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Oct. 30, 1945.‘
Filed July 14, ‘19‘41
Ever)‘ h/a/za/sc?ecr
SJ.” ls/
Patented Oct. 30, 1945
Evert ‘Wandsc‘heer, Sioux‘ Center, llowa
Application July 14, 1941, Serial No. 402,270v
1 claim. (01. 37-43)‘
’ My invention relates to snow plows.
“ An object of my‘invention is to provide a snow
plow which can be attached to the forward end
of a truck or other heavy vehicle;
‘A further object of my invention is to provide
a rotary cutting system having right and left
hand pitches provided to move the snow to a cen
traliposition, said system including blades hav
ing a partially arcuate con?guration to move the
snow inwardly.
A further object of myv invention is‘to provide
an opening for receiving the snow with a‘further
fan casing for ejecting the snow.
tached ‘to spokes l5 which in turn are attached
at [5 to the blades ll, I8, 55, and 20.‘ The‘inner
ends of the blades 11, ‘I8, [9, and 26 include cen
tral portions 2 i which are adapted to overlap the
center ‘ of the casing, and the extreme outer
edges 22 of the blades are adapted to rotate in
a‘path lower than the lower cutting edge 23 of
the‘casing‘ and substantially close to the ground. '
The arcuate portion H of the casing includes
the substantially oval opening ‘24 which con-unu
nicates‘ with a‘ cylindrical fan ‘housing 25 which
includes the series of radially arranged fan blades
26 attached to the shaft 2‘! journalled within the
A further object of my invention is to provide
portion‘ 28. _Hinged‘at 29 to the‘sides It are the
an'up'per snow guide ‘shield which can be ele 15
vertical guide, ?aps 30 which include the cam
vated as desired or moved to either side. i
A ‘further object of my invention is to provide
a ‘pair of guide blades at either side of the plow
casing, which blades will 'co-operatively move
portions 3| received within the ‘cut out portions
32 ‘of the sides ID. The portions 3| are bent out
of the vertical position and at an angle ‘thereto
and are received within the forks 33 which are
with the‘steeri'ng ‘spindles ‘of the vehicles push 20 pivoted
at 34 and extend into the arms 35 which
ing the plow so that the-blades will Vmove in the
arev pivotally attached to the rods 36 which in
. same‘ direction,
turn are‘attached at 31 to arms 33 (see Figure 2)
A further object of my invention is to provide
arms are attached to shafts ‘39,,to which
a protecting shield which can be placed in inop
shafts‘ are attached further arms in which are
erative, or operative position.‘ a i ‘ "
25 in turn pivotally attached to the rods ‘411. The
Another object of my invention is to provide
rods 4| are attached at 42 (see Figure 3) to the
disc members supporting the plowl‘casing with
arrangement of the vehicle comprising
said discs ‘ being at a substantial angle to the
bar 43 which ‘is attached at 44, and
ground to‘rpreventlsnow and ice gathering on‘the
extending from the point 44 is the arm 45 which
‘ .A further object of my'invention is toprovide‘ 3Q is ‘controlled by the rod 46 which passes to the
steering arrangement of the vehicle. Movement
cutting blades which cut uniformly into the ‘snow
of the rod 45 in either directionwill correspond
from the outer extremities‘to the inner portions . ingly
swing the arm 45 as well as the member 43
carrying the bar 4| forwardly or rearwardly
With these and other objects in View, my in
which in turn will rock the arm 38 forwardly or
vention consists in the' construction, arrange
rearwardly, which in turn will pivot the arm 35
ment, and combination of the various parts of
about the pivot 34 which causes engagement of
my device, whereby the objects contemplated
the fork portions 33 with the angularly inclined
. are attained, as hereinafter more fully set forth,
pointed out in my claim, and illustrated in the 40 portions 3| so that as a result steering of the
vehicle will cause the vertical side ?aps 30 to
accompanying drawing, in which:
move in the same direction as the vehicle is bein
Figure l is a substantially isometric view of the
casing and blade structure with further attached
The plow blades and fan are operated by
means of a bevel gear 4'! which‘ is driven from
Figure 2 is a side elevation of the casing, and 45 the power take-off shaft 48 of the vehicle which
fan housing as attached to a vehicle,
‘ bevel gear meshes with a further smaller bevel
Figure 3 is a detail of the spindle turning ar
gear 49 which is attached to the long shaft 50
rangement, and
which is journalled within the bearing 5| which
Figure 4 is a sectional view taken through one
is attached at 52 to the frame 53 of the vehicle.
of the blades along the lines 4-4 of Figure 1.
