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Jan. 8, 1946.
¢, 8, ASH
‘ ' 2,392,627
Original Filed Dec. 14, 1940
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Jan, 8, 1946. \
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Original Filed Dec. 14, 1940
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CHARLES 5.145”
Patented Jan. 8, 1946
son. wlizzizisissnmnmk
Original applicationDecemberili',1940, SerialNo. .
370,113,. new Patent No. 2,305,836, dated De- '
cember 22, 1942. Divided‘ and this application
May 5,. 1942.v Serial No. 441,813. In' Canada
December 5, 1941
3 Claims.
as well, are exemplary and explanatory of the in:
vention but are not restrictive thereof.
The present invention relates to new and useful
improvements in dual wheels for automotive ve
hicles and more particularly to improvements in
Referring nowindetail to the embodiment of
the invention illustrated by way of example in the
accompanying drawings, a front axle beam isipro
This application is a division of my prior co
vided comprising a housing I formed toinclude at
pending application Serial Number [370,113 ?led
its central portion a differential drive (not shown)
December .14, 1940,. now Patent Number 2,305,836.
and- having at. each end. a hollow spherical
Objects and advantages of the'invention will be
knuckle 2.- Mounted onthe knuckle 2 by means
set; forth in part hereinafter and in part will be
obvious herefrom, or maybe learned by practice 10 of an, upper and lower king pin joint is a spindle
bearing- construction of dualwheel assemblies;
‘ supporting ring 4 upon the outboard face of which
with the invention, the same being realized and
attained by means of the instrumentalities and
combinations pointed out in the appended claims.
The invention consistsin the novel parts. con
is secured a non-rotatable hollow spindle 5 as by
screws. 6 ‘and flange 1. Theupper and lower king
pin connection between the, knuckle 2. and the
structions, arrangements; combinations and im 15 spindle 5» comprises upper and lower shouldered
pins l0 axially alined and secured in knuckle 2,
provements herein shown, and described.
and having their outer ends mounted and sup
The accompanying drawings, referred to herein
ported in ball bearing units H which are carried
and constituting a part hereof, illustrate several
in recesses l2 formed in the spindle ring 4.
modi?cations of the invention, and together with
Plates ‘[3, H aresecured by cap screws Hover
the description, serve to explain the principles of
‘the recesses l:2 in the spindle ring 4 and, by means
of shims l6,’ properly spaced. and retain the bearT
Ofthe drawings:
ing units [I in operative position. Upper plate~= [3
Figure 1 is a longitudinal section partly in ele
the invention.
may be provided with an inwardly extending arm
20 having a pivot stud 2| secured in the end there.
of upon which a suitable steering mechanism (not
vation of a dirigible, drivenT, dual front wheel as
sembly showing one embodiment of the invention;
vFigure 2is a face view of a differential pinion
ring forming a part of ‘the. dual wheel. driving
A lubricant seal 23 may be set in a groove
formed in an inboard flange 25 of the ring .4 to
Figure 3 is a face view of one of the bearing
cooperate with the spheroidal surface of the
knuckle 2.
The means whereby the dual wheels may be
driven comprise a live shaft, 26,, driven from the
propeller shaft differential ‘(not shown) 7' mounted
Figure 4 is a fragmentary axial section showing
a pinion support as employed in the form shown
in Figures 1 and 2;
Figure 5 is a fragmentary section similar to ‘Fig
ure 1 but showing a modi?ed‘ form of bearing ring 35 in axle housing I, and having its outboard end
formed {as one element of a suitable universal
construction; and
jcint2l, shown here conventionally as a. 'Marmon
Figure 6 is a fragmentary longitudinal section
Herrington joint. The other element of theuni
partly in elevation of a dirigible non-driven dual
versal joint 21 consists of a live stub shaft 28
wheel assembly embodying another form of the
The present invention has for an object the‘pr -
which projects into the hollow interior of spindle
5 and has mounted. thereon an inwardly splined
hub 29‘ of a driving ?ange 30, key slots 3| being
vision of a novel and improved dual wheel assem
provided.‘ in the outboard portion of shaft 28 to
bly for automotive road vehicles which may be
cooperate. with splined hub 29.. Driving ?angev 30
usedv with di-rigible or non-dirigible, driven or non 45 is attached by stud bolts 32 to a hub member 33
driven dual wheels. A further object is the pro
upon whichthe dual wheels are rotatably;mount¢
vision of an improved wheel construction in which
ed and which in turn is journalled upon the spin
the bearings may be easily and accurately adjust
dle 5 by meansv of roller vbearings 34, 35 which may
be held in operative position‘in the usual man—
ed’ to compensate for wear. Still another object
of the invention is the provision of a wheel con 50 ner as by retainer nuts 36 threaded upon the end
struction for driven dual wheels in which im- ‘
of spindlei.
proved thrust bearings are provided for the driv
Means are provided whereby the dual wheels
maybe mounted upon hub‘ 33 to permit differené
ing members.
