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„ Dœ. 4, 1945.
Filed Nov. 10, 1943
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D¢c. 4, 1945.
J. P. JAsoN
Filed Nov. lO, 1943
2 Shee‘bS-Shee‘kI 2
4, 1945
‘ 2,390,101
uNiTiaio'.STATES\ß PATENT ori-*ica
John P. Jason, Chicago, Ill., asslgnor to Breuer
Electric Mfg. Co., Chicago, Ill., a corporation
of llllnoll
Application November 10, 1943, Serial No. 509,726
3 Claims.' (Cl. 23o-13_2)
This invention relates to improvements in suc
tion cleaners of the class wherein a wheeled sup
viewed in a direction facing the orifice of thek con
nection conduit.
ported heavy dust precipitation tank is employed
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary detail view of a tei'
in combination with a separable hand portablev y minalforïengaging the end of a retaining band
suction cleaner mountedv onthe cover of the’tank. 5 which passes 4about the motor housing of the sep
Devices of the foregoing lclass have previously
been employed which generally comprised the
horizontal positioning of the portable suction
arable suction cleaner unit. -
Referring to the drawings, the reference nu
meral I0 indicates a heavy dust particle precipi
cleaner above the tank cover on upwardly extend
tation vessel or tank supported on a wheeled
ing mounting means and the- employment of a 10 mount generally indicated as Il. The tank is
separate elbow pipe, one end of which was con
provided with a separable cover, generally indi
nected to the suction cleaner inlet and the other
cated as I2, the cover being provided on its under
extended into the tank through an opening in the
side with an annular recessed rim I3 which seats ’
cover. Such arrangements are diillcult to assem- .
on the lip of the tank. The cover is engaged to
ble and demount since they are generally han
the tank by means of the bolts, I4 pivoted to the
dled by unskilled persons, the operation of the `
tank Wall at l5, the bolts being extendable hito , \
apparatus is subject to considerable vibration,
the slotted lugs I6 on the cover and the cover
and the employment of a relatively narrow con
clamped in place by means of wing units Il. The
necting elbow with its abrupt turn entails added
tank is provided intermediate its height with a
friction and power loss and attendant inefficiency.
suction inlet I8 having an attacnment fixture I9
It is therefore an object of the present inven
to which a suitable suction hose, not shown, may
tion to provide a new and improved cover for a
be connected.
tank or heavy dust precipitation receptacle of the
In the operation of the apparatus dust laden
class described adapted to seat a, separable hand
air is drawn into the tank I0 through the inlet I8
portable suction cleaner and to provide such cover 25 and the heavy dust particles are precipitated out
with an integrally formed enlarged path or con
duit rising therefrom and terminating with an
and move downwardly and are retained in the
tank, whereas the air and Ime dust particles are
orifice opening to a vertical plane, whereby‘the
drawn upwardly and outwardly through the en
suction cleaner may be quickly and conveniently
larged cover conduit 2U and tile ian casing 2l oi'
mounted horizontally thereon and its suction in 30 the hand portable suction uint, generally indi
let simultaneously connected with the tank
cated as 22, to exhaust through the tangential iaii
through the cover> without the necessity for the
casing outlet 2li, A suitable dust bag or muilier,
employment and engagement of a separate con
not snown, may be connected to the outlet 23.
necting elbow. Due to the construction and ar
The suction unit 22 is a conventiona1 hand
rangement of parts the connecting path may be 35 portable blower and suction cleaner unit and
enlarged and the change in direction less abrupt
may be and is of a type intended to be separately
with attendant decrease in friction and power
employed for such uses when not employed in
loss, and the compactness in which the parts are
trie inustrated arrangement of the present in
associated and the reduction in number of parts
vention. It comprises in general a motoren
together with the lowering of the center of grav 40
in the housing 24 _and a fan connected to
ity of the mounted suction unit permits substan-the motor shaft enclosed in the fan housing 2|.
tial elimination of vibration in operation.
The fan housing is' provided with a tangential
Other objects and advantages relating to the
outlet 23 and an axial inlet 2,5.
details of construction and economies thereof will
In the association of separately hand portable
be apparent from a consideration of the follow
ing specification and drawings, wherein:
Fig. 1 is a side elevational View of suction clean
ing apparatus constructed in accordance' with
the present invention.
suction units with tanks of the class herein con
templated, it is preferable that the suction unit
b_e mounted horizontally so'as to prevent leakage
or drainage of lubrication from the ,motor bear
Fig. 2 is a vertical section of the cover of the 50 ings and for the reason that such units are other
wise primarily constructed to operate and wear
assembly shown in Fig. 1, with hand portable suc
best in such general position. However, as pre
tion unit shown in dotted lines engaged thereon.
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary plan view of my’im
‘ proved cover.
Fig. 4 is an elevation of my improved cover
viously indicated herein, mounting of the unit on
the tank cover involves problems of proper asso
ciation and support and connecting engagement
from the tank cover to the fan casing inlet which
opens to a vertical plane.
Thus for the purpose of horizontally mounting
the suction unit 22 on the cover l2, I form the
cover with a concave depression or -seat 26 gen
erally conforming to a portion of the circumfer
' ential contour and transversely slightly longer
than thethickness of the fan casing of the unit
`22, and may further provide a contiguous longi
tudinally inclined or converging concavity` at 21
for seating a portion of the motor casing.