The shaft 50 is attached to a further bevel gear
I have used the character ID to designate the
which in turn meshes with the larger gear 54 sup
side walls of a semi-cylindrical casing having the
ported at the front end of the vehicle which
semi-cylindrical rear wall H, and journalled at
drives a shaft 55 which in turn is attached to a
12 to either side member I0 is the horizontal
sprocket 56 which drives the chain 51 which
shaft 13 including a central hub 14 which is at 55 drives the further sprocket 58 which is attached
to the shaft l3, the aforesaid mechanism serving
to rotate the cutting blades in the direction of
the arrows shown in Figure 1, it being noted from
Figure 2 that the blades travel closely to the
ground surface. A pair of brackets 59 are at
tached to the rear of the casing II and rotatably
by the dotted ?gures by rotating the handle 80
which is attached to the shaft 15 which adjust
the throwing height of the plow. Any suitable
means can be employed to maintain the de?ect
ing shield in position after it has been raised.
The fan mechanism or the shaft 21 can be
journalled at the end of these brackets are the
disc members 60 which are at a substantial angle
or about 30° from the ground plane, and which
driven by means of a suitable beveled gear ar
as well as allowing forward movement of the plow -
of the casing.
and is free from ice and other obstructions, Piv
otally attached at 6| to the sides In are the arms
The pivoting of the ?aps 30 allows the plow to
travel e?icientlyand smoothly when turning in
rangement mounted rearwardly on the fan cas
ing 25 and driven from the shaft 55.
It will be noted th'atthe blades l1 and I8 are
serve to support the plow and yetallow forward 10
pitched oppositely to the blades I9‘ and 20, such
movement of the same, this arrangement of discs
pitch being to carry the snow inwardly, so that
tending to be self-cleaning in that only a minor
as a result rotation of the blades in the same
portion of the disc is in contact. This arrange:
direction will transfer the snow to the center
ment provides the feature of supporting the plow,
asmuch as the flaps will break away the snow
62 which
63 having
are attached
a forward
an upper shield-meme
lip 64 and a . , ahead in the proper path.
rearward down-turned lip 65, and beneath the‘ 20 "It will now be seen that the entire structure
functions cooperatively as the vehicle travels
forwardly through the snow with the blade mem
same shaped lips. The arcuate portion ll of the
bers carrying the snow‘i-nwardly and rearwardly
casing also includes a forward upwardly bent lip
through the fan housing and thence outwardly,
61. When the arm 62 is swung to a horizontal
position the engagement of the lips 64 and 65 25 with the flaps 36 moving in the same direction
as the vehicle is steered with the disc 60 pro.
will carry the entire shield. The shield members
viding an ef?cient self-cleaning support so that
are mutually supported, since the turned lips are
the entire plow can be used in‘ice or snow, in
concavely opposed to each other which thereby
restricted or wider areas, etc.
locks them together when the shield is lowered,
the lip 61 serving to support both sections. The 30 It will now be seen that the various advantages
same is a further arcuate shield 66 having the
arms 52 being attached to the shield member 63,
will force the inner shield member down to this
position. This provides a guard for covering the
cutting reel to prevent accidents and can be used
set forth in the objects of my, invention havebeen
achieved with the other advantagesbeing ap
Some changes maybe made in theconstruction
to prevent ice and snow from working ahead of ,
and arrangement of the parts of .my invention
the reel. The outer edges 22 of the blades in—
clude the cupped inwardly turned sharpened
edges 68 to provide a slicing action inwardly and
without departing from thereal spirit and pur
to assist in conveying the snow inwardly and rear
ture or use of mechanical equivalents which may
pose of my invention, and it is my intention to
cover by my claim any modi?ed forms of struc
wardly to the fan. Attached to the plow casing 40 be reasonably included within their scope, .
I claim as my invention:
is the bracket 69 and attached to the fan casing
is the further bracket ‘H1 in which brackets are
A snow plow comprising a forward generally
formed the openings ‘H in the angular portion
semi-cylindrical horizontal casing, a shaft jour
12 which portion 12 also include the gear racks
l3. Engaged‘with the rack 13 are a pair of gears
14 attached to a shaft 15 which is attached to
nalled within said horizontal casing, said shaft
the de?ecting housing 16. In position beneath
carrying oppositely pitched spiral blades attached
at either end of the shaft and passing helically
toward the center of the horizontal casing, said
blades being of limited width, andbeing spaced
the housing 16 are the side members 11 which are
a substantial distance from the shaft, a fan cas-.
open to the fan and further members 18 includ
ing 19. By swinging the de?ecting shield on its 50 ing communicating with said generally semi-cy
lindrical casing, the inner ends of said blades
shaft to either direction the snow can be thrown
overlapping the center of the horizontal casing.
to either side of the highway. Also the housing
16 can be raised to a higher position as shown
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