Itwill be understood that the foregoing general
tial relative rotation thereon, allow adjustment
description, and the following. detailed description
5? uponthehub to‘compensate for ‘wear or other
maladjustment, and attain sturdy bearing facil
as well as to allow limited movement of the two
ities for each wheel. VAs embodied, there is pro
' wheel towards each other as adjustment is made
vided near the outboard end of hub 33 a bearing
ring 40, having a split 4| at one point in its
to compensate for wear of the wheel bearing
surfaces. The wheels 44 and More provided with
circumference of such width as to engage a key 5 spoke-like projections 11 and 18 which may be
42 carried by thehub wherebysthe ring 40 may
be moved longitudinally upon hub 33] butcannot
rotate thereupon. The outer periphery of hear
apertured,as at 19 and,80-l to receive the usual ’
rim bolts ,‘(not shown) by ‘which the rims may b
mounted upon the wheels.
Means are provided whereby the adjustment
40 is a tapered
43, facing
and ring
the bearing
which "I ‘10 may be made of thetapered bearing ring 40 to V
is mounted the outboard wheel 44, the ihubpor-e- 7-1 "compensate for hearing wear or other bearing
tion 45 of which is provided with ,a?eorrespond- 7' 1' maladjustment. As embodied, they comprise a
ingly tapered bore. At the inboard end 'of hub ' nut 85 threaded upon the outer end of main hub
33 there is provided a second bearing ring 46's‘imi
i ill-Land~ adapted to press against and move inward
lar to ring 40 but having its _tapered'bearing 'sur'-' 15 'ly'the bearing ring 40.’ Thus, if an excess of clear
face 41 facing outwardly. Alkeyl?r' provided in ' p ance developsgat any one or all of the tapered
the hub 33and engaging the splitéin ring 46 pre- ‘
bearing surfaces 43; ‘I0, 12 and 41, it'may be re
' vents rotation of the ring upon the hub. The ring
duced to‘ proper dimensions by a tightening of
46, contrary to ring 40, is ?xed longitudinally
the nut 85 whereby either one or both of the
upon the hub, 33 by abutting the outer face‘ of an
' annular portion’ 48 of hub_33~f_ormed thereon: ‘A
brake drum, 49_may be mounted upon the annular‘
20 wheels“ and 56, with their associated parts, or
the bearing ring 40 alone will befmoved slightly 7 '
to‘rthe rightv (Figure 1) andltheibearing clear~
portioni48of the’jhub 33 andadapted‘to coop
eratepwith ,a brake mechanism ,(no’t'sho‘wny), of
suitable design.’
.1 "
Uporrthe bearing ring, 46 there‘ is journalled
Means are provided for transmitting-therota
ton of themain hub‘ 33 to thepinion ring 60 and
yet permit‘ a'limited longitudinal movement of
aninboard wheel 58,5 dish shaped in’ form’ and
ring?? on hub 33 as the bearing wear adjustment
V hayingan inwardly projecting hub 5| ‘provided
isnflade, As embodied, the pinion shafts_"62’pro
with a tapered, bore to correspond with the -t"a
pered surface 41 of bearing ring 46, 'Alpackin‘g
ring 5?, set into a groove 53 in the inboard iace
oihubjl and contacting a groove 54 in thefan
ject inwardly from the bore of ring BOQandyare
provided with ?attened sides 90 which,_ in opera
tive position, areparallel to the axis of the wheels
and engage a slot 9!‘ formed in collars 92 which
are ?xed in hub 33. The length of'slot'9l is '
nular portion 4859f hub- 33' serves to protect the
tapered bearing _of ring 46 from external dirt‘or
foreignpmatter which might, ?nd entrance thereto
greater than theidiameter of stub shaft“ and
35 thereby- permits’the slight longitudinal move- '
through" the clearance 55 between, hub _5|_ and
ment of ring 60 necessary during bearing" wear
low longitudinallmovement or adjustment of
wheel .5§:'Qn__\l'iIlg ‘46 to compensate for wear.
