end walls adjacent
the end walls of the feed trough, adjustable stops
‘mounted on the housing end walls and spacing
the ‘feed bin above the feed trough,,an’d compris
ing guide pins for positioning the feed bin'walls,
vertically sliding doors mounted for closing the
openings, door runways, a removable housing
V 5. In combination‘with ahousing, a feed trough
ing communicating with said feed trough, stop
pivoted to the sides of the housing, links
30 levers
connecting said vertically sliding doors with the
outer ends of the balance levers, link and rod
means for connecting the foot rests with the inner
ends 'of the levers so balanced that in normal
position the doors will be closed while the foot
rests are raised, stops limiting downward move
ment of the foot rests, a feed bin wider at the
bottom than at the top mounted within the hous
ing, adjustable stops spacing the feed bin above
feed trough, and pin means positioning the
to the
walls of the feed bin, substantially as described.
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