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vPatented Oct. 9, 1945
’ 2,386,439
Nat Cordis, Chicago, 111.
Application March 17, 1943, Serial No. 479,413
2 Claims. ‘(01. 197-470)
The invention relates to improvements in type
writer ribbon guides and has‘ ‘for its primary
the ribbon carrier l5 of the typewriter and where
object the provision of such a guide which is of
simple construction and highly e?‘icient and con
attached or removed from said ribbon carrier.
In use and in operation one of the ribbon guides
I0 is applied to the ribbon I6 of the typewriter,
either at the ribbon factory or just before the
ribbon is mounted upon the machine, said frame
being placed upon the ribbon by having an end
of the ribbon threaded through the openings l2,
as indicated in Fig. 1. Then all that is neces
venient in use.
by the ribbon guide frame I!) may be readily
Another object of the invention is the provi-,
sion of such a guide so constructed and arranged
as to facilitate the connection of the typewriter
ribbon with the ribbon carrier thereof and also ’
prevent disengagement of the ribbon from the
guide during use.
. sary to attach the ribbon to the ribbon carrier
Other objects will appear hereinafter.
The invention consists of the combinations and
is to place the sleeves I3 over the pins [4 where
upon the ribbon will be ready for use in the usual
Way. By this arrangement the ribbon may be
. arrangements of parts hereinafter described and
15 readily attached to or detached from the ribbon
The invention will be best understood by‘ ref
erence to the accompanying ‘drawing forming a
carrier without soiling the ?ngers of the operator, and it will be impossible for the ribbon to
part of this speci?cation and in which:
~ become detached from the guide. during use.
The speci?c form and arrangement of the
writer ribbon equipped with a guide embodying 20 parts disclosed is .a simple and effective one for
Figure 1 is a front view of a portion of a type- . '
' the invention and shown in position of use;
the purpose.
Fig. 2, an enlarged top plan view of the guide
Fig. 3, a front view corresponding with Figure
While I have illustrated and described the pre
_' ferred form of construction for carrying the in
Fig. 4, an. enlarged front view of the upper
portion of the typewriter carrier equipped with
means for readily attaching and detaching the
ribbon guide.
vention into effect, this is capable of variation
and modi?cation without departing from the
spirit of the invention. I therefore do not wish
to be limited to the precise details disclosed, but
desire to avail myself of such variations and
modi?cations as fall within the scope of the ap
The embodiment of the~ invention as illus 30 pended claims.
trated in the drawing comprises a ribbon guide
I claim:
frame 10 in substantially‘ rectangular form as
1. The combination with the ribbon carrier of
shown. This frame may be conveniently made
a typewriter having upstanding spaced pins, of a
of thin sheet metal, Celluloid, plastic or the like,
ribbon guide frame formed of sheet material hav
and is formed with a central slot H for the pas
ing a central opening for the passage of the type
sage of the type heads of the typewriter as is
heads, .portions of said sheet on' opposite sides
usual. The frame I0 is also provided at each
of said opening being severed at top, bottom and
side with a ribbon guide opening l2 through
oneside and rolled around their unsevered sides
.whichthe ribbon may be threaded. As will be
to form guide sleeves arranged to ?t loosely ever
noted, the sides of the openings I2 are closed so 40 said pins.
that the ribbon can be removed‘from said open
2. The construction speci?ed in claim 1 in
ings only by drawing an end thereof through the
which the partially severed frame portions ‘are
same. The material. from the openings [2 is
severed along their outer sides and rolled around
preferably bent to form attaching sleeves I3~~ at
their inner sides to form smooth contact surfaces
the inner edges of said. openings and correspond 45
ing attaching pins l4 are secured to the top of
for the ribbon.
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