adjustment;v To transmit a differential rotation
tothe two wheels '44 and 56 from the rotation of
pinionring 60 thereis provided in each wheel'a
portion'48, which’ clearance is necessary to al
‘ ,Meansfor drivingthewheels 44 and 50 from 40 bevel ring gear 95 which meshes withthé-pinions
BI and drives its respective wheel through j'c'lutch
the main hub z3_3eso_as to permita di?erential ‘ro
tation, are provided and as. embodied . comprise a
teeth :95, formed on the ring gear hub ‘and ‘en
di?erential piniongring 60, mounted upon hub 33‘,
gaging similar teeth 'formed ‘on the interior of
V ,in which’ are rotatably‘ mounted a plurality of
‘ bevelj‘pinions 6!" adaptedto‘rotate freely upon
stub shafts‘62 carried byrpinion ring“, Pinion ,
V ring?O Amaybe formed“ as, an outer- and inner
thejwheel hubs 45 and 5|. , The thrust'of bevel
' gear, action is transmitted through." the wheel
hubs ‘and absorbed ‘upon "the tapered 7 bearing
rings 40 and“; Thus it willbe 'seenC'that/as '
annuluslliiutgl, connected by ribs 65, the space
the main hulbr33 and pinion’ rings t?lrrotatehthis
between the ends. of the ribs providing a chamber 7 _‘ motion is transmitted to the‘ wheels 44 and’5_0
66 for 'receiving'the pinion 6i. Stub shafts62 '60 through pinions Gel’ and ring gears 35 to what
mayvbe set in bores formed innthe outer and
inner>,annuli_.63, 64 andretained iniplacep'by a
everrextentrthe road contact of the wheels and
:Be‘ferring now to Figure 5 there“ is' show'n'ar '1
‘spring ring ?ll carried} in‘the bores ‘of’ outer
annulus >63 adjacentgth'e' ends 'ofnthejrstllbjshafts 7 7 modi?ed form of tapered bearing ring construc—‘
tion as applied to the structure just described
' , Means. are provided ‘for giving. supplemental
~ wherein the tapered bearing surfaces are between
bearing support. forfthe Wheels 44 and '50 in ad?
"the rings and the main hub 33 rather than the
rings and the wheels as previously described‘. VAs
'dition'rto that afforded bybearing rings“ and
46, andiasembodied comprises anPutWfeidlY-ta‘
embodied,'the inboard wheel hub 5! has a bearing 1
pered'loearing surface 10‘ formedon the outboard 5 60 ringlOll keyed therein, the bore of which isa
periphery .of pinion ring annulus‘ 6V3 updn which
tapered bearing surface adapted'to ride upon a;
a‘. correspondingly. tapered portion ,1 1 b1’ outboard
correspondingly tapered surfaoeflll! formed‘ on
wheel. 44.'bears.t Theiinboardaperiphery of’ the
annulus B3 is formed withransimilarzbut oppo-,
sitely-pdirected tapered bearing" surface 12; upon
which’ bears a correspondingly, tapered ‘portion
the main'provided
hub 33. with.
The abearing
outboard wheel
ring I702,
thereto in the's'ame'manner asring lll?uiskeyedr
to‘hub "51.; The,’ bore of ring; I82 is tapered in
13 ‘or inboard wheel.50. ‘,The' outboard wheel 44
the opposite direction from ring 16;]; and adapted
which-bridges over the pinion ring.6Bar1jdmay be
?llliformed upon ainut H34 threaded‘upon the
recessed at 15 so as to permit the outerwfacepof ‘the '
end of :main hubj33. JI'he' outer; portion of nut
to ride upon a correspondingly’tapered surface
vlllllis split and‘ provided with a'clampjbolt 105
direct contactftherewithr A resilient packin g “ring ' V to retain it in the desired position of adjustment
inboardwheel 50 to/‘be nestedrtherein but n'otiin
16_ is .» interposed between the J cylindricaL po'rtipn
‘ g :14 of wheel 44 and the nested portion erfvgneel
so to exclude foreign matter’ and retain lubricant
' 'whioh thebearingclearances require-“Thus, as '
Jbearing wear-“develops‘or‘bearing ‘clearance re
76 quires‘ correction, the'nut H34 maybe unolamped; ' '
rotated upon its threads on hub 33 and re
hub having an outwardly extending radial wall
clamped, thereby taking up the undesired clear
?ange and the outer hub having internally
ances by movement of rings I00 and I02 along
tapered surfaces IOI and I03.
tapered surfaces at its outer and inner ends, the
latter located adjacent to said wall flange, and
In Figure 6 there is illustrated a non-driven
front dual wheel assembly in which the outboard
wheel may be journalled upon the hub of the in
board wheel by a pair of oppositely tapered bear
means for journaling one hub relative to the
other comprising a pair of axially spaced outer
and inner tapered bearing rings encircling the
inner hub and disposed respectively between the
ing rings adapted to adjustment for proper bear
same and the outer and inner tapered surfaces
ing clearance in a manner similar to that already 10 of the outer hub, the inner bearing ring being
arranged to abut against said wall ?ange and
described. As embodied, a front axle beam I III
carries a dirigible stub axle III by means of the
the outer bearing ring being axially adjustable
usual king pin connection II2. Upon axle III
on the inner hub, and means at the outer end
of the inner hub for axially adjusting the outer
there is mounted, by means of the usual roller
bearings I I3, I I4, a main hub I I5 having a flange 15 bearing ring and retaining the same in adjusted
H6 at its inner end to which may be bolted an
inboard wheel and tire rim I I1, as by clamp bolts
2. A dual wheel assembly including in combi
II8. A brake drum II9 may also be secured by
nation an axle, an inner sleeve-like hub, bear
cap screws I20 to ?ange H6.
ings between and mounting said hub for rota
Upon the inner and outer end of main hub 20 tion on the axle, an outer hub carried by the
II5 there is keyed a split, tapered bearing ring
inner hub, the innerhub having an outwardly
I2I, the respective tapered bearing surfaces of
extending radial wall ?ange and the outer hub
which face towards each other. Journaled upon
having internally tapered surfaces at its outer
bearing rings I2I by correspondingly tapered
and inner ends, the latter located adjacent to
said wall flange, and means for journalling one
surfaces I22, I23 is an outboard wheel hub I24
which may be provided near its central portion
hub relative to the other comprising a pair of
with a ?ange or lugs I25 to which an outboard
axially spaced outer and inner tapered bearing
wheel and tire rim I26 may be attached by clamp
rings encircling the inner hub and disposed re
bolts I21.
spectively between the same and the outer and
Means for adjusting the position of the outer 30 inner tapered surfaces of the outer hub, the in
bearing ring I 2I to compensate for wear or other
ner bearing ring being arranged to abut against
maladjustment is provided and as embodied com
said wall ?ange and the outer bearing ring being
prises a retaining plate I 28 secured to a shoulder
axially adjustable on the inner hub, and means
portion I29 of main hub II 5 by screws I30 and
at the outer end of the inner hub for axially ad
provided with a shim I3I. The inner face of 35 justing the outer bearing ring and retaining the
plate I28 contacts the outer bearing ring I 2I
same in adjusted position.
and serves to hold it in the desired adjusted
3. A dual wheel assembly including in com
position. Plate I28 may be further provided with
bination an axially extending elongated inner
an inwardly extending rim I32 overlapping the
hub, an outer hub, the inner hub having an out
end of outboard hub I24 and provided with a
wardly extending radial Wall ?ange and the outer
packing ring I33 to seal the tapered bearing I2I
against ingress of foreign matter. The length of
hub having internally tapered surfaces at its
outer and inner ends, the latter located adjacent
hub I 24 is su?iciently shorter than the minimum
to said wall ?ange, and bearing means between
adjustable distance between plate I28 and main
said hubs holding them coaxial and against rela
hub ?ange II6 to permit the movement of outer 45 tive axial movement comprising a pair of outer
bearing ring I2I, by plate I28, towards the inner
bearing ring IZI as compensation is made for
maladjusted bearing clearance.
The invention in its broader aspects is not
and inner axially spaced tapered journal rings
extending about the ends of the inner hub and
between the same and the tapered surfaces of the
outer hub, the inner ring being arranged to abut
limited to the speci?c mechanisms shown and de 50 against said wall ?ange and being interlocked
scribed but departures may be made therefrom
against independent rotation to one of the hubs '
within the scope of the accompanying claims
and the outer ring being held ?xed against inde
without departing from the principles of the in
vention and without sacri?cing its chief advan
pendent rotation but mounted for axial move
ment on the inner hub, and means at the outer
What I claim is:
55 end of the inner hub for axially adjusting the
1. A dual wheel assembly including in com
bination a pair of coaxial inner and outer wheel
hubs mounted for relative rotation, the inner
outer ring and retaining the same in adjusted
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