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Dec. 11, 41945.
Filed Dec. 31,‘ 1940
Patented Dec. 11, 1945
Charles E. Bennett, Ridgewood, N. J., assignor to
The Okonite-Callender Cable Company, Incor
porated, Paterson, N. 1., a. corporation of New
Application December 31, 1940, Serial No. 372,695
1 Claim.
This invention relates to’ a process and an ap
paratus for use in connection'with the impreg
nating of electric power cables, that is to say,
cables composed of~one or more conductors in
sulated with oil permeable material such as paper,
(01. 91-46)
I8 and I8 which extend toward and terminate
just beneath the outer ends of the stuffing boxes
l0. Each end of the conduits l6 and I8 con
veniently is provided with a cup 20.
for example,- the invention having for its object
the provision of equipment and. method whereby
While the cable may be sheathed‘ any time
after being superimpregnated, I prefer to super
impregnate and sheathe the cable in a contin
uous operation. For this reason, therefore, the
pressure chamber 8 at its discharge end is con
quence a more thorough impregnation of the
cable is obtained than is possible by the methods 10 nected by a ?exible metal pipe 22 to a lead press
24. The press 24 has merely been illustrated
employed up to the time of this invention.
diagrammatically inasmuchvas the same con
In one aspect of my invention, the same in
stitutes no part of this invention and inasmuch
volves impregnating the cable initially in the
as the presses for sheathing cables are well,
usual way and thereafter, and before the appli
cation of the sheath thereto, the'cable is sub 15 known by those skilled in this art.
The ?exible connection 22 between the chamjected to another impregnating step, although it
her 8 and lead press permits of a certain amount
is to be understood that the invention compre
of movement of the press with respect to the
hends superimpregnating a dry cable.
pressure chamber.
Equipment for the practice of my invention
Before the process is started in operation the
may take various forms.
conduits l4, l6 and I8 as well as the pressure
In the accompanying drawing 1 have illus
cylinder 8 are charged with the insulating fluid
trated one type of equipment which I have
9. This ?uid will be an oil similar to the oils
found suitable for the practice of my invention.
employed in impregnating electric power cables.
Referring to the drawing in detail: 2 desig
nates a reel of cable. For the purposes of illus 25 I prefer that it be slightly heated and degasi?ed.
As the cable is drawn continuously through the
tration I have simply shown a single conductor
pressure cylinder it will be subjected to super
cable. This cable on the reel 2 comprises a con
impregnation because of the fact that the oil 9
ductor 4 and oil permeable insulation 6, which
is under pressure. Inasmuch as the intake con
may be the usual paper tape, for example.
This cable may be dry or it may have been 30 duits I6 and i8 terminate just beneath the outer‘
ends of the stu?‘lng boxes l0 it will be appre
impregnated in the usual way by methods usually
ciated that any oil which passes the cable at
employed in this art and familiar to all skilled
the stumng boxes drips into the cups 2!] to be
in the electric power cable industry. ‘As above
returned to the system so that the stu?ing boxes
mentioned, it is an object of this invention to
Ill need not be a tight ?t on the insulation 6
superimpregnate this cable. Accordingly the
of the cable even though the oil in the cylinder
cable is drawn off the reel Zand passed con
8 is under high pressure, and danger of injury
tinuously into and through a pressure cylinder 8.
to this paper or other material employed for in
This cylinder is of steel or any other suitable
sulating the cable is avoided.
material capable of withstanding high pressures.
The pressures which I intend to employ may vary 40 Inasmuch as the cable ‘always projects from
the ends of the'pressure cylinder, it will be ap
from say thirty pounds to the square inch to sev
parent that the pressure on the cable due to the
eral thousand pounds.
pressure ?uid 9 will be exerted radially of the
The pressure cylinder 8 is provided at each
cable so that the oil will be driven into the in
end with a stu?lng box III, the cable being led
the cable is superimpregnated and as a conse
through these stu?ing boxes. As will be brought 45 sulation and into the conductor itself to insure.
that evenvthe minutest spaces within the cable
[out more in detail hereinafter, these stu?ing
will be ?lled with oil thereby producing a super
boxes in are not a tight ?t about the cable in-v
impregnated or thoroughly impregnated cable.
sulation despite the fact that the pressure cyl
As the superimpregnated cable passes into the
inder 8 is to be maintained ?lled with an insu
lating ?uid under the pressures above mentioned. 50 lead press 24 the lead sheath 2B is applied thereto
l2 designates a pressure pump, the discharge
side of which is connected by a conduit M to
in the usual manner, all in a continuous opera
the interior of the pressure cylinder 8, approxi
mately midway ‘of the length of the cylinder. At
It will be seen from all of the foregoing that
my invention provides an improved method and
the intake side of the pump .1 provide conduits 55
apparatus for use in the manufacture of im-
' v
pregnated electric power cables wherein the
cable is subjected continuously to superimpreg
to! a previously oil impregnated papcr’insulated
' nation in order that the minutest spaces in the
' a pressure cylinder containing oil, a pump for
cable will be-iilled with oil, as above mentioned,
and the operating characteristics oi’ the cable
‘It is to be understod that changes may be made
in the details oi’ construction and arrangement
of parts so far as the apparatus illustrated and
described herein is concerned without departing
, ' from the spirit and scope of my invention.
What I claim is:
An apparatus for the further impregnating
cable, said apparatus comprising in combination
maintaining this oil under superatmospheric
pressure, stu?ling boxes at the ends or the cyl
inder through which the cable, is continuously
ted lengthwise with the ends oi.’ the cable pro
iecting from the ends oi! the cylinder, and intake
conduits’ for the pump terminating at said stu?
0 ing boxes whereby any pressure oil passing the
stumng boxes willbe returned to the pressure’
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