For the purpose of providing better lateral sup
port for the seated unit 22 I provide externally
ñlleted and internally concave risers 28 for seat
ing and laterally supporting the motor casing 24,
and I may further provide the cover with exter
nally convex elevated portions 29 extending from
the lateral end portions of the major depression
26 to merging relationship with the ñllets of the
movable application to a settling casing or tank
having a suction inlet and being further adapted
to horizontally support in operative association
therewith and with said tank a portable suction
producing mechanism of the class comprising a
Vmotor and encased fan having an axial suction
inlet, said c_over comprising an integrally formed
elbow conduit rising therefrom and terminating
in an annular flange extending in a vertical plane
inwardly of the periphery of the cover, said
ñange being adapted to provide an abutment for
said fan casing and to embrace its suction inlet
to provide an enlarged communicating path
thereto from said tank.l a strap means for de
tachably connecting said suction producing
mechanism to said cover by moving same down
wardly against said cover and then axially to en
gage the suction inlet portion of the fan against
the ñange defining the outlet opening of said
risers 28. For the purpose of aiding in damping 20 conduit.
2. A cover or lid for a portable suction clean
vibration the motor casing seat may be provided
ing apparatus, said cover being adapted for
with a groove 30 seating a gasket 3i and the fan
removable application to a settling casing or tank
casing depression may be provided with a similar
having a suction inlet and being further adapt
groove 32 seating a gasket 33. It will be under
ed to horizontally support in operative associa
stood that the lateral supporting risers or units
tion therewith and with said tank a portable
28 and 29 may be otherwise externally contoured.
suction producing mechanism of the class com
Also the grooves 30 and 32 and theirgaskets 3i
prising a motor and encased Ian having an axial
and 33 respectively may be of other form, for
suction inlet, said cover comprising concave seat
example sectionaLwithout necessity for further
30 means for horizontally positioning and laterally
supporting said suction producing mechanism
Rising from adjacent to, and between the pe
thereon including a surface depressed portion
riphery of the cover i 2 and the groove 32, is the
adapted to receive a. portion of the fan casing
integral elbow or conduit 20, the conduit termi
and further comprising an integrally formed el
nating above the cover in an inward annular
flange 34, the flange extending vertically in a 35 bow conduit rising therefrom and terminating in
an annular flange extending in a vertical plane
plane normal to the longitudinal axis of the com
inwardly of the periphery of the cover, said
posite seat provided for the unit 22. The flange
ñange being adapted to provide an abutment for
34v is also provided with a suitable annular groove
said fan casing and to embrace its suction inlet
seating a gasket 35 against which the outer end
to provide an enlarged communicating path
wall of the fan casing 2i may bear when seated
thereto from said tank, and strap means for de
on the coverv I2.
tachably connecting said portable suction pro
In engaging the unit 22 to the cover i 2, the
ducing mechanism to said cover by moving same
unit is lowered into the composite seat formed
downwardly against said concave seat means and
by the depression 26 and. the adjacent portions
then laterally to bring the inlet portion of the
28, 29, etc., in a manner whereby the fan con
fan into seal-tight registry with the annular
duit 25 clears the ñange 34, and thereafter the
_flange deñning the outlet opening of said conduit.
unit moved longitudinally, by provision of the
3. A cover or lid for a portable suction clean
enlarged width of the groove 26, as viewed in the
ing apparatus of the class described, means on
section of Fig. 2, until the end wall of the fan
casing abuts the gasket 35 with the fan casing 50 said cover for seating and laterally supporting a
portable suction producing mechanism of the
inlet 25 extended with the cover conduit 20. The
unit 22 is then secured in position by means of a
class comprising a motor having an encased fan
strap or band 36 extended obliquely about the
motor casing 24 to partially engage the end por
of relatively larger diameter provided with an
axial suction inlet, said seating means including
tion thereof, and terminally anchored on an in
termediate cover portion as for example by means
of tlte bolts 31 and wing units 38 or the lugs 39.
' Thus by means of the sing1e strap the unit 2z
a pocket formed in said cover adapted to seat a
portion of said ian casing, an integrally formed
elbow conduit rising from` the cover, the base
of the conduit extending from adjacent the pe
riphery of the cover to said fan casing pocket,
may be ñrmly, quickly and conveniently secured
in position on its seat in the cover l2 and the 60 said conduit terminating in an annular flange
extending above and adjacent to the end of said
suction inlet 25 of the fan casing secured into
pocket and opening thereto in a vertical plane,
communication with the tank i0 through the
integral conduit 20 on the cover I2. It will be ~ said flange being adapted to provide an abut
ment for said fan casing and to embrace the suc
noted that conduit 20 may thus be formed with
an enlarged cross-section relative to the fan suc 65 tion inlet thereof to provide a communicating
path through the cover, and strap means on said
tioninlct 25 and of gradual direction change,
cover for retaining said suction producing mech
the communicating aperture between the cover i2
anism in detachable seated engagement thereon _
and the tank 20 being also relatively large and
With its fan casing in abutment with the condulll
.thus in operation there is ak minimum of fric
70 ñange.
tional loss with enhanced motor efliciency.
I claim as my invention: f
1. A cover or lid for a portable suction clean
ing apparatus, said cover being adapted for re
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