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W. 20, 1945..
ca. E. DATH
Filed April 28, 1944
Patented Nov. 20, 1945
George E. Dath, Mokena, Ill., assignor to W. H.
Miner, Inc., Chicago, 111., a corporation of Dela
Application April 28, 1944, Serial No. 533,153
3 Claims.
This invention relates to improvements in rail
way car trucks.
(0]. 105-—197)
l3—l3 of the truck side frames at the bolster
guides and having guide stems projecting through
the vertical sections; compression springs B--B
One object of the invention is to provide, in a
railway car truck, simple and ei‘?cient means for
surrounding the stems of the friction plates;
snubbing the action of the truck springs, includ 5 and follower discs C--C anchored to the guide
ing spring actuated friction plates carried by the
stems and cooperating with the springs.
truck bolster ‘slidably engaging vertically dis
In carrying out my invention I provide the }
posed friction surfaces on the inner sides of the
transverse, vertically extending wall of each ver
vertically disposed sections which connect the
tical, channel-shaped section [3 of each truck
top and bottom members of the truck side frame 10 side frame, which wall is indicated by I9, with a
and form the usual guide means for the truck
lengthwise extending, ?at friction surface 20 on
the inner side thereof, that is, the side opposite
Other objects of the invention will more clearly
to the side on which the bolster l 4 is guided.
appear from the description and claims herein
The friction plates A-A are of rectangular
after following.
15 shape and two such plates are associated with
In the drawing forming a part of this speci
each side frame. Each friction plate has a cy
?cation, Figure 1 is a side elevational view of a
lindrical guide stem 2| formed integral there
portion of the truck side frame of a railway car,
with, projecting at right angles therefrom at the
illustrating my improvements in connection
center of the plate. Each guide stem 2| is
therewith. Figure 2 is a horizontal sectional 20 threaded at the free end, as indicated at 22. The
view, corresponding substantially to the line 2-2
stem 2| extends through a vertical slot 23 in the
of Figure 1.
wall l9 and through an opening 24 in the outer
In said drawing, l0 indicates one of the side
side wall 25 of the bolster I 4.
frame members of a railway car truck. The side
The compression springs 3-3 are in the form
frame In, as shown, is in the form of a casting 25 of helical coils and serve to force the friction
and has horizontally disposed top and bottom
plates A—-A against the friction surfaces 20 of
members H and [2 connected by spaced vertical
the truck side frame. The spring B associated
sections l3—|3 of channel-shaped cross section.
with each friction plate A surrounds the stem 2!
As will be understood by those skilled in this
thereof and has its opposite ends bearing on the
art, the truck includes two side frame members 30 inner side of the corresponding side wall 25 of the
Ill-40, a truck bolster I4, and truck springs
bolster and the follower disc C, which is shoul
l5-—l5 which are supported on the upper side of
dered against the nut 26 threaded on the outer
the bottom member [2. The opposite ends of
end of the stem.
the bolster M are guided between ‘the vertical
The springs 3-3 are under a predetermined
sections |3—i3 and I3-l3 of the truck side 35 compression and react against the side walls of
frames. As clearly shown in Figure 1, the sec
the bolster to pull the friction plates tightly
tions I3-—l3 of each side frame are inwardly off
against the interior friction surfaces 20-20 of
set at the upper end portions thereof to provide
the vertical channel sections l3_l3 of the truck
guides I6——|6 which cooperate with guide seats
side frame, thereby providing the required resist
l1—l'l at opposite sides of the bolster M. The
ance to vertical movement of the bolster to snub
truck springs are composed of two clusters and
the action of the truck springs.
in the present disclosure compn'se four springs
I have herein shown and described what I now
to each cluster, as indicated in the dotted lines
consider the preferred manner of carrying out my
in Figure 2. The springs at each side of the
invention, but the same is merely illustrative and
truck are supported on the bottom members 45 I contemplate all changes and modi?cations that
|2--l2 of the truck side frames, the usual spring
come within the scope of the claims appended
follower plates |8—-|8 being disposed at the top
and bottom of the spring cluster, the same re
I claim:
spectively abutting thebolster and the bottom
1. In a railway car truck, the combination with
member 12. The springs |5—l5 yieldingly sup 50 a truck side frame having vertically disposed, lat
port the bolster M which, in turn, supports the
erally spaced guide walls; of a truck bolster hav
car body by means of the usual body bolster.
ing side walls, said bolster being interposed be
My improved snubbing means comprises a pair
tween said guide walls, with the side walls thereof
of friction plates A-—A at each end of the bolster
in sliding engagement with the outer faces of said ~
engaging the inner faces of the vertical sections 55 guide walls; truck springs supporting said bolster
on the side frame; a friction plate in sliding en
gagement with each guide wall and bearing on
the inner face thereof; a stem ?xed to said plate
and projecting therefrom into the bolster and ex
guide wall at the corresponding side of the side
frame and the opening in the corresponding bol
ster wall; and a spring reacting between the bol
ster and the follower plate of each stem to force
tending through the corresponding guide wall
the plate against the cooperating guide wall of the
and the side wall of the bolster; a follower an
chored to the outer end of the stem; and a spring
side frame.
3. In a railway car truck, the combination with
surrounding said stem and bearing at the oppo~
site ends respectively onsaid follower and the in
ner side of said side wall of the bolster.
a truck side frame having vertically disposed, lat
erally spaced guide walls; of a truck bolster hav
10 ing side walls, said bolster being guided between
said guide walls with the side walls thereof slid
2. In a railway car truck, the combination with
ably engaged with the outer sides of said guide
a truck side frame having vertically disposed,
walls; a friction plate carried by the bolster and
laterally spaced, guide walls provided with verti
movable therewith, said plate having a ?xed stem
cal guide slots therethrough; of a truck bolster
having side walls provided with openings there 16 extending through one of the side walls of the
bolster and the corresponding guide wall of the
through, said bolster being guided between said
side frame, said guide wall being vertically slotted
guide walls with the side Walls opposed to the
to accommodate the stem for movement in verti
outer sides of the guide walls; friction plates slid
cal direction; a follower anchored to the stem;
ably engaged with the inner sides of said guide
walls, each plate having a stem projecting there 20 and a spring carried by the bolster and bearing
on said follower to pull said plate against the
> from and integral therewith; a follower anchored
inner surface of the guide wall.
to the outer end of said stem, the stem of each
plate extending through the guide opening of